8 Best Customer Experience Trends To Follow

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Businesses often forget to consider customer experience as an important aspect of brand growth. Customer experience can be described as the thoughts and perceptions your customers hold about your brand based on previous interactions and experiences they have had with you. It is an underrated tool that can be used to retain customers, find more prospects, increase sales, and much more.

Creating a positive customer experience includes the smallest details, such as how you present your images or display product descriptions on the website. This extends to customer or sales support, and much more. Catering to your customers' every requirement to ensure they are satisfied and willing to purchase from you again can help create a positive experience.

This is why companies in every industry must try to elevate the way they interact and do business with clients and prospects. Customer experience begins right from when a prospect is browsing through your website. Having an easy to use and interactive website with informative landing pages instead of a boring and difficult to navigate one can lead to a positive response and eventual sale. Similarly, ensuring your customers receive the best service before and after they make a purchase helps make them loyal brand advocates.

Research done by PwC shows that 17% of customers will never use a brand again after just a single bad encounter. Make sure you are aware of how your customers feel about you and provide them with the best experience to retain more customers and turn more prospects.

Here are the top customer experience trends to follow and stay up to date on what are the best practices to cultivate an amazing customer experience.


Personalisation has been on the top of the list for bettering customer experience for a few years. Without customised marketing, your advertising can look bland and generic. With the use of simple tools, you can now automate personalisation and ensure all marketing materials are addressed directly to the intended individuals.

Personalisation doesn't just mean addressing your customers by their name, but in fact can now be incorporated in several areas of sales and marketing. By using your collected data on individual behaviours, you can even recommend particular products and services to customers as well as create a strategy based on their preferences and requirements.

Automated customer support

Ensuring that each of your customers is receiving instant support and help as required can be tough, especially if you have a small team. Since delivering great support is extremely important for a better customer experience, using automated customer support can help.

AI-driven customer support automatically performs several interactions with your customers without you having to monitor it. This is also a great way to provide consistent and on-time support, that is error and trouble-free for your reps.

Personal relationships

Even with the availability of automation and AI to help with customer support, nothing can replace a human connection. Personally interacting with customers makes them feel like they are actually being heard. Apart from automation, make sure to schedule direct calls and meetings with your clients on a regular basis.


Smartphones are now one of the top platforms people use to browse the internet on the go and many people also conduct most of their business on their mobile phones. This is why it is imperative that your website is mobile-friendly and made to enhance the user's experience no matter which browser they are viewing it on.

Make sure to create an interactive mobile presence so it is easy for customers and prospects to quickly reach you when needed or view your website without having to scroll from left to right.

Reduction in errors and issues

People live fast-paced lives and no one has the time to deal with errors and confusion. With all the available tools in the market that can help collect and analyse data on customers, making errors is no longer as acceptable as it once was.

Let's say you are using a drip campaign as part of your email marketing strategy based on the preferences and requirements you know about a particular customer. If you contact them with a product that does not match that data or their interests, there is a high chance you will lose them. It is of utmost importance to access the right information when interacting with your clients and prospects to maintain accuracy.


One of the best ways to give customers a positive experience is by making them self-sufficient. Most customers want the knowledge of how to troubleshoot their issues by themselves quickly and easily. By equipping them with techniques to do so you are helping them help themselves. These techniques can be anything from a video demonstration online or a FAQ page on your website.

Multi-channel support

There is no way to deliver amazing customer experience without the best support. With the many different ways people can contact you or talk about your brand, you need to be present and interacting on all of them. Apart from phone and email customer support, clients now also expect brands to be as actively present on social media platforms.

Make sure you reply to concerns and complaints on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as that leaves customers with a very professional impression of your brand. Enhancing your support through several channels and not being limited to one will also allow you to get more insight into what you are doing right or wrong.

Care for community

Purposeful and value-adding branding helps businesses go a long way. Customers expect companies to work with a conscience and take on purpose outside of the brand. Supporting a cause close to your heart, starting an eco-friendly initiative, or taking part in community service to make a difference can help show customers you care about the community and not just about your brand.

Using a CRM to create a better experience for your customers

Improving customer service helps elevate brand loyalty and retention to the next level. Implementing the above trends can help in creating a flawless and positive journey. By adding a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to the mix, you can easily collect and store the required customer data to understand how satisfied or dissatisfied they are.

It will also offer the ability to automate several processes for sales and marketing, reducing errors, and the time taken to complete tasks. Using a CRM for your business can help provide a consistent and positive experience for all of your potential and existing customers.

If you're looking for a CRM with the above capabilities and more, contact FIVE CRM to help you improve your customer service and provide customers with a more positive experience.

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