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The Best CRM For Telemarketing: Our Top 7 Picks For 2024

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Telemarketing is marketing products and services to potential customers, usually over the telephone. This outbound marketing method can be challenging, with manual processes taking up time better spent engaging prospects. CRM for telemarketing tools can automate these processes and provide call center agents with the resources required to succeed at their jobs. 

There are various CRM telemarketing tools on the market. They all streamline telemarketing and customer relationship management responsibilities in your call center and help you move potential customers through sales and marketing funnels. FiveCRM has compiled the seven best CRM for telemarketing solutions on the market for 2024 based on features, price, and free trial and demo options. Read on to discover the best telemarketing tool overall. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. CRMs for telemarketing automate various tasks in a call center environment. These platforms streamline telemarketing and customer relationship management responsibilities by sourcing and generating leads, moving prospects through pipelines, and providing agents with the resources required for selling more products. 
  2. The best CRM for telemarketing tools include lead scoring, auto-dialing, account management, analytics, and other features. These platforms target potential customers interested in your products and services.
  3. Invest in a telemarketing CRM to improve lead generation, marketing, call center productivity, and sales efficiency.
  4. The seven telemarketing tools on the list below offer different features, pricing models, and free trial and product demo options. Choose a tool that suits your business budget and objectives. 
  5. FiveCRM is a CRM with in-built email marketing, auto-dialing, database storage, up to 999 separate databases, and other telemarketing features. It suits call center environments of all sizes. 

Best CRM for Telemarketing Compared

Compare the best CRMs for telemarketing in the table below:

  Pricing Free trial/demo? Best for? Features
FiveCRM From $70 per license Live product demo Call centers of all sizes Auto-dialing, account management, real-time analytics, up to 999 separate databases
HubSpot CRM From $45 per user per month 14-day trial Medium-to-large businesses Segment leads, analytics, dashboards, telephony integration
Zoho CRM From $23 per user per month 15-day trial Medium-to-large businesses Drag-and-drop interface, dashboards, email sidebar
Pipedrive From $14.90 per user per month 14-day trial Small-to-medium businesses Telephony system integration, dashboards, analytics
Apptivo CRM From $8 per user per month Live product demo Small-to-medium businesses Third-party integrations, website embed forms, mobile app
Freshworks CRM From $69 per user per month 21-day free trial Medium-to-large businesses Email templates, email ticketing, live chat, real-time analytics
Agile CRM From $9.99 per user per month No trial/product demo Small-to-medium businesses Call routing, mobile app, analytics

Here are the seven best CRM systems for telemarketing activities in your call center based on price, features, and free trial and demo options: 

1. FiveCRM: Best CRM for Telemarketing Overall

FiveCRM is a CRM system built for outbound marketing operations in call centers like yours. It comes with various telemarketing features out-of-the-box and can double your call quota compared to 'regular' CRM software. Industry-leading telemarketing tools support outbound agents wanting to move more prospects through their sales funnels.

One of the best features of FiveCRM is its automated dialing functionality, which increases call productivity and decreases any lag between calls. You can customize auto-dialing based on your call center preferences and choose between power, progressive, preview, or predictive dialing for more effective telemarketing outcomes. 

FiveCRM provides reps with multiple resources for more successful telemarketing. For example, team members can access customized call scripts and guides from within the platform, helping them engage with potential customers over the phone. Agents can also grow contact lists and source high-value leads with FiveCRM's integrated LinkedIn contact scraper feature. 

FiveCRM Key Features

  • FiveCRM can boost sales efficiency in your call center with features for call management, workflow automation, and optimized sales processes. 
  • FiveCRM boasts unlimited data storage and up to 999 separate databases, helping you store call center data in a safe environment. You can set up access controls to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing sensitive customer-related data. 
  • Performance and marketing tools optimize operational performance and support agents in their lead generation activities. 
  • FiveCRM's lead scoring feature finds lucrative leads interested in your products and services.
  • Agents can access contact histories from one location, reducing wasted time in your call center. 
  • In-built email marketing tools improve omnichannel marketing and let agents engage with prospects before talking to them over the phone.
  • Integrate FiveCRM with various telephony systems and further your telemarketing campaigns. 

FiveCRM Pricing

FiveCRM's plan for U.S. customers starts from $70 per license per month, with discounts for additional licenses. Unlike other CRMs, you don't have to pay for add-ons. You get various automated dialing features, unlimited data storage, call recording, 7,000 call minutes within North America, up to 999 separate databases, analytical tools, and a free Windows smartphone for this low monthly price. Why not sample FiveCRM's many telemarketing features with a live demo?


FiveCRM is the CRM for telemarketing and telesales you can trust. Built exclusively for call center environments, this platform can double your call rate and support agents when marketing goods and services over the phone. FiveCRM provides greater visibility into all the sales processes that turn leads into bonafide customers. 

Designed for contact center environments with 5-250+ seats, FiveCRM has everything you need to improve telemarketing in your organization. 

Get FiveCRM now to learn more. 

2. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM lets you track customers during telemarketing campaigns and manage account information in one place. The platform offers a wealth of features for telemarketing, helping you engage with customers and move them through your sales lifecycle. For example, you can manage conversations and tickets with a customer or use email templates to engage with prospects through email. 

HubSpot CRM's Daily Dashboard generates real-time analytics about telemarketing campaigns, allowing you to get a 360-degree overview of prospects interested in your products and services. You can view analytics through reports, heatmaps, and other data visualizations and share insights with sales reps for more profitable telemarketing. 

Connecting the platform to a telephony system gets more value from HubSpot CRM. You can then automatically log calls and customer information in HubSpot and reduce manual processes. 

HubSpot CRM Key Features

  • You can segment leads and assign them to qualified sales agents for better telemarketing outcomes. 
  • HubSpot CRM has an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • By syncing HubSpot CRM with a telephony system, you can automate telemarketing processes and make life easier for sales reps in your call center. 
  • Access various customer service options if you need help using the platform. 

HubSpot CRM Pricing

You can sign up for the free version of HubSpot CRM, but you will need to subscribe to a paid plan for full telemarketing features and telephony integration. These plans start from $45 per user per month. HubSpot CRM offers a 14-day trial, allowing you to try out the platform's features.  


HubSpot CRM is one of the best CRM for telemarketing. It comes with email templates, automated call logging, activity tracking, and analytical tools that help agents connect with potential customers and drive revenue opportunities. 

Learn more about HubSpot CRM.

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3. Zoho CRM

While Zoho CRM doesn't cater exclusively to call centers like FiveCRM, this platform offers various telemarketing tools for contacting, converting, and monitoring potential customers. Like the previous two CRMs on this list, Zoho has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, making it easier for agents to source leads and improve activity tracking. The platform combines telemarketing with customer relationship management, meaning reps don't have to rely on multiple systems. 

What makes Zoho a great CRM for telemarketing is its in-built telephony functionality. Agents can automate contact management and focus on telemarketing tasks that convert prospects into customers. Features like call reminders, one-click dialing, and auto-dialing reduce any wasted time between calls and result in more lucrative telemarketing opportunities for your call center. 

You can also integrate Zoho CRM with Zoho Desk and improve customer service management. Resolve more tickets and support requests when combining these tools. 

Zoho CRM Key Features

  • Zoho CRM's email sidebar lets you manage leads from your email inbox. Agents can nurture leads through email before talking to them on the phone. 
  • Access real-time analytics about telemarketing campaigns through dashboards, reports, heatmaps, and other data visualizations. Sharing analytical insights with team members can improve telemarketing opportunities. 
  • Integrate Zoho CRM with WhatsApp, one of the world's most-used instant messaging apps, for better omnichannel marketing.
  • Automate workflows by scheduling calls and setting reminders for agents to follow up with potential customers. Zoho CRM automates many tasks associated with telemarketing. 
  • Customize this software based on your call center requirements and telemarketing objectives. 

Zoho CRM Pricing

Zoho CRM pricing for U.S customers starts from $23 per user per month. However, you might need to subscribe to a more expensive plan to access additional telemarketing tools and features. You can sign up for a 15-day free trial and sample Zoho CRM's features.

Learn more about Zoho CRM.

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4. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM for call centers that comes with various telemarketing features. You can automate workflows for agents when incorporating this system into your call center and make it easier for reps to engage with prospects during outbound campaigns. 

Pipedrive is an effective CRM for telemarketing because it automatically schedules follow-up activities based on the outcome of outbound calls. For example, the platform will remind agents to contact a potential customer for a second or third time after an introductory call. That helps reps move leads through sales funnels and improve conversion rates. You can also assign prospects to the most qualified sales agent. 

Calling features like call routing, call scripts, and call recording make Pipedrive a valuable addition to any call center specializing in telemarketing. You can also monitor calls and ensure agents stick to call scripts and convey the correct information to potential customers, improving compliance and quality assurance in your organization. 

Pipedrive Key Features

  • Access the latest analytics about outbound campaigns without using additional business intelligence tools. View metrics about customers, agent performance, and day-to-day tasks in your call center. 
  • Integrate Pipedrive with a telephony system and centralize your outbound calling activities. 
  • Communicate with prospective customers through live chat. 
  • Automatically collect customer information and add it to accounts. 
  • Record customer calls for quality assurance. 
  • Update lead positions in your sales funnels. 

Pipedrive Pricing

Pipedrive's cheapest plan starts from $14.90 per user per month. You might want to subscribe to a more expensive plan to access all of the platform's telemarketing solutions. You can try Pipedrive for free for 14 days. 

Learn more about Pipedrive.

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5. Apptivo CRM

Apptivo CRM is, perhaps, the least-known telemarketing CRM on this list. However, the platform has won numerous awards for its value-for-money and customer service. Apptivo supports telemarketing activities by automating workflow pipelines and providing agents with the resources required for outbound calling. This easy-to-use CRM has a simple interface and integrates with third-party tools like Google Maps and Microsoft Office 365.

One of the best features available on this CRM for telemarketing is embeddable website forms that capture lead information for telemarketing. You can automatically generate leads when potential customers supply information and send this data to agents. Apptivo also provides enhanced customization, allowing you to personalize the software based on your call center. For example, you can create or remove fields in accounts, making it easier for agents to find the information they need for telemarketing. 

Apptivo CRM Key Features

  • Apptivo CRM offers a mobile app that lets you track telemarketing campaigns wherever you are in the world. You can view telemarketing analytics on your smartphone or tablet when away from the office. 
  • View real-time analytics about telemarketing activities and generate business intelligence about customers and agent performance. 
  • Convert leads to customers or contacts.
  • Convert opportunities to orders, invoices, and estimates.
  • Integrate Apptivo with Slack and improve internal communications with telemarketing teams. 

Apptivo CRM Pricing

Apptivo pricing for U.S. customers starts from $8 per user per month. You can request a live demo of the platform and try out its features for yourself.


Apptivo CRM lacks telephony integration features like other telemarketing CRMs on this list. However, the platform has various features that improve outbound campaigns like real-time analytics, customization, and a mobile app. Use Apptivo CRM to track interactions with prospects at multiple touchpoints and improve revenue opportunities in your call center.  

Learn more about Apptivo CRM.

6. Freshworks CRM

Freshworks CRM caters to all sales and marketing professionals and can improve telemarketing with its range of out-of-the-box tools. You get a 360-degree overview of all the customers that agents interact with during outbound campaigns and can share analytical insights with team members. 

Freshworks makes this list of the best CRM for telemarketing tools because it enables agents to run chat campaigns. Reps can use AI-powered chatbots to communicate with website prospects in real-time and convert these leads into customers. Another valuable feature is the ability to capture website visitor information through personalized forms. 

Freshworks also shortens sales cycles by enabling agents to communicate with prospects through email and SMS. Reps can personalize marketing messages based on customer behavior and generate insights at multiple touchpoints with predictive contact scoring tools. 

Freshworks CRM Key Features

  • In-built email marketing templates enable agents to target leads on their contact lists. Freshworks also lets you send automated email sequences to potential customers. 
  • Real-time analytics provide visibility into prospects at different stages of the sales cycle. View insights through dynamic data visualizations. 
  • Communicate with leads through email ticketing and live chat.
  • Integrate Freshworks with Slack for better internal communications with team members. 
  • Understand website visitor intent by tracking page visits and actions.

Freshworks CRM Pricing

Freshworks' paid-for plans start from $69 per user per month. You can sign up for a free version of the software, but it comes with limited telemarketing features. Freshworks offers a 21-day free trial.  


Freshworks helps sales and marketing professionals capture, nurture, and manage prospects throughout the sales lifecycle. This tool can generate more opportunities for reps with its real-time analytics, email marketing templates, and in-built chat and SMS marketing functionality. Use Freshworks to optimize telemarketing in your call center. 

Learn more about Freshworks CRM.

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7. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a CRM that automates various sales and marketing processes, including telemarketing. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface makes this CRM a good choice for smaller call centers wanting to improve outbound marketing. 

Agile's single-page contact management feature lets agents view account information and insights in one place without switching screens. Reps can also schedule follow-up calls and appointments with a click of a button. 

You can integrate Agile with telephony systems and optimize call routing. That allows you to assign calls to your contact center's most qualified sales agents. You can also benefit from one-click calling and call scripts. 

Agile CRM Key Features

  • Real-time analytics provide you with insights into telemarketing campaigns. 
  • View metrics on dashboards, heat maps, and other data visualizations. 
  • Sync Agile CRM with various third-party tools. 

Agile CRM Pricing

Agile CRM pricing for U.S. customers starts from $9.99 per user per month. There is no free trial or product demo. 


Agile CRM is a reliable system that automates sales and marketing in your organization. Use it to track prospective customers and help agents sell products and services.

Learn more about Agile CRM


The CRM for telemarketing tools above support hard-working agents in your call center. These platforms make it easier to engage with prospective customers and move leads through sales and marketing funnels. Compare the products on this list on price, features, and trial options and find the right solution for your growing business.  

FiveCRM is a powerful telemarketing CRM solution for call centers of all sizes. Features include auto-dialing, account management, analytics, in-built email marketing, and more. Discover FiveCRM now

FAQ Section

What is the best CRM for a call center?

The best CRM allows you to collect, track, and manage customer information in one system and improve customer relationships. A telemarketing CRM comes with analytical tools, dashboards, auto-dialing, and other features that support call center agents who sell products and services.

What tools do telemarketers use?

Telemarketers use various tools to engage with customers. These tools include email marketing automation platforms, sales enablement software, and telemarketing CRMs.

What is CRM in a call center?

CRMs let call center agents access customer information. These platforms help agents learn more about the people they talk to over the phone.

Which software is best for a call center?

A telemarketing CRM helps agents who make outbound calls do their jobs. This software collects customer information and automates telemarketing tasks in a single system.

What type of systems do call centers use?

Call centers might use CRMs, telemarketing CRMs, sales enablement tools, email marketing automation platforms, and other software that automates and streamlines day-to-day workflows. 

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