Custom CRM Software

Customizable CRM Software

With FiveCRM you have complete control over how your CRM platform will work for your business. Customize dashboards, reports, and work-flows across 999 databases - all of which can be customized in a different way.

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Build a Multi-Tenant Environment.

Up to 999 completely customizable environments to create a multi-tenant environment to suit multiple clients or different business units.

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Powered Analytics.

Dashboard key customer and business metrics for immediate insights to power your decision making process and workflows.


Oversights and Accessibility.

Setup silo databases or utilize a collaborative approach for your customer or team needs, whilst retaining complete oversight with management views and accessibility.

Customizable CRM Software

Management Tools at your Fingertips

  • Use automated appointment setting and call-back management to eliminate rot in your sales pipeline.
  • Use automated appointment setting and call-back features to eliminate lapses in your sales pipeline
  • Enhanced reports provide performance and KPI metrics on the individual, team, and stakeholder levels.
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Customizable CRM Software

Customizable to your Needs

  • FiveCRM's CRM software adapts uniquely to your needs, providing the right tools for your business operations.
  • Its modular design lets you adjust features based on evolving needs, ensuring the solution grows with your business.
  • FiveCRM offers robust support, refining the system based on client feedback, fostering a long-term symbiotic relationship.
Customizable CRM Software

Intelligent Automation

  • FiveCRM's customizable CRM automates and streamlines tasks, driving efficiency while freeing your team to focus on customers.
  • Leveraging AI-driven algorithms, the CRM software reduces manual tasks and automates routine operations intelligently.
  • By automating mundane tasks, FiveCRM enables your team to dedicate their expertise where it counts - serving customers and driving growth.
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CRM analytics
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Real-time Analytics

  • FiveCRM's customizable CRM enables you to make informed, strategic decisions using real-time, comprehensive analytics.
  • Gain insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and performance metrics with FiveCRM's robust analytics feature.
  • Utilize data-driven insights from FiveCRM to make informed decisions that propel your business growth.
Customizable CRM Software

Enhanced Customer Engagement

  • FiveCRM's customizable CRM facilitates personalized interactions, enabling you to create targeted marketing campaigns and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure swift and efficient response to customer needs with FiveCRM's advanced CRM features.
  • Leverage FiveCRM's CRM capabilities to build enduring, long-term customer relationships, fostering customer loyalty and business growth.
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CRM Integrations
Customizable CRM Software

Seamless Integration

  • FiveCRM's customizable CRM software easily integrates with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth data flow across your business ecosystem.
  • With seamless integration, FiveCRM ensures efficient information sharing and eliminates silos, enhancing overall business performance.
  • By integrating with existing systems, FiveCRM reduces the learning curve for your team, fostering quick adoption and increased productivity.

CRM Software

Data Management made easy

Experience the simplicity of effective data management with FiveCRM. Our customizable CRM is designed specifically for your business needs, enabling you to focus more on what truly matters. Let us handle your data while you steer your business to new heights. Enjoy less stress, more efficiency, and an overall streamlined business process with FiveCRM.

clean your data

Clean Your Data.

Say goodbye to cluttered data. FiveCRM's customizable CRM revolutionizes data management with automated duplicate removal, filtration, and segmentation. Experience a streamlined process, ensuring your data is clean, relevant, and organized for optimal use. Simplify your operations with FiveCRM - because you deserve a clear view.

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Your Data Fields.

Unlock optimal workflow efficiency with FiveCRM's customizable CRM. Shape your data fields to match display requirements or search queries pertinent to your processes. Enjoy the flexibility to personalize your CRM system, aligning it seamlessly with your specific business needs. Streamline operations, drive efficiency, all with FiveCRM.

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Our all-inclusive packages mean more features, same standard price

  • Use AI to set the best call back time
  • Automatically present call backs at the right time
  • Find contacts via the internal LinkedIn tool
  • Tweet contacts directly from within FIVE
  • Real time live coaching on calls
  • Track deals with opportunity management
  • Can be used with a predictive dialer
  • Use automatic workflow cadence
  • Use predefined call scripts, call guides and email merge templates
  • Full built-in advanced email campaigns
  • Get documents signed from FIVE using Docusign or Adobe SIgn
  • Schedule automatic reports to keep on top of events
  • Use automatic dialing to eliminate wasted time

Frequently Asked Questions

Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are all compatible with FiveCRM.

To read recommended settings for each, please visit our help centre and navigate to troubleshooting and recommended browser settings.

Deleting Internet Cookies will resolve a number of common glitches in your system.

Emptying the Internet Cache removes all stored copies of Web Pages, Scripts, Images etc on your local PC. This can be especially useful after an update has been applied to the system.

The method for deleting Cookies and Cache is specific to different Browsers. For detailed steps for your browser, visit our help centre and navigate to troubleshooting and deleting browser settings.

FiveCRM works with any operating system capable of running a supported Browser.

This includes:

  • - Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and future Windows releases
  • - Mac OS X and Linux.

You can contact FiveCRM customer support in a number of ways.

You can increase the amount of licenses you hold with FiveCRM at any time. The method of achieving this is dependent on your payment method.

If you pay manually, i.e. by credit card each month, then you can add licenses by navigating the Menu option About and selecting Manage Subscription/Users. The system gives an option to add Users to the current month or add months.

If you pay by any other method you can increase your licenses by contacting Customer Support.

Additional customer training can be conducted on an individual or group basis.

To schedule a training session, contact your account manager or customer success representative.

More questions? Additional resources can be found on our: Support Portal, LinkedIn Profile, and Youtube Channel.