7 Steps To Creating An Engaging Email Template

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Emails are a great form of communication for companies to generate brand exposure and to generate awareness about their products/services. Sending out informative emails lets companies reach a wider target audience, and also allows them keep in constant touch with their contact list, while dispensing important and new information about the company as well.

When sending out emails, make sure that you are in contact with the right people. By segmenting down who to send emails to depending on contact history and interests you can boost your engagements & open rate. Having an attractive email template can also assist with the success of your email campaign, as it can help you with conveying over information in the best manner. Here's how to create an engaging email template that stands out and helps boost user engagement.


Engaging email content

The best way to create an engaging email template is to have engaging content to go with it. Make sure that all the information you put into your emails is relevant to the reader, and will add value to their lives.

View it from the perspective of the person receiving your email, and then write it around that because you may feel that the information you are putting in is important, but it may not help the customers at all. Another way to keep the readers engaged is to have CTA's which link to relevant sources so that the reader can head to the link if they are interested.

Short and simple

Keep away from unnecessary words that will elongate the text, instead opt for a clear and concise way of writing. A cluttered email with too much text can be off-putting, and readers these days don't have the time to read each and every line.

Incase you feel you have a lot to say about a certain topic, it would be a good idea to break it up and send separate emails for it, perhaps even creating an email series around the topic. This way, if the reader is interested in the topic, they will look forward to receiving the next email on that subject.

Prioritize the information

When talking about multiple points within an email, it is good to break it up into different sections, with headings and subheadings. On average, a recipient of emails takes about 15-20 seconds to scan through its content. To play this to your advantage you should have headings that help prioritize the content you have written by having bold text.

Another way is to place it in such a way that the most important sections come on top and then the rest follows. That way you can have the maximum impact and ensure that what you want to convey is conveyed easily to the recipient.

Design and layout

Design a template for the email based around the subject of the content and the kind of business you do. There are many basic templates available for free for you to choose from, but for a unique and new layout, creating one from scratch is a good idea. This will also help you base your layout and design around the content instead of it being the other way round.

Choose an attractive layout not just for the template, but for the content as well. Well-placed text is easier to read and will make the email look more polished.

If you are just starting out, experiment with the first few email templates and see what is getting the best response from your readers. Once this has been determined you can stick to it, as this will also help in creating uniformity and help you in creating a high conversion email template.

Brand Identity

Make sure to include your company logo in every email as that will help the reader knowing where it is from. This creates brand awareness in case you are relatively new, or helps readers get attracted to your emails if they already know your brand.

Font style

No email is going to be useful if the font isn't readable. It's important to choose fonts that are easy to read and don't look comical or clumsy. It can prove beneficial to pick 2 to 3 font styles and place them appropriately to create distinction and readability.

Adjust the size of the font as well because keep in mind that it will be read on smartphones as well as on laptops. You can even choose different colors for different sections of the email to create distinction, and make headings bold to help them stand out.


Whether you want your recipient to buy, register or follow your company, create a stimulating CTA in every email so the reader is compelled to take the next step and click on the link. Ensure that it is attractive and easy to find, and is written in a short and concise manner, without it being too much like a 'sales pitch'.


Engaging email templates can help companies in creating a way for customers to stay connected and informed, and help in increasing the number of people who want to purchase from them. Apart from brand awareness, a good email will also help you establish yourself as experts in the industry.

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