How To Get And Implement Customer Feedback

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Feedback is the backbone for businesses when it comes to succeeding and meeting customer expectations. It is an essential tool that can be collected in numerous ways and then implemented to better your brand and increase customer retention as well as profits. It can help you find out what is working for your company and what needs to be changed in order to truly satisfy your target audience.

Customer feedback can be collected actively or passively with many kinds of different methods and companies should deploy more than one to collect, analyse, and implement the right data. This will allow you to effectively compile and access the information when needed.

Here are some of the best ways to collect quality customer feedback that can help.

Social media

Social media is a boon for businesses these days as it has made reaching and communicating with customers extremely easy. It offers several benefits for marketers as they can use these platforms to ask for customer feedback. They can reach them through personal messaging, taking online polls, request short surveys, or simply let your customers know you're looking for feedback.

Instagram and Facebook offer several interactive features such as fun polls and questionnaires that can be conducted quickly. They are not just interesting but also easy to participate in, allowing you to get different opinions from all around the world.

Another advantage that social media offers is that you can easily search for feedback, positive or negative, that customers may have left on different pages or accounts. You can easily do this by searching for mentions about your products and brand.

Live chat feature

The live chat feature is a window pop up on websites that automatically shows up when you start browsing. The main purpose of this is so customers can instantly ask their queries or questions without having to write an email or make a phone call.

While having a live chat with your customers, make sure you pay attention to any unsolicited feedback they may give. You can directly ask for feedback once the query has been solved or even add an automatic prompt after the chat has ended that asks the customer to rate the service, website, products, and more.

Surveys and questionnaires

Conducting a survey or questionnaire is a great way to collect feedback from customers as it allows you to ask targeted questions. As opposed to receiving general feedback that offers an overview, the results of a survey will allow you to ask specific questions about various aspects of your brand, products, services, the customer's level of satisfaction, and much more.

Even a brief set of questions can help you collect the right data and ensure you are able to implement the feedback effectively. When you ask pointed questions, you also allow for more honest feedback from your customers. Another aspect for getting truthful and accurate feedback is allowing them to answer anonymously as some people may be hesitant about giving negative feedback with their name displayed.

The best way to do this is by creating your own set of questions so that they are as specific as they can be. But if you need help, there are several online websites and resources that offer free templates to help you frame the right questions.

Email communication

Reach out to customers who have recently made a purchase from your company by sending an email. After they have used your product or service for a certain period of time, asking them for feedback regarding their experience with the company and the products is a great way to get raw feedback.

Many customers often don't get in touch with the company or think to give feedback unless they have a complaint or problem with the product. Make sure that you reach out to those kinds of clients by emailing them and asking for their opinion and review.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Using a Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a great way to get a more objective perspective on how well your brand is faring with customers. It allows you to get directly measurable data by asking specific questions that the customers can answer by scoring on a scale of 0 to 10.

This kind of measurable data can be requested on a regular basis from customers so that you can find the right trends that work for you. Since it barely takes a minute to complete, customers also wouldn't mind completing them from time to time.

Ask your customers

When asking for feedback, don't forget the traditional way of communicating with customers - face to face! Make sure to speak to your customers in person when you get the chance as talking to them directly can help you better gauge and understand their concerns or positive feedback.

Talking in person also opens up more opportunities for cross selling as you can not only find out how the current product is working for them, but also let them know about other effective solutions to further help them. Take advantage of these individual interactions and create a better inter-personal relationship as well so customers find it easier to share feedback with you.

Don't forget the negative

While we all like to hear praises, just hearing the good and not the bad wouldn't help a brand succeed. When asking for feedback through any channel, make sure you ask for every kind of opinion your customers may have. Ensure they understand how feedback helps your company do better and elevate their overall experience.

This will also show people that you truly care about what your customers think about you and are trying your best to take it into consideration and implement it where possible.

Use a CRM to manage the customer feedback you receive

Once you've collected all the customer feedback necessary through these different sources, what should you do with it?

Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can help your business effectively collect, store, compute, and analyse all the data you acquire. Feedback from each customer is stored with their other data to help sales and marketing reps have all the relevant and required information at hand for any future interactions.

This is great for having relevant conversations with your customers and starting right where you left off in your last call, email, or message exchange. Knowing their likes and dislikes about your services, products, and brand is a big boon when making recommendations for other relevant products.

FIVE CRM is one such solution that will not only provide your business with a seamless process to handle and implement customer feedback, but also allow you to automate several processes. Make sure your sales, marketing, and service capabilities are at par or even better than competitors with our all-in-one solution.

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