VoIP and CRM - The Perfect Match For Increasing Productivity

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The Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phone system is a must-have for businesses that rely on making calls to customers and prospects. Such a system can help your sales reps increase productivity by offering the necessary tools that allow them to make calls from any device that is connected to the Internet.

Integrate this with a Customer Relationship Management platform and you are well on your way to converting more leads! A full-featured VoIP phone system in combination with a CRM eliminates the need for performing repetitive and manual tasks that are redundant. This allows sales agents to save time and instead handle more customer queries or leads in the pipeline. With automation and access to complete customer data, they can also respond to customers quicker all from one integrated system without switching between many.

Take productivity to the next level by streamlining your complete sales process by integrating a VoIP phone system with a Customer Relationship Management platform. Here's more on how such a combination can fulfil your needs.

Complete interaction history and information

Whether your sales reps are speaking to a new prospect or an old customer, they will need some context in order to better connect with them. This context can be provided when using such an integrated system because reps will be able to access all relevant information about the person at the other end of the line. From past purchases to previous communication with reps, your agent can pick up where the customer left off last.

This information is imperative for reps so they can be prepared before going into a call and not seem clueless. But it is also helpful when they have a call incoming. Customers don't like repeating information and thus having a pop-up come on screen with the caller's details can instantly help the rep get into action. Reps can even add notes or follow-up details right into these pop-ups for future reference.

Save time with one click calls

Sales reps end up wasting a lot of time when they need to look up contact numbers and dial them. Many times, this also leads to misdialing and further wastage of time. When using a VoIP integrated with a CRM, all reps need to do to place a call is click on the contact. This way they can reach out to prospects much faster and spend more time on nurturing leads instead of unnecessarily wasting it.

Access important call analytics

You can easily keep a track of call metrics when using a VoIP integrated with a CRM. This is possible as you can directly check each and every activity happening in the sales process. For instance, if you want to check call logs you can view analytics such as number of incoming calls and outgoing calls, missed calls, average call time, and more. This will allow sales reps to understand where they are going wrong and rectify their steps in order to provide better customer support and experience.

VoIP and CRM integration is beneficial for businesses for more than the above reasons. When integrated correctly, such a system can help streamline your whole sales process and make it run efficiently.

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