Terms & Conditions

To make the most of FiveCRM, we ask that all our users follow these Terms & Conditions. Violation of this policy may lead to either suspension or even termination of your account.

Please read these terms carefully as they are a binding agreement between “You” and “FiveCRM”.

terms & conditions

Restricted Access

Our development team work hard to keep our system clean, however we also expect the same from our customers. It is prohibited to:

  • Translate, disassemble, or reverse engineer any of the software on our Website, or in any way downloaded from the Website.
  • Host images on our servers for any purpose other than for use in your email campaigns.
  • Import or incorporate any of this information into any lists, emails or uploads to our servers: passwords, security credentials, or sensitive personal information of any kind.
  • Put any material which will affect copyright laws into your emails. This includes, but not limited to, text, photos, graphics, and other content.
  • Send Spam, by spam we mean unsolicited bulk email. For a full definition of what we mean by “spam,” please review the Spamhaus
  • Give anyone your password.
  • Use any of the software on our Website, or downloaded from the Website, to create a competing product.
  • Set up multiple accounts for any person or entity to send similar content, unless you are part of a franchise.
  • Use an outsourced unsubscribe process.
  • Send content created in FiveCRM through another service.

Restricted Content

FIVE CRM must not be used to send anything offensive, to promote anything illegal, or to harass anyone. It’s prohibited to send:

  • Email offering illegal goods or services
  • Emails which violate laws on spamming
  • Marketing or commercial emails without permission or lawful basis
  • Abusive emails

Lists which don’t meet the criteria above should not be imported into FiveCRM. It is important to have proof of permission from the recipients. ISPs will start blocking emails from your company, if you’re sending Emails to a list which is receiving a substantial amount of SPAM complaints. They may also ask FiveCRM to shut down your account.

Hints & Tips

We don’t want to have to suspend or terminate your account, that’s why we are providing you with hints and tips to make sure it doesn’t occur:

  • Sending a campaign to an old list could mean some recipients won’t remember you, and they’ll report you for spamming. It’s important to remind them who you are and how they got on your list in the first place. Therefore, you may have to reconfirm them onto your list, by providing them with a form to sign up to your emails.
  • If you are importing a list from a CRM, it is key to segment your list into separate lists or interest groups, so you can send relevant content to the right customers, at the right time. For instance, people you met at an event, people who bought a certain product, people who showed an interest etc.
  • Before importing a list into FiveCRM from your CRM or another database, read and understand our permission rules. Remove any prospects or leads that didn’t explicitly request email marketing from you or otherwise meet the requirements in our Terms. Even if you’re sending email marketing to customers that consented to receive your Email, you’re still required by law to allow them to opt out of your email marketing list (you may need to turn on that feature in your CRM tool).

Thank you for taking time to read our Terms & Conditions. We hope you have found it useful. If you follow these guidelines, you should find your experience with us to run smoothly. We hope you make the most of your account and enjoy your time with us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are all compatible with FiveCRM.

To read recommended settings for each, please visit our help centre and navigate to troubleshooting and recommended browser settings.

Deleting Internet Cookies will resolve a number of common glitches in your system.

Emptying the Internet Cache removes all stored copies of Web Pages, Scripts, Images etc on your local PC. This can be especially useful after an update has been applied to the system.

The method for deleting Cookies and Cache is specific to different Browsers. For detailed steps for your browser, visit our help centre and navigate to troubleshooting and deleting browser settings.

FiveCRM works with any operating system capable of running a supported Browser.

This includes:

  • - Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and future Windows releases
  • - Mac OS X and Linux.

You can contact FiveCRM customer support in a number of ways.

You can increase the amount of licenses you hold with FiveCRM at any time. The method of achieving this is dependent on your payment method.

If you pay manually, i.e. by credit card each month, then you can add licenses by navigating the Menu option About and selecting Manage Subscription/Users. The system gives an option to add Users to the current month or add months.

If you pay by any other method you can increase your licenses by contacting Customer Support.

Additional customer training can be conducted on an individual or group basis.

To schedule a training session, contact your account manager or customer success representative.

More questions? Additional resources can be found on our: Support Portal, LinkedIn Profile, and Youtube Channel.