Why Gamification Is The Future Of Digital Marketing

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Gamification encourages participation and involvement of people and marketing reps to move products and services and bring them to the forefront. In recent year, this technique of using competition between peers or game like objectives of point scoring and rules of play have furthered digital marketing and have opened up a new arena for marketing representatives.

Due to its competitive nature, gamification helps companies create a positive environment of competition that is healthy and necessary in today's organisations. If your company is still considering gamification for your employees then there are a few points to consider that don't relate to its implementation or cost of beginning.

Due to its new age process of use, gamification has slowly become a big part of digital marketing's future. Here's why.

It caters to the next generation

As millennials grow older and most of them are at an age that they've started jobs and families, it is important to start integrating processes that would excite them and cater to their style of work. Gamification is one such element that can help create a better work place for the newer generation and push them to strive at digital marketing.

The millennials are only the beginning of the digital era and many generations after that will also look forward to greater demands and not just simple engagement on social media. Gamification poses as a method of this adaptation that will help digital marketing move forward and fill the space that is demanded now.

More promotional activities and brand awareness

The possibilities of brand awareness are endless with gamification and it also helps in promoting new products, highlights older products or even helps in pairing them. There are many ways to get customers to buy your products and keep them in the forefront.

A simple trick to do this is by using a rewards system. This works by giving points or rewards to your customers every time they make a purchase with you. Once they've collected enough points, they can redeem that for another product in your store, allowing cross selling as well.

Using a rewards system is only one such small example of using gamification to sell more products and there are many more ways to help you.

Continual interaction with customers

A big part of social media marketing and digital marketing is constantly posting and publishing content to keep your product or service relevant and in the limelight. But with the use of gamification, companies can hope for similar rewards and exposure but without the need for constantly bombarding your reader with posts.

For example, if you are trying to promote a fitness watch, a good way to keep the interaction with customers going is to create a 'game' where the users of the watch get to compete with their friends and family. By competing with others over exercise routines and stamina building, there is a sense of camaraderie. This technique will have users posting their results over social media, without the company having to constantly publish and in turn create publicity and use of product.

Most of all, it's new

A big plus point for gamification is the fact that it is new and provides users with a change from the old ways. Gamification has come up in the past 5 years and is a process that has been adopted by many big companies, though it is still being integrated into others. It helps in leaving minimal digital engagement behind and instead differentiates you from others who still only make use of social media.

So, take gamification into consideration and don't get left behind! Use its new age power to garner more attention and retain that attention to increase sales and reach to customers. FIVE CRM's solutions include gamification, why not book a demo or try it for free today?

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