8 Email Automation Trends In 2021

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Marketing strategies by nature need to be flexible and can change instantly. With the industry evolving at such a fast pace, companies need to incorporate new and innovative strategies to stay on top of the latest trends.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on not just companies but email marketing strategies as well. Though, the good news is that it is also making a seemingly fast recovery. With a new outlook towards digital channels, email marketing has now gained newfound recognition. Businesses are actively making use of email marketing programs to reach out to new and old customers as a way for effective communication and interaction.

Customers make use of social media for interacting with the brands they like and follow. Even so, research shows that more than 60% of customers still prefer being contacted via email. This only goes to show that email marketing is one of the biggest opportunities for businesses.

Why use email automation tools?

Companies of all sizes have increased their usage of automation tools for handling various aspects of their business. Such solutions are also available for email marketing and provide reps with intelligent features that help in creating strategic campaigns as well as offers list building and in-depth analytics.

It is no secret that the current generation is very tech-savvy and as consumers know exactly what they want. With easy access to social media, they can give opinions about brands and create discussions. This is the main reason why companies need to meet the consumers where they are - on digital channels such as social media and email.

Reaching out to customers on the right platforms allows brands to connect with them and cater to their specific needs. Almost everyone these days uses mobile phones so communication is very instant. Creating personalised and mobile-optimised content has become the need of the hour if you want to ensure consumers stay interested in your brand.

Furthermore, no amount of data collection can help unless you have the right way to quantify and analyse it. Businesses need to take precise data-driven steps to make improvements. Having the exact metrics and information can help businesses stay ahead of their competition and keep pushing limits.

Thankfully, email automation is the answer to such concerns.

Automation, perhaps, is the biggest trend to follow when it comes to email marketing. Using such a comprehensive marketing tool can help enhance the performance of your email campaigns. Email automation tools come with all the solutions needed for you to provide an enriched customer experience. This all-encompassing automation solution increases efficiency and reduces the time used on repetitive manual tasks.

Using first-class email marketing integrations, you will get features such as social CRM, web optimisation, analytics, customer service help desk, and more. These email automation tools are especially useful for companies that have a large customer base, as it offers a holistic approach incorporated all in a single platform.

Top email automation trends to follow this year

1. Email drip campaigns with automation

Research shows that automated emails have a 119% higher click rate than normal broadcast emails.

Automated email drip campaigns are definitely a more powerful tool when it comes to effectively getting in touch with prospects and customers. Their number one aspect that works is that they are sent just at the right times and just when the customer needs it.

2. Super-personalised email campaigns

Email automation tools can help businesses get the right marketing analytics and create email campaigns that are super-personalised. Customisation at its best can help brands connect and resonate with their customers.

Intelligent analytical software used with automation tools will allow companies to delve deeper into customer behaviour and get the required data. It will also allow you to differentiate between common customer groups and then accordingly offer customised content. This segmentation feature that email automation provides is the best way to send relevant and targeted emails.

3. Automation with AI incorporation

AI-based technology is being used in almost every vertical of business. With its rise, email automation too can leverage the big data boom that AI can incorporate along with the Internet of Things. The collection of insightful and intelligent data on different digital platforms is a big step towards successful email campaigns as well.

What works even better is realising the importance of how to use this data in order to gain an edge over your competition. AI-based features can help businesses in predicting sales, annual revenue, customer behaviour, factors influencing purchase decisions, and a lot more.

4. Content is still powerful

Content is an evergreen part of any marketing channel, and thus nothing can substitute great content in email marketing as well. Without having a powerful write-up as part of your email, no number of techniques will perform optimally. Therefore, it is time to invest in email automation tools that helps in the easy production of resonating content.

5. Automated email list cleaning

Without a clean and well-maintained email list, it is very difficult to get leads that are the right fit for your business. Using effective and advanced email list cleaning techniques along with email automation tools has become an increasing need for pursuing higher quality lead lists.

Businesses have now realised that having a long list of leads is not enough - what is important is the quality of those leads and how they match your criteria. Capturing these from different sources and via various techniques can lead to your data being incorrect, missing, or not in the right format. Having invalid email IDs in your lead list will also greatly affect your open rate and click-through rate.

6. Interactive emails

Social media has made it very easy for consumers to connect with their favourite brands and understand them on a personal level. This is why it is important for companies to engage and interact with their customers and prospects appropriately via email as well.

For this very reason, more and more businesses have started using interactive elements in their emails. Attractive and easy to access elements can help in getting more attention from customers and can even increase click-through rates. Interactive emails increase engagement and help in establishing better relationships with customers.

7. Omnichannel marketing

Companies are now starting to integrate an omnichannel approach in marketing and using different platforms for their strategies. This helps in improved lead nurturing and provides companies a way to connect with prospects and customers from various directions. It is also a way to get your desired outcome and effectively target customers by grabbing their attention in the right way.

8. Privacy matters

With privacy being the need of the hour, email marketing is going to evolve with a lot more new and efficient email automation tools that focus on improving data security.

Protecting customer information as well as encrypting confidential data using intelligent technologies is needed for gathering important customer data. It is then used for marketing purposes, and businesses have come to realise that they also need to take the appropriate steps to preserve this data and not let it get misused.

Recent research shows that email marketing is the highest ROI generator of all marketing strategies. It creates an ROI of 4200%, which is $42 for every $1 spent on automation tools.

Thus, there is no surprise that most businesses are now pivoting their marketing budgets towards email automation tools as well. Making sure you incorporate the above trends into your strategies can greatly help increase the efficiency and success of your endeavours.

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