3 Emails Sales Teams Should Never Send Over The Weekend

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3 Emails Sales Teams Should Never Send Over The Weekend

When reaching out to your prospects and trying to close a deal, there are some things that you should and shouldn't do. You would avoid calling your prospects outside of work hours, therefore the weekends should be no different.

When you start disturbing people outside of the time that they are working, they wouldn't take you seriously and will also find it as an excuse to not work with you. To them you will come off as a person who isn't efficient at handling their time though the work week and now needs to catch up on their work over the weekend.

While there are some appropriate times you can email your prospects over the weekend, here are 3 instances where you should absolutely avoid it.

Emails answering important questions

When you need an urgent answer on something from a prospect or need to explore a new option, asking them over the weekend is one of the worst things you can probably do. If you need to know something like, "What's the status on the new report?" Or "Can we check on whether the new client is free on Monday?" it can be tough to answer specially when the prospect isn't in the office.

If you want to get answers to such queries, it may be easier for them to have the necessary information handy and that's only available in the office. Instead, send such emails on Monday instead of the prospect having to trudge through their weekend emails to find yours and get back to you late.

Advancing an opportunity

It isn't a good idea to email a prospect over the weekend if you want to advance your deal with them. If you're looking for an immediate answer, then the weekend is not the right time to ask the questions. In this scenario, you will most probably receive a late reply claiming the prospect isn't available to read emails over the weekend, and find a way to get out of the deal easily.

To avoid delay, email them during office hours so they can get back to you directly and there isn't a delay or excuse in completing your deal with the prospect.

Prospecting emails

If your prospect receives an email early morning on Sunday, there's only one thing going on in their mind - that you aren't even successful enough to enjoy your weekend, so why should they work with an ineffectual sales rep?

Allow your prospects to view you with respect and only then will they give you the needed attention to complete the deal. If you feel that the weekend means your prospect will have more time to respond to you, then that's never the case.

So, when should you email prospects over the weekend?

Organic emails

Being a sales rep is all about creating a bond with your client, so sometimes it isn't a bad idea to send an organic or inspirational email to them. Lets say your prospect is travelling to Europe and you find some very informative video regarding their travels - by all means send it across!

This will let them know they are on your mind, and since this isn't something they need to answer or think about, they will simply be happy to know you cared.

It's your mistake

Sales reps are humans too and often make mistakes. If you've missed asking your prospect something in time and need to know urgently, then you just have to email them. But do so humbly and accepting your mistake. Make sure to apologise for disturbing them and explain the situation, and only then ask your question.

The relationship between a sales rep and their prospect is very delicate and even the slightest of mistake can ruin the balance. Make sure to communicate with them the right way to also close deals and create relations.

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