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This article provides five tactics that sales representatives can use to increase their chances of getting a reply from CEOs when reaching out. It offers strategies such as sending mobile-friendly emails, starting with a lower ask, calling at the right time, creating a personal connection, and maintaining systematic contact. By implementing these tactics, sales reps can improve their success rate in engaging with CEOs and ultimately closing more deals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Send emails that are optimized for mobile viewing to cater to CEOs who primarily read and respond to emails on their phones.
  • Approach CEOs with a lower ask and show genuine interest in their organization or company to build a relationship and gain their trust before making a bigger pitch.
  • Call CEOs during later hours when they are more relaxed and have settled into their day to increase the chances of getting their attention and engagement.
  • Utilize personal connections, such as alma mater or common acquaintances, to establish rapport with CEOs and create a foundation for meaningful conversations.
  • Follow a systematic contact schedule, reaching out to CEOs a reasonable number of times within a specific timeframe to maintain a professional approach without appearing overly pushy or bothersome.

When approaching a mid level employee in a company, it is easier to give your pitch and sell your services or products, but when dealing with a CEO the scenario is very different. When dealing with a CEO, you will most probably only have one shot, so you need to tweak your ask and lower your expectations. After all, the goal here is to get an initial response from them.

If you wish to get any kind of a reply back from the CEO you must tread lightly and make use of some strategies that can take you closer to signing a deal with them. Here are 5 tactics that can get CEOs to reply to you.

Send emails from your phone

CEOs are always moving around which means they don't have the time to sit at their desk and check their mail. They mostly read and reply to emails from their mobile phone, so you should make sure you're sending one that is optimised to be read on the phone screen.

There is a low chance that they would take time to read long emails sent from unknown people, so type your email on the phone. This will show you just how your text looks. No need to write lengthy lines in a quest to sound more intelligent.

Don't aim high

CEOs are busy so a sales person can't just straightaway ask for a phone call or a meeting, they have to make their way up. Instead of trying to think of the perfect line or statistics to entice them with, approach with a question regarding their organisation or company.

Show interest in their services and products and engage them in conversation. By doing this sales reps can little by little gain their trust and work towards a bigger ask. Once you've established a relationship and you know it's the right time you can pitch your sale and take it from there.

Don't call early

Most sales reps think that if they catch the CEO in the morning they can speak to them before they get busy but in fact it's the opposite. When CEOs first get to office they are probably not settled in yet and are still working through the tasks they need to get done during the day, which makes it the wrong time to call.

Sales reps should call later in the day between 5 pm and 8 pm to catch the CEO at an hour that they are more relaxed and not in the midst of things. If you think it would be bothersome to call at a later hour then what matters is what you have to say - if that's interesting enough to them, the CEO wouldn't be bothered at any time!

Create a connection

One thing that most CEOs are still very passionate about is the college they went to. Most of them are usually involved with their Alma Mater and it is easy to strike a conversation with them if you are from their college or know someone who went with them.

Reminiscing over old college days can get you much closer to your prospect CEO than talking about former or present companies you've worked at or other people you know in common. This gains their trust and then the conversation can quickly turn to your present work and sales.

Make systematic contact

When contacting a prospect you can't bombard them with calls and emails every day, especially not a CEO. Industry standards demand that you should get in touch with a CEO 5 times in 45 days and anything more than that can seem bothersome and annoying.

Make sure to follow a systematic schedule and call at appropriate times without trying to seem too needy or pushy.

These 5 tactics can definitely help sales reps close more deals with CEOs. They need to remember to have patience and that they need to deal with CEOs in a different way than they do with other prospects. Use these tips to gain the CEOs trust and create the right sales pitch.

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Mastering the Art of Engaging CEOs

Successfully engaging CEOs requires a strategic approach that recognizes their busy schedules and unique preferences. By implementing the tactics outlined in this article, sales representatives can increase their chances of getting a response from CEOs and ultimately close more deals. From sending mobile-friendly emails to creating personal connections and maintaining systematic contact, these strategies are designed to build trust, foster relationships, and capture the attention of top-level decision-makers. Remember, when it comes to engaging CEOs, a targeted and thoughtful approach can make all the difference in achieving your sales goals.

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FAQs: Get Any CEO to Reply 

Q: Why is it important to send emails from a phone when contacting CEOs?
A: CEOs are often on the move and may not have time to sit at their desks and check emails. Sending emails that are optimized for mobile viewing increases the likelihood that CEOs will read and respond to them since they frequently access emails from their phones.

Q: Why should sales reps start with a lower ask when approaching CEOs?
A: CEOs are busy individuals, and a salesperson cannot expect to immediately secure a phone call or a meeting with them. By starting with a question about their organization or company, sales reps show genuine interest and engagement, gradually building a relationship and gaining the CEO's trust. This approach sets the foundation for more significant asks in the future.

Q: Why is it better to call CEOs later in the day?
A: Calling CEOs early in the morning may not be the best time to reach them because they are likely settling into their work and focusing on their tasks for the day. By calling later in the day, between 5 pm and 8 pm, sales reps catch CEOs at a time when they are usually more relaxed and receptive to conversations.

Q: How can creating a connection with CEOs based on college affiliations be beneficial?
A: Many CEOs have a strong attachment to their alma mater and are often involved with it. By striking up a conversation about their college or knowing someone who went to the same college, sales reps can establish a personal connection that helps build trust and rapport with the CEO, making it easier to transition into discussing their current work and sales pitch.

Q: Why is maintaining systematic contact important when reaching out to CEOs?
A: Bombarding CEOs with excessive calls and emails can be seen as bothersome and annoying. It is recommended to follow a systematic contact schedule that includes contacting a CEO around five times within a 45-day period. This approach demonstrates professionalism, persistence, and respect for their time, increasing the chances of getting a response and maintaining a positive relationship.

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