Over-used phrases to remove from your sales emails right now!

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Sales emails are all about getting through to your potential customer and standing out from other companies in their inbox. We all have a set way of writing emails, but overused and cliched phrases and lines can make you seem too generic. While not the worst sin to commit when sending out a sales email, overly used phrases make sales reps seem boring and repetitive, lacking creativity.

In this new age of technology, customers have evolved and they look forward to a creative spark in sales emails for them to really get interested. Improve your response rate and lead conversion with simple and effective changes you can make in your next sales email!

Try to avoid these common phrases and try these alternate suggestions instead.

1. "Sorry for getting back to you so late"

Let's face it, not many people have time to reply to emails right away and are constantly responding with this phrase. Not only does this make you look remorseful, but also sheds light on the fact that you didn't get back to your prospect when you said you would.

Instead, write about this in a more positive light, saying:

"I have given some thought to our last conversation and wanted to update you..."
"Thank you for your patience..."

2. "I hope all is well with you"

Commonly used as a way to open an email, this is a go to for most people as it is polite and works as a buffer before you ask your prospect a favour. Unfortunately, this cliched line usually comes off as a formality and doesn't actually show concern.

Instead try to get straight to the point and not beat around the bush. Being straightforward is a good idea and you can lead your email with:

"I am writing to you today because..."
"Our mutual friend (name) suggested you might be interested in..."

3. "Thanking you in advance"

While sent with good intentions, sales reps don't realize how binding this statement may seem to their prospect. Thanking them for a favour in advance makes it seem like they don't have a choice and that you have taken it for granted that they will do what you have asked of them.

Instead thank them in a less binding way, with:

"Thank you for the time you have given me..."
"I appreciate any help that you can offer..."

4. "As per our previous discussion"

Even though most sales reps use this phrase as a friendly reminder of the previous conversation they had with their prospect, it usually comes off as passive-aggressive. It makes it seem like you don't trust the prospect to actually remember.

It is a better idea to get right to the point and simply write about what you discussed, because even if they don't remember it, they wouldn't have to ask you about it again. Use:

"In response to your question about..."
"I am writing in to discuss further about..."

5. "Regards"

Signing off the email is just as important as its beginning, and you must make it memorable. While a simple "best" or "regards" is not wrong, it is also very impersonal. Make it memorable and personal, so the prospect feels like replying to you.

Try to end with something that relates to them personally at the moment, by saying:

"I wish you luck for your upcoming event..."
"Look forward to knowing more about your..."

These simple changes in your everyday emails can definitely help you maximise your conversations and get prospects interested in what you have to say. Replace overused phrases for more personalised and meaningful emails, which may take longer to compose but will definitely help increase your response rate in the long run!

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