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What are the 10 Best CRM for Sales Team Tools in 2023?

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Your sales team is the life force of your organization. These professionals sell products, services, and subscriptions to prospects and existing customers in your sales funnel, helping you reach your long-term growth goals. However, successful sales teams can't achieve these objectives alone — they need the latest software tools to help them engage with leads, close deals, and drive revenue. 

The best customer relationship management (CRM) systems store customer profile information, automate time-consuming sales tasks, and identify lucrative sales opportunities that improve sales performance. 

There are three types of CRM systems to choose from — operational, analytical, and collaborative. All these tools can help you manage sales relationships with leads in your pipeline. 

But with so many different CRM systems out there, it can be challenging to work out which is best for your sales team. To help, we've put together a comprehensive review of the ten best CRM systems but before we get started, let's look at what CRM features are must haves for your sales team. 

Key Takeaways:

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools play a crucial role in helping sales teams manage customer interactions, streamline sales processes, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  2. The selection of the top 10 CRM tools for sales teams in 2022 was based on factors such as features, user reviews, market reputation, scalability, ease of use, integration capabilities, and overall value for sales teams.
  3. The top 10 CRM tools for sales teams in 2022, according to FiveCRM's blog, are Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Freshworks CRM, Insightly, Copper, SugarCRM, and Monday.com CRM.
  4. Many of these CRM tools offer customization options to fit specific business requirements, allowing businesses to tailor the system to their sales processes and unique needs.
  5. These CRM tools are suitable for both small and large sales teams, providing scalability and flexibility to accommodate businesses of various sizes.
  6. Some CRM tools offer free versions or trial periods, enabling businesses to explore the software and evaluate its suitability before making a purchase decision.
  7. Integration capabilities are an essential feature of these CRM tools, allowing businesses to connect their CRM system with other applications such as email marketing platforms, customer support systems, and project management software.
  8. Mobile applications provided by these CRM tools empower sales teams to access and manage CRM data on the go, enhancing productivity and flexibility outside the office.
  9. To make an informed decision, it is recommended to visit each CRM provider's website, explore their features, pricing plans, and customer testimonials, and consider industry reports and comparisons.

CRM Must Haves for Sales Teams

Modern CRM systems offer a myriad of useful features, but sales teams should ensure their CRM offers: 

  1. Simple Set-Up: Integrating any new system into your organization can be challenging, but CRM set-up and installation shouldn't take up too much of your resources. Choose a CRM for sales team members that doesn't require extensive training and provides free support if you need help with the installation process. 
  2. Data AnalyticsData analytics is one of the most essential CRM must haves for sales team professionals. Using a CRM system that lets you identify patterns and trends in customer data will enable you to make smarter business decisions. The best CRMs display data insights on dashboards, reports, charts, heatmaps, and other visualizations for quick analysis. 
  3. Mobile Access: Sales team members who operate outside your office should have access to information in your CRM system. Mobile CRMs allow sales professionals to view customer profile information and other data on a smartphone or tablet, wherever they are in the world. 
  4. Affordable Pricing: Even though a good CRM will generate a return on your investment, you might not want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on one of these systems — especially if you own a small business. Select a CRM that offers a subscription model that matches your budget.
  5. Integrations: CRMs are only capable of so much by themselves, which makes a robust library of integrations one of the CRM must haves for your sales team. Choosing a system that integrates with existing hardware and software tools — including telephony systems — will provide you with more value for money and improve productivity and performance.

1. FiveCRM 

FiveCRM is a CRM for sales team members working in a call center environment. It offers a wide range of features for telemarketingtelesales, cold calling, warm calling, and other inbound and outbound marketing tasks. This sales CRM can help B2B and B2C companies achieve their long-term sales objectives, making it one of the best CRMs for sales teams. 

FiveCRM provides salespeople with the resources required for more successful sales objectives. For example, the platform's auto-dialing feature boosts call productivity and reduces wasted time between calls. FiveCRM customers love the platform's extensive analytical features that provide in-depth intelligence about prospects, sales campaigns, and agent performance, which means the system serves as a single source of truth for all your sales tasks.

FiveCRM Key Features for Sales Teams

  1. FiveCRM enhances sales efficiency by automating workflows, improving call management, and optimizing the sales process. Call guides and scripts guide reps during phone calls and ensure they convey correct and compliant information to leads at the right time.
  2. FiveCRM offers up to 999 separate databases and unlimited data storage, helping you scale call center operations and improve sales management. 
  3. The system's lead-scoring features help agents identify high-value leads for nurturing. 
  4. Performance and marketing tools track performance in your organization and improve lead-generation activities. Agents can capture leads during the sales cycle and convert them into paying customers. 
  5. FiveCRM's flexible platform access allows you to obtain and track real-time data on departmental performance and use metrics to optimize sales growth. You can generate data insights about your sales pipelines from within the system and share these insights with sales team members.

FiveCRM Pricing

FiveCRM's plans for U.S.-based sales teams start from just $70 per license with no add-ons required. (You can also get discounts for additional licenses). This pricing model allows you to pay monthly or yearly. 

Here are some of the powerful features included with all of FiveCRM's plans:

    • Power dialing
    • Preview dialing
    • Auto-dialing/hang-up
    • Consolidated reports
    • Call recording
    • Up to 999 separate databases
    • 7,000 call minutes in North America
    • Enhanced security
    • Data analytical features
    • Unlimited data storage
    • Native app builder

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is a popular CRM for sales team members. It offers various features for customer relationship management, allowing agents to update and view customer profile information for sales prospecting, lead generation, lead nurturing, social media management, and deal closing. This information includes key contacts, activity history, internal account discussions, and previous purchasing history. 

However, Salesforce might not be the best CRM for small sales team because of its steep learning curve. However, the system can help medium and large businesses improve sales relationships with prospects and convert leads into paying customers. Salesforce also offers multiple add-ons and extensions that enhance customer relationship management for busy sales teams. These include integrations with Outlook, LinkedIn, and Zendesk.

Salesforce Key Features for Sales Teams

  1. Lead management tools help sales agents capture lucrative leads and move them through their funnels. Salesforce quickly identifies leads likely to convert and feeds this information to agents for more successful sales outcomes. Salesforce also has extensive lead-scoring capabilities, helping agents find the most profitable sales opportunities. 
  2. While Salesforce might not be able to predict the future, it can help you forecast future sales opportunities in your organization. For example, the system uses historical CRM data to indicate periods of high sales growth, allowing you to capitalize on these possibilities. Salesforce can also predict a sales slump that might impact your organization's bottom line. 
  3. Salesforce CRM has analytical features that identify sales trends in your organization. View analytical information on heatmaps, graphs, charts, and other visualizations and generate intelligence about your sales processes from one system. With Salesforce's analytical features, you might not need to invest in separate business intelligence tools. 
  4. Salesforce's mobile capabilities allow agents to access customer profile information from any location on a smartphone or tablet. This feature proves useful for field sales reps working away from the office, as well as remote and hybrid workers who can't visit your physical location. 
  5. You can integrate Salesforce with hundreds of third-party applications to improve performance and productivity. For example, you can integrate this CRM for sales team members with Mailchimp, Quickbooks, and Slack.

Salesforce Pricing

  • Salesforce has four pricing plans: Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited, which each offer different sets of features.
  • The Essentials package costs $25 per user per month.
  • The Unlimited package costs $300 per user per month.
  • Salesforce currently offers a 30-day free trial. However, this trial provides limited functionality compared to paid plans.

3. SugarCRM

SugarCRM is one of the best CRM for small sales team members. It provides a comprehensive view of your sales pipelines with the latest analytical features and executes multiple customer relationship management tasks. This CRM also has a much simpler learning curve than Salesforce. 

Your sales reps might benefit from SugarCRM because it centralizes customer profile information for sales enablement, allowing team members to learn more about prospects when moving them through their funnels. The platform also offers quote management, helping agents estimate the cost of your products and services based on customer profile information. 

SugarCRM Key Features for Sales Teams

  1. Sugar Reports generate insights into sales data, helping reps quickly identify sales opportunities. These data insights can manage existing customer relationships and allow reps to nurture new prospects interested in your offerings. 
  2. SugarCRM can also predict future outcomes in your business based on historical data. For example, learn when prospects are most likely to convert into customers and capitalize on these opportunities.
  3. You can customize SugarCRM according to your specific business needs. That means you can add or delete features that help sales reps rather than complicate the sales process with too many CRM functions. 
  4. SugarCRM's mobile app lets reps access customer and sales information from a mobile device. Team members can view this information remotely even if they don't have an internet connection. 
  5. This CRM for sales team tool supports more than 30 languages, making it a good choice for sales teams that want to nurture international prospects. The platform also provides multicurrency support. 

SugarCRM Pricing

  • SugarCRM offers four pricing plans: Sell, Serve, Enterprise, and Market.
  • Sell, the cheapest pricing plan, starts from $49 per user per month.
  • Market, the most expensive plan, starts from $1,000 per month for 10,000 contacts. 
  • SugarCRM currently offers a product demo that lets you try out key features for free.

4. HubSpot 

HubSpot is one of the world's most-used CRM systems. HubSpot also offers marketing automation, sales enablement, and campaign management products that help your organization engage with customers and drive revenue opportunities. HubSpot is one of the best CRM for sales teams because it allows reps to manage contact information, generate sales analytics, and capture high-value leads from contact lists. Many sales features are available through HubSpot Sales Hub — a part of its wider CRM platform.

One of the best HubSpot features is the ability to log sales activity automatically. You can track customer interactions during phone calls, meetings, and email conversations and add this information to the CRM without any manual work. 

HubSpot Key Features for Sales Teams

  1. HubSpot provides a 360-degree view of existing and prospective customers in your organization. You can access the most critical customer profile information from one screen, making it easier to drive sales during phone calls and email conversations.
  2. You can view your entire sales pipeline from one dashboard, removing the need for multiple sales tools. Reps can access information that propels sales activities and results in more conversions. For example, you can view scheduled appointments, deals, contracts, and performance insights in one location. 
  3. HubSpot's analytical capabilities are impressive, providing reps with real-time customer insights that improve engagement and optimize sales outcomes. Learn more about leads in sales funnels and identify high-value prospects for nurturing. 
  4. HubSpot's conversation intelligence features identify insights for more effective communications. This feature can result in more productive calls with prospects and encourage these potential customers to sign up for your products and services. 
  5. You can integrate this CRM for sales team products with major email providers and blend customer relationship management with email automation. Doing so will lead to more effective email marketing messages that target the right segments. 

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot's CRM software is free to use. You get up to 1 million contacts and no user or customer data limits for no cost. However, you will need to integrate Sales Hub with HubSpot CRM to access most of the sales features listed above. 

  • HubSpot Sales Hub has three pricing tiers: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.
  • Starter, the cheapest plan, starts at $45 per month for two users. Each additional user costs $23 per month.
  • Enterprise, the most expensive plan, starts at $1,200 per month for ten users. Each additional user costs $120 per month

5. ZohoCRM

ZohoCRM is a CRM for sales team members that also manages marketing and customer support. The platform can automatically update customer profile information using scripts, removing much of the manual work for reps in your enterprise. Zoho CRM has a relatively easy learning curve and a drag-and-drop user interface that will benefit sales teams. 

ZohoCRM automates many sales and customer relationship management tasks, such as engaging with leads and closing deals. It also integrates with Salesforce, allowing you to benefit from this CRM's features without grappling with its technical complexities. 

ZohoCRM Key Features for Sales Teams

  1. ZohoCRM integrates with major email providers, allowing reps to update customer profiles with information from email messages. Adopting this omnichannel approach to customer relationship management can result in more accurate sales enablement. 
  2. ZohoCRM generates data about customers and sales data through dashboards, heatmaps, and other visualizations. That lets you discover patterns in data and use these insights to fine-tune your sales campaigns.
  3. Use ZohoCRM advanced filters to search through customer profiles and find the most lucrative leads. By focusing on high-value leads, you can increase sales opportunities and optimize revenue in your organization.
  4. ZohoCRM forecasts sales trends based on historical and statistical data, providing actionable insights about the future. You can predict potential sales slumps or periods of high growth and use this information to make better organizational decisions. 
  5. Field and remote sales agents can use the ZohoCRM app to access customer profile information on their smartphones.

ZohoCRM Pricing

This CRM for sales teams has a simple pricing structure:

  • The platform costs $57 per user per month when billed annually and $69 per user per month when billed monthly. 
  • You can access all of ZohoCRM's features for this price.
  • ZohoCRM currently offers a 30-day free trial with no credit card required.

6. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is an easy-to-use CRM tool with a focus on sales activities. It has made it onto our list of the best CRM for small sales team products because it doesn't require extensive training. Pipedrive enables your reps to plan sales activities and track deals as they engage with customers in multiple pipelines, making it a good choice for both sales and customer relationship management. 

Pipedrive is an activity-based CRM for sales team tool, focusing on activities that sales reps perform daily. It streamlines tasks such as lead generation, allowing reps to concentrate on what they do best —selling products and services. 

Pipedrive Key Features for Sales Teams

  1. Pipedrive's Lead Booster add-on provides four lead generation tools that identify high-value leads for conversion. That helps agents score more sales opportunities and improve outcomes for your organization. 
  2. Customize Pipedrive based on your current sales pipelines and get more value from customer relationship management. You can add or remove features for sales teams with a few clicks of a button and access third-party extensions and add-ons.
  3. Identify winning patterns for deal closing with Pipedrive's extensive predictive analytics features rather than relying on spreadsheets for analysis. The CRM can forecast sales events in your business and help agents spend less time converting prospects into customers. 
  4. Pipedrive has security and privacy features that safeguard sensitive customer data. The platform can also improve data governance, helping you comply with regulations such as GDPR when processing and storing data.
  5. Pipedrive's mobile application allows field reps to access valuable customer information from a smartphone or mobile device. The app is available for Android and iOS devices. 

Pipedrive Pricing

  • Pipedrive has four pricing tiers: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise.
  • The Essentials plan costs $14.90 per user per month and offers 3,000 active deals, 30 custom fields, and 15 reports.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $99 per user per month and offers unlimited deals, fields, and reports. 
  • Pipedrive offers a free product demo, allowing you to try out the platform's features. 

7. Nutshell

Designed for growing businesses, Nutshell is one of the best CRM for small sales teams. It allows reps to access contacts, conversations, and customers quickly from a single system rather than using multiple platforms for customer relationship management. The platform is also easy to install and integrate into your organization without any help from IT professionals. 

Nutshell Key Features for Sales Teams

  1. Nutshell offers unlimited CRM contacts, unlimited storage, and no user caps on both of its pricing plans. You will pay the same price for your CRM as you scale your business. 
  2. Nutshell's email marketing automation tools help you engage with prospects via email for more sales opportunities. You can use the information in Nutshell to message customers and move them through your sales funnels. 
  3. Nutshell offers free support by phone, email, and live chat. You can contact a team member if you have an issue with the system or want to learn how to use a specific feature.
  4. View and track new leads with powerful analytical and sales forecasting features. Access information about prospective customers on dashboards, reports, and charts. 
  5. Nutshell lets you execute sales pipelines more effectively. You can reduce manual customer relationship management tasks and measure the impact of your sales activities in one single tool.

Nutshell Pricing

This CRM for sales teams has two pricing tiers:

  • Nutshell's basic plan costs $16 per user per month.
  • Nutshell Pro costs $42 per user per month. For that price, you get everything included in Nutshell's basic plan plus sales automation, personal email sequences, unlimited pipelines, sales quotas, sales activity quotas, unlimited in-app phone dialing and recording, and a full reporting suite. 
  • You can sign up for a free Nutshell trial. 

8. InfoFlo

If you are looking for a CRM for sales team professionals that integrates with Microsoft Outlook, InfoFlo might be your product. This CRM focuses on email marketing automation, one of the most critical processes for sales teams. 

InfoFlo Features for Sales Teams

  1. InfoFlo describes itself as the No.1 CRM system for Outlook. That's because it lets you sync all your Outlook contacts, categories, companies, calendar events, and emails for more effective customer relationship management. InfoFlo also integrates with Gmail.
  2. InfoFlo's mobile app lets you manage your sales pipeline when you're on the go and never miss the latest sales opportunities. This mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. 
  3. This CRM for sales team product is a good choice for contact management. The platform tracks and automatically links contact information to the right contact, providing reps with quick access to sales information.
  4. You can customize customer profiles in InfoFlo with a few mouse clicks. Add custom fields like drop-down menus, text fields, date fields, and checkboxes to contacts, companies, and projects.
  5. View recent sales opportunities and other data in a single dashboard view, simplifying data analysis in your business. You can then drill down this information by finding specific user activity by month, quarter, or year. 

InfoFlo Pricing

InfoFlo offers both on-premise and cloud-based CRM software.

  • InfoFlo's on-premise CRM solution costs $99 per user per month for basic features like custom fields, contact management, and task management. You can then pay $79 for each additional add-on you require. Add-ons include advanced search, advanced permissions, and email templates for better email marketing. 
  • InfoFlo's cloud-based CRM costs either $30 per user per month for basic features and three free add-ons (Cloud Starter) or $35 per user per month for basic features and five free add-ons. 
  • InfoFlo currently offers a free 30-day trial.

9. Capsule

Capsule is a CRM for sales team professionals that allows you to see the bigger picture when making sales-based decisions. This CRM collects critical data for sales conversations, such as contact information, previous interactions, and customer histories. That makes it easier to nurture prospects and convert them into customers. 

Capsule Key Features for Sales Teams

  1. One of the CRM must haves for small team members is advanced contact management, which makes life simple for reps when accessing the information needed for successful sales outcomes. Capsule's contact management features allow teams to search for relevant information for lead generation and nurturing and expand their activities with custom fields. 
  2. Capsule integrates with Xero, Mailchimp, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and other third-party applications. 
  3. Track every aspect of your sales cycle with Capsule's in-depth analytics. You can view information about customers and make more informed sales decisions. 
  4. Improve scheduling in your business by setting up meetings, appointments, and phone calls within the Capsule system.
  5. Manage sales and services more effectively with Capsule's in-built project management capabilities. 

Capsule Pricing

  • Capsule has three pricing plans: Professional, Teams, and Enterprise
  • Enterprise, the cheapest plan, costs $18 per user per month.
  • Professional, the most expensive plan, costs $54 per user per month.
  • Capsule currently offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. 

10. Agile CRM

Agile CRM makes this list of the best CRM for sales team products because it integrates with various telephony products, making it a good choice for call center environments. The CRM also offers advanced contact management solutions that help agents find relevant information for outbound phone calls with prospective customers. 

Agile CRM Key Features for Sales Teams

  1. Integrating Agile CRM with telephony products can improve call center processes and result in more sales. Agile CRM features include one-click calling, voicemail automation, and call scripts.
  2. You can track sales milestones and other information with Agile CRM's range of analytical features. View your latest sales data on dashboards, reports, and other visualizations.
  3. Improve appointment scheduling by sharing your calendar online and automate invites and follow-up meetings.
  4. Drag-and-drop task lists can improve project management objectives in your organization. 
  5. Improve other business processes with 500 in-built apps on this CRM for sales team tool. Use these apps to optimize marketing, productivity, HR, and customer support. 

Agile CRM Pricing

  • Agile CRM has a free version of its CRM software that includes 50,000 contacts and companies. However, you will need to upgrade to a paid-for plan if you require sales features such as email campaigns and contact-level analytics.
  • Agile CRM's Starter plan costs $8.99 per user per month.
  • Enterprise, the most expensive plan, costs $47.99 per user per month.


The ten CRM products on this list all provide sales features and capabilities for your enterprise. These systems can help reps move prospects through their sales funnels, generate sales analytics for better decision-making, improve the customer experience, and manage contact information more effectively. 

Choosing a tool from the list above will depend on your business budget and CRM skills. Some CRM systems are more expensive than others, while platforms like Salesforce require a steep learning curve and lots of training. Also, consider the size of your enterprise. Tools liKe Nutshell are better suited to startups and small businesses, but other platforms will benefit larger companies with advanced contact management and sales needs. However, some CRMs such as FiveCRM are great for all-sized businesses, meaning your CRM can grow with you as your business grows and your needs change. 

How FiveCRM Can Help Sales Teams

If you are looking for the best overall CRM for sales team professionals for 2022, FiveCRM is a good fit. It caters to businesses of all sizes that carry out telemarketing and other inbound and outbound call center operations, helping agents locate the information required for more effective communications. FiveCRM also offers advanced analytics, lead scoring, lead generation, pipeline management, access to a support team, a user-friendly interface, and other valuable features for sales and marketing teams. 

FiveCRM is the only CRM designed for telemarketing. Sign up for a demo by emailing hello@fivecrm.com, or get FiveCRM now. 


Q: Can these CRM tools be customized to fit specific business requirements?

A: Yes, most of these CRM tools offer customization options to fit specific business requirements. They allow businesses to customize fields, workflows, automation rules, and other aspects of the CRM system to align with their sales processes and unique business needs.

Q: Are these CRM tools suitable for both small and large sales teams?

A: Yes, these CRM tools are suitable for both small and large sales teams. They are designed to be scalable and flexible, accommodating the needs of businesses of various sizes. Some CRM tools offer tiered pricing plans, allowing businesses to choose a package that suits their team size and requirements.

Q: Do these CRM tools offer free versions or trial periods?

A: Some of these CRM tools offer free versions or trial periods with limited features. This allows businesses to explore the software, experience its functionalities, and determine if it aligns with their requirements before making a purchasing decision. It is recommended to visit each CRM provider's website to learn about the availability and terms of their free versions or trial periods.

Q: Can these CRM tools integrate with other business applications?

A: Yes, these CRM tools offer integration capabilities with other business applications. They allow businesses to connect their CRM system with tools such as email marketing platforms, customer support systems, and project management software. This integration enhances workflow efficiency and provides a seamless experience across different business functions.

Q: Do these CRM tools provide mobile applications?

A: Yes, most of these CRM tools provide mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. These mobile apps enable sales teams to access their CRM data, manage leads and contacts, update information, and track sales activities on the go. This mobility enhances productivity and flexibility, allowing sales teams to stay connected even outside the office.

Q: How can I learn more about each CRM tool and make an informed decision?

A: To learn more about each CRM tool, it is recommended to visit the respective CRM provider's website. There you can find detailed information about their features, pricing plans, customer testimonials, and other relevant resources. Additionally, you can explore online reviews, comparisons, and industry reports to gather more insights and make an informed decision based on your specific business needs.

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