FIVE CRM: Helping Small Businesses Flourish

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Running a small business can be exhilarating. Nothing can compare to landing that new big client or the satisfaction of a project well done.

However, being in business can be quite stressful too. For every few steps forward, there can be a disheartening step back now and again. Too many tasks and not enough people; late payments, the cooling of once hot leads, and the stresses of general everyday running can be a heavy load for a small team to bear - especially if you're only a team of one!

Though we can't help you with all of the problems that small businesses face (though we wish we could), our CRM platform with in-built sales and marketing applications can assist with all kinds of customer relationship concerns. You can manage client interactions, keep tabs on marketing campaigns and client preferences, detangle processes, communicate with your team, delegate more effectively, and streamline your operations all through our intuitive CRM tools. This way you can keep your staff happy and productive, and your clients satisfied.

The Struggles of Small Businesses

We fully understand the pressures of running a small business; we've dealt with organisations of all sizes since our inception in 1991 - when we were a small business ourselves! We've seen it all; the exponentially growing to-do lists, multiple disparate roles carried out by each team member, and everyone knuckling down and getting their hands dirty to get a job done - from directors to juniors. These time-poor, growing businesses require a unique extra level of organisational support.

Regardless of whether you're a freelancer, a consultant, a small firm, or a growing team - if you have a database of clients that you need to keep on file and contact regularly, you'll most likely benefit from using a CRM platform.

What's a CRM?

If you're unfamiliar with what a CRM system does, the term stands for "Customer Relationship Management" software, and on a very basic level these platforms act as an integrated database that contains all of your customers' and prospects' contact details. Most crucially, CRM platforms record a history of communications between each contact and your company, allowing you to see interactions between the both of you from the very inception of your relationship. Our CRM solution, FIVE CRM, is flexible enough to suit a wide range of needs on top of basic client database functions - because we know that no two businesses are exactly the same.

FIVE CRM's unique integrated platforms build on the core CRM concept and add a number of useful sales, marketing and reporting features. Whether you deal with B2B or B2C operations, CRMs can help you keep tabs on your clients and prospects, and FIVE CRM is already used by thousands of small businesses around the world.

How CRM Systems Can Help Small Businesses

Working in a small business can be quite manic, especially as a company is growing. CRMs and the reporting prospects that they provide help to eliminate the prospect of "firefighting" against reactive situations and allow management to take a more proactive approach with meaningful goals in mind.

CRM systems are invaluable to small businesses who may be struggling along with outdated paper systems, disparate collections of data, and having to pull separate information and formats together in order to run any kind of meaningful reporting. This kind of menial, manual syncing can be time-consuming and morale-sapping, but when all of your sales information, order records, marketing responses and customer information is dealt with through one platform; running crucial reports and collating vital data can be carried out with ease.

When you have a client on the phone asking for an urgent update, looking through older computerised database systems or even paper files can be an exasperating experience for the customer waiting on the line, and for the member of staff taking the call. With CRM software, the trouble of looking through outdated systems is potentially eradicated - every known contact's details are available quickly with a simple search.

We Understand

It's with this in mind that we present FIVE CRM as an excellent solution for small business customer relationship management, calling solutions and marketing automation.

Our unique, feature-packed CRM platform provides a range of features designed to support businesses of all sizes. FIVE CRM separates into five individual, yet intercompatible platforms:

    • DigitalPro CRM - Bridge the gaps between your teams with a feature-rich, CRM-driven platform that allows you to follow each client's journey from the beginning. Includes real-time website usage statistics and a wealth of customer service tools.

    • CallPro CRM - An intuitive telemarketing tool which can be easily integrated with a number of phone and VOIP systems to manage outbound calling functionality and run reports on call efficiency, whilst keeping basic database functionality and customer relationship management at its core.

    • ManagePro CRM - Make informed management decisions with our top-down platform which helps you and your teams define crucial KPIs and meet meaningful targets. Gain insight into your sales and marketing processes, and improve productivity by automating manual, laborious tasks.

    • EmailPro CRM - Our email marketing platform that allows you to create and send professional marketing emails to help nurture interest in your brand. Includes email automation features, so standard messages can be sent out automatically once certain criteria are met.

    • DataPro CRM - Our Personal Data Rights Management System, specifically created to help provide organisations with the functionality needed to control their data privacy. The solution offers a range of features such as Lawful Reason Management, Right to be Deleted, Privacy Criteria Search, Channel Preferences, Interactive Dashboard and more.

If some of these sound more useful to you than others, you can purchase just the ones that you feel you will use. Whatever combination of our platforms you purchase, they will still be fully compatible and able to draw data from each other. This reduces any redundant spending and keeps potential expenses as low as possible; surely an important aspect for small businesses all over!

We don't believe in keeping support behind a paywall; we're proud to provide free, inclusive technical support for when you need that extra bit of help.

Looking to Grow Your Business?

Consider the following points:

    • Why making your company appear bigger than it is can result in big business.

    • The importance of working with your limitations, not against them.

    • Making life easier for your clients through packages and practical extras.

    • A look at how the experts tackle sales and marketing basics.

Michael King says...

"I can’t think of a time where a client has requested something that we weren’t able to do with FiveCRM. Unlike most systems, it has a lot of flexibility."

Improve your outbound efficiency now

Managing Director, Senior Response


“Each client, and each of their campaigns, has its own unique specifications. We essentially needed to set up mini CRMs on one platform to meet those requirements.”

Improve your outbound efficiency now

Operations Director, Team Telemarketing

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Start improving your outbound efficiency now, with the most customizable Telesales solution on the market.

Improve your outbound efficiency now
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