Re-engage With Dead Leads Using Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a challenging aspect of every business - there's no doubt about that but what is even more difficult to understand is why certain leads and prospects aren't responding to your emails no matter how many times you get in touch with them.

Dead leads are a problem for even the most enthusiastic marketers and it can get frustrating to reach out to them. While some reps think dead leads are best left alone, others are of the opinion that there is a better way to nurture them and get the conversation started again. Reengaging with a dead lead is possible if you use an approach that gets them interested again. Make them curious about your products and services and help them understand why they need you.

Why are your emails not being opened?

There are various reasons for receivers to ignore or delete your emails especially when they don't seem relevant to them. Many times, it is a simple case of things not being at the right place at the right time, but make sure it isn't one of the following issues marring your email marketing strategy.

High frequency of emails -

Sending too many emails too soon can overwhelm your receiver as some people may need more time to respond to your last one. Bombarding them with more can be too pushy and thus understanding what is the correct frequency of emails is important. Ideally, once should not send a scheduled email less than a week apart.

No optimisation for mobiles -

Most people now use their mobile phones to check and respond to the emails they receive. With this rampant use, it is only logical to meet customers where they are and create emails that are optimised for mobile reading. Designing and presenting your emails in this format will allow the readers to easily read your content in the required format and not scroll from left to right just to read the complete sentence.

Subject lines look like clickbait -

Emailing marketing is being used by almost every business in the world, which is why prospects and customers have become saturated with the same tactics. Your subject line should not seem gimmicky or like clickbait as that seems like a marketing pitch and can put off some receivers.

Instead, choose to write subject lines that are informal and value-adding, but also encompassing the gist of your email's subject. Keep it catchy but make sure to not sound like a sales letter or there is a low chance it will be opened.

Complicated designing -

Emails need to have the correct balance between text and graphics for readers to instantly understand the message you want to send. When sending out your next email, make sure you pay attention to detail when it comes to how the whole email is designed and how the content is added to that format.

A simple text email cannot do the trick any more as consumers are used to receiving dynamic emails that encapsulate the essence of the subject and business. The text needs to be organised in a way that the main headlines, CTA, and the main content are highlighted and not hidden behind bold graphics.

The design of the email in itself needs to be simple but attractive. Having too many elements or colours can be overwhelming and baffle the reader, distracting them from the main message. Also, keep in mind the font and size you use so that it fits well and you can create an overall visually perfect email that is balanced and stands out.

Sending irrelevant information -

When sending an email, it is very important to understand the reason for it and what information you want to impart to the reader. Randomly sending emails with no strategic understanding or relevance can impact your marketing campaign negatively as repetitive or irrelevant content adds no value to the reader. On the other hand, sending targeted and customised content via emails is what helps in getting the prospect's attention.

Repetitive content that adds no value will eventually not deliver any results and the readers may just unsubscribe or report spam. It is necessary to only send emails that address particular issues of the industry or company, or any other value-adding content. This way the reader will be more inclined to go through the email and not delete it instantly.

What is the solution to this?

If you are facing some of the above challenges, here are the best ways to try and re-engage with dead leads effectively.

Segment your audience -

"One size fits all" isn't something that can be applied to email marketing and reps need to segment customers into different groups. Creating this separation based on specific needs and requirements allows marketers to send targeted emails and information, instead of a generic email for all.

By segmenting your audience, you will also be able to design a separate email for each group and only send them information that is pertinent to them. This allows for targeted marketing and more open and click-through rates.

Rewards and offers -

Rewards, offers, and discounts are always exciting for customers or prospects and can get them to open your emails if there is something worth their time there. For instance, you can send a quick survey on the completion of which they can avail discounts on your products or services or even offer points for referrals.

Sending out feedback forms and surveys will also allow you to understand what the customers are looking for and where you are lacking to meet their interests. Welcome their feedback and implement it, as well as create trust with customers along the way.

Create loyalty -

Make your prospects and customers feel like they are a part of your company and community as that helps in fostering loyalty. For instance, sending a welcome email when someone signs up for a newsletter or purchases a product or service from you can help create a sense of being connected.

Past purchase history -

Going through a customer's past purchase history can provide a lot of insight into what their interests are. Marketers can better understand what their email receivers are looking for and accordingly send across relevant content that may intrigue them further. This information is also very helpful for customer segmentation as well as dissemination of emails.

A/B testing -

Understanding how your email marketing campaigns are doing is a great way to alter and improve them. By keeping track of these metrics you can easily check what works and what doesn't when it comes to sending emails to your prospects and customers. It will also help reps understand and identify why certain leads are inactive and successfully engage with them again.

The above methods can help you easily understand what you are doing wrong with your email marketing campaigns as well as how you can optimise them for the best results. Reenergise your strategy and get a fresh start on conversing with dead leads by employing these simple points.

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