Designed for Telemarketing

Decrease the duration between dials and double your call quota with industry leading telemarketing tools.

decrease dial lag
telemarketing tools

Decrease dial lag

Increase call productivity and customer contacts with click to dial functionality. Automated dialing with your preferences, whether it be predictive dialing or power dialing through our integrated VoIP assets.

Telemarketing tools

Simplify your Sales Calls

  • Guarantee sales success for even the most junior sales members with access to customized call scripts, guides and templated note taking fields from within the FiveCRM platform.
  • Continually improve your team through call coaching, recording and review tools.
simplify your sales calls
progressive and preview dialer
decrease post dial delay

Progressive and Preview Dialer

  • Progressive dialing immediately displays and dials the next record within the task or call list upon agents wrapping-up their current call.
  • Preview dialing adds a custom delay to the progressive system, ensuring your call agents have enough time to read previous call notes, outstanding tasks and other vital call information prior to dialing.
decrease post dial delay

Power Dialer

Utilize power dialing through seamless integrations with your favourite VoIP providers such as Aircall, CloudCall, Twilio, Yay and more.

power dialer
database storage
telemarketing tools

Database storage

With up to 999 databases you can securely store, isolate or share the data essential to your business operations.

Set permissions and access levels to determine who can access certain databases, and customize each database to your own, or your customer needs.

Telemarketing tools

Marketing tools

  • Automate and customize email campaigns, workflows and cadences to ensure the best engagement with your prospects.
  • Call conversations are made easy, with access to contact history within one location, providing better visibility into historical correspondence and message performance.
marketing tools

telemarketing tools

Minimize micro-management

Improve your team efficiency with automation and insights. Spend less time guessing with pinpointed areas for sustainment and improvement allowing more time to close deals.

close more deals

Close more deals

Automated call back management enables appointment setting and lead prioritization, meaning more time is spent on closing deals rather than managing them.

improve team performance

Improve team performance

Flexible interfaces integrated with statistics and reporting provide custom dashboards for immediate insights into your team’s performance, efforts and areas for improvement.

more features

Our all-inclusive packages mean more features, same standard price

  • Use AI to set the best call back time
  • Automatically present call backs at the right time
  • Find contacts via the internal LinkedIn tool
  • Tweet contacts directly from within FIVE
  • Real time live coaching on calls
  • Track deals with opportunity management
  • Can be used with a predictive dialer
  • Use automatic workflow cadence
  • Use predefined call scripts, call guides and email merge templates
  • Full built-in advanced email campaigns
  • Get documents signed from FIVE using Docusign or Adobe SIgn
  • Schedule automatic reports to keep on top of events
  • Use automatic dialing to eliminate wasted time

Frequently Asked Questions

Every telemarketing company should have a few essential tools in its arsenal to maximize efficiency and success. These tools include:

  1. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System: The CRM system is essential for tracking customer interactions, managing pipelines and keeping up-to-date records.
  2. Analytics Software: Good analytics software can provide insights into the performance of campaigns and help guide future efforts.
  3. Automation Tools: Automation tools enable telemarketers to focus more on strategic tasks rather than mundane repetitive ones.
  4. A Cloud-based Call Center Solution: This allows teams to collaborate efficiently across different time zones and locations, as well as monitor performance in real time.
  5. Lead Generation & Scoring Tools: Lead generation tools can help find potential customers, while lead scoring tools can help prioritize them based on their likelihood to convert.

FiveCRM's telemarketing software offers a wide range of features to enhance the productivity of any telemarketing team. Key features include:

  1. Automated Campaigns: Companies can create automated campaigns that send pre-defined messages to prospects at predetermined intervals.
  2. Lead Management: Lead management tools enable users to easily store, process and manage leads in one centralized place.
  3. Real-Time Reporting & Analysis: Five CRM’s Telemarketing Software provides detailed reporting and analytics so companies can measure their success and identify areas for improvement.
  4. Predictive Dialer: The predictive dialer component offers advanced call routing, auto-dialing and call completion rate optimization to maximize efficiency.
  5. Team Collaboration Tools: These tools facilitate efficient communication between members of the telemarketing team, allowing them to share ideas, assign tasks and track progress towards a common goal.

FiveCRM provides a wide range of tools to help telemarketers succeed. These tools include:

  1. Automation Tools: These tools enable telemarketers to perform mundane tasks quickly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on higher value activities.
  2. Lead Management Platforms: Companies can store, manage and process leads in one centralized location using FiveCRM's lead management platform.
  3. Predictive Dialer System: FiveCRM's predictive dialer system offers advanced call routing capabilities, auto-dialing and call completion rate optimization.
  4. Team Collaboration Tools: With these tools, members of the telemarketing team can communicate more effectively, assign tasks and track progress towards a common goal.
  5. Real-Time Reporting & Analysis: Companies can measure the performance of their campaigns with detailed reporting and analytics provided by FiveCRM’s Telemarketing Software.

Telemarketing software offers many advantages to businesses, including increased efficiency, improved customer retention and satisfaction, automated processes, better marketing data analysis and reporting capabilities, ability to segment customers into target groups and more. Telemarketing software helps companies streamline their operations as they can automate dialing, tracking calls and other activities. Additionally, telemarketing software allows businesses to track their customer's behavior in order to understand their needs better and provide a more tailored service. This in turn can result in higher customer satisfaction rates. Furthermore, it enables businesses to analyze marketing data for valuable insights that can help improve marketing campaigns and optimize resources.

The main limitation of telemarketing software is that it can be difficult to setup and configure properly. Additionally, it requires a significant investment in terms of both time and money as companies must purchase the software, as well as train employees on how to use it. Furthermore, telemarketing software cannot guarantee success, as there are still many factors that play into whether or not customers respond positively to calls. Finally, although more advanced versions may have features such as contact categorization and intelligent routing algorithms, these types of advanced features often come at an additional cost.

Implementing telemarketing software requires careful planning and execution. First, businesses must determine the purpose of their software, such as increasing customer satisfaction or optimizing resources. Once this is decided, businesses can purchase a suitable software package and configure it to meet their needs. After configuring the software, it is essential to train employees on how to use it correctly in order to maximize efficiency and accuracy. Finally, businesses should create an implementation timeline that outlines when each step should be completed in order to ensure a smooth transition.

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