Optimise your website for lead generation

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In this article, you'll learn about various strategies to optimize your website for lead generation, from creating clear CTAs to integrating live chat features. By following these steps, you can increase the chances of converting website visitors into valuable leads.

Key Takeaways:

  • Optimize high-traffic pages and keep a basic CTA on the homepage.
  • Make the lead generation process more efficient by improving CTAs, landing pages, and thank-you pages.
  • Personalize CTAs and implement live chat integration.
  • Utilize blog posts and e-books for lead generation.
  • Test your CTAs to ensure optimal performance.

Your website is one of the best ways to generate new leads, but doing so requires a lot more planning than simply placing a 'Click Here' button. Instead, marketers with the help of website designers need to create a well-designed website where the Call-To-Action or CTA is clear.

The lead generation process consists of a website visitor clicking on the CTA from a web page or blog and going to a well-created landing page that allows them to submit some personal details such as name and contact details in a form. They are then led to a "thank you" page and the process ends with you getting details on a new lead.

Once you've understood the basics of how this works, you need to next look at ways to properly optimise your website. Here are some effective ways to help you generate more leads through your website!

Table of Contents

Optimise pages that already get traffic

Before you start changing things up, look at the pages on your website that are already getting traffic and start optimising them. Use an analytical tool to help search for the pages that already get the most traffic and from where that traffic is coming.

Make sure that the content on these most visited pages is engaging and pushes the reader to take the next step towards becoming your lead. Update the pages and add longer-form content to them.

By analysing these pages you can also compare ones that aren't doing so well to pages that are and make the right improvements. Make sure to analyse points such as visits to the landing page, CTA clicks, as well as "thank you" page shares to see which are doing the best and make more pages similar to them.

Keep a basic CTA on the home page

Don't bombard your readers with multiple CTAs when they go to your website's home page or direct them to a heavy content page. Instead, create something basic since your home page sits at the top of your marketing funnel.

A 'Subscribe to us' or 'Try our services for free' Call-To-Action is a great initial step. Both require the visitor to submit their name and contact details and allows prospective leads to find out more without investing time or money. This, in turn, allows companies to capture prospects who are interested in their products or services.

Make your lead generation process more efficient

Make the three important aspects of your lead generation process on the website more efficient - the CTA, the landing pages, and the thank-you pages. Optimise the conversion path by making sure the website visitors get what they were looking for.

For instance, if the visitor searched for 'house painting solutions' and reached your blog regarding the same, there is no point offering them a deal on lawnmowers. Instead, it would be more beneficial to offer them a deal on 'house painting supplies' as there is a bigger chance of the visitor clicking on the second CTA.

The Call-To-Action (CTA) should pop out on the page, be simple and stand out from the rest of the page's content. When it comes to landing pages, the more the better. Research shows that having over 30 landing pages generated way more leads than websites with only 5 or 6 landing pages.

Don't forget that thank-you pages are also an important aspect, sometimes more than landing pages even. Once your prospect submits the form after clicking on the CTA, lead them to a thank-you page where they will find a link to download the promised information (such as an e-book or white paper). You can even include a form to another offer on this page or add sharing button for social media websites so the prospect can tell their friends about their new download.

Sending out a thank-you email is another great way to reach out to your lead once you've received their information through the form they filled. It helps increase engagement rates and provides companies an opportunity to send more specific CTAs in the email as well.

Make your CTAs personal

You have to do everything to capture your prospect's attention and stay ahead of your competition. This is why creating personalised CTAs using a Content Management Software, can help convert more leads. In fact, research shows that personalised CTAs converted 42% more website visitors than generic ones.

Keeping that in mind, it is important to have dynamic content as well as on-page personalisation for your website pages. Readers who see that the website remembers this isn't the first time they are visiting and tailors the content based on their name, previous browsing and purchase history and such, are more likely to stay around.

Live chat integration

Using Live Chat on your website is a leading way of generating leads and has now become a requirement for all. This is not just because of the advancement in this live chat technology, but also the fact that website users now expect to have this facility.

It is best to add live chat assistants to pages that see a lot of traffic or pages that get a lot of queries and questions. With the use of live chat, companies can get an instant understanding of the prospect's product needs, while helping them out at the same time.

Use the power of your blogs and e-books

Blog posts are a great way to get new prospects to your website. Most people searching for an answer on Google will land upon your blog that offers the advice they need. Here, you have the opportunity to generate leads by offering a free e-book to your blog readers.

Offer a free e-book to readers who are interested in knowing more about the topic they just read about. Prospects can get this free product by simply filling out a form, allowing you to get the details you need, and the prospect gets something of value as well.

Always test your CTAs

Your click-through rates can definitely increase if you apply A/B testing to your CTAs. Test them for the correct format, wording, images, layout, landing page, and how they are performing overall. You can then according adjusting them to do better if needed.

Companies depend on leads to get ahead in the business as without them no sale can be closed. To make sure you are properly taking advantage of every aspect of your business that generates leads, optimise your website pages to maximise your efforts. Use the tips above to not let any website visitor slip away!

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