Boost Sales Performance With These 4 Effective Tactics

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Selling is not as easy as it seems and is quite a daunting task when you don't know what the best tactics to use are. Without the know-how or the right tools, it can be quite difficult to compete with other businesses and you may feel like you're being left behind.

If you have been struggling to find the best strategies to help your business get ahead of the competition, here are four effective sales tactics to leverage for boosting sales performance and increasing revenue.

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Easier and quicker contact with prospects

Prospects need to be contacted as soon as possible to bank in on the initial interest they show towards your brand. When you connect with potential customers on time they are not only more receptive, but also more willing to do business with you. The longer they have to wait, the sooner they lose interest. Connecting with them quicker significantly improves your chances of receiving a prompt response as well. An article by the Harvard Business Review claims that sales reps who get in touch with prospects within an hour of getting the query are seven times more likely to create a positive impact.

Context to turn queries into customised sales

Using a well-written and impactful sales script is a must for all sales reps as it helps them cover important points and work around a pre-determined format. However, sales reps also need to use their presence of mind and cater these conversations to each prospect or customer they talk to. Having a one-size-fits-all script will only seem robotic and impersonal.

Ensure that your sales reps are having productive and meaningful conversations with your prospects by using context and personal data. Enable them to make and receive calls easily as well as have access to each prospect and customer's information and interests beforehand. This will help create personalised experiences for each of them on every call. Customising the conversation also enables a seamless customer experience and quicker call resolution.

Use various channels to reach more prospects

While cold calling and emailing are still very effective when it comes to reaching new leads, there are now many more channels that you can use to reach them. Using different mediums to connect with prospects can allow you to reach a wider audience as well as use strategies that may not be possible with more traditional ways.

Integrating social media platforms as part of your communication strategy can greatly help increase your reach and engagement overall. Social media is also a good way to understand and build relationships with prospects before you decide to take the next step and make a sales pitch.

Automation to increase productivity

Allow your sales reps to spend time on selling instead of manual and repetitive administrative tasks. Use automation to log entries, save time, eliminate errors, improve productivity, and more, so that reps can focus on handling prospect and customer calls as well as reduce the average handling time.


Using the right strategies and tools is extremely important to boost sales performance. Using a CRM with the right business solutions for you can do the trick and help with the above and more. Not only can a CRM help automate tasks, but also enables quick telephony features, lead qualification and scoring processes, has a central data repository for all contacts, and much more.

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