Writing a Winning Sales Pitch

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In this article, you'll learn how to create an effective sales pitch by focusing on building connections with prospects, understanding their needs, and providing tailored solutions. You'll also gain insight into the essential elements of a winning sales pitch, from catching their attention to following up in a timely manner.

Key Takeaways:

  • Successful sales pitches are about building relationships with prospects and addressing their specific problems with relevant solutions.
  • To write a winning sales pitch, start with a catchy subject line, address the problem your product or service can solve, provide facts and statistics to support your claims, and include a clear call to action.
  • Follow up on your sales pitch in a timely manner, but don't bombard your prospect's inbox with too many emails.

Finding new leads is a tough job, which is why sales reps are always on the lookout for new techniques to close sales. Many think that some reps are just born lucky with closing deals but that isn't so. With a little help and a scalable and repeatable strategy, any sales rep can find more leads and close more sales.

Earlier a sales pitch meant simply presenting your idea to your prospect or client and it would have one of two outcomes - they either liked the idea, or they didn't. Now, the idea of a pitch has changed and has evolved into building a relationship with your prospect as well as how your product or service can help them directly. It has now become more about having a dialogue with the client rather than a monologue.

Connection is key

Buyers want to be heard and if they feel you aren't connecting with the problem they have at hand, your pitch will basically hold no value. The key to a successful sales pitch is truly discussing and getting into the crux of the problem your prospective client is having. Each company has different needs, which means you need to tailor your pitch in accordance to their problems and find related solutions with the product or service you are offering.

One good way to do that is support your solutions with facts and statistics to show proof of what you mean. Tell a story related to your product and how it helped another similar company overcome their problems. These are ways to make a connection with your client and get their attention.

Writing the sales pitch

Having understood the core of how your sales pitch should proceed and what it should contain, here's how you can write a winning sales pitch easily and quickly!

Catch their attention

If you are writing a sales pitch for an email, the first step is to find the right hook to get your prospect interested. Email marking is a very successful way to find new leads, but to stand out from the rest and beat your competition, you need to grab their attention with the subject line.

Taking notes from above, the subject line can be made catchy for them by targeting a relevant problem they are tackling as well as explaining the importance of your product.

Reading on

Once you've got them to open your email, instead of dilly dallying, get to the core of why you have contacted them. Address the problem you believe your product or service can solve for their company and illustrate how you can do so.

This direct and head-on approach is good because no one has the time to go through long emails and instead they just skim over them. Starting off with the main point of conversation will keep them hooked.

Keeping the email short and sweet is necessary to keep the reader's attention. Don't overload the email with unnecessary information that isn't relevant right now. Share only the information and facts that are needed at the moment. Keep it concise yet informative and be strict with your word count. Also make sure you've paragraphed the email properly so it doesn't just look like big, long blocks of text.

Why should they choose you?

Now you've got their attention and even presented your product, but why should someone choose a random company who emailed them? This is where you need to build trust with your prospect and make them understand how your service has helped others.

Back your claims up with facts and statistics to show how you've positively helped other similar companies with your product. Another element that helps is client testimony and reviews that prove the success of what you have to offer.

Take a clear action

You've proven your product, explained who you are and even provided facts to support your claims, what is the next step? - to ask for the sale! Surprising, 85% sales reps don't directly ask the buyer if they would be interested in buying their product, but it is better to be direct than to beat around the bush.

Make sure your email contains a call to action and provides multiple options for the prospect to get in touch with you. Add your phone number, email id and website link for them to contact you or explore your company further.

Final checks

Before you send out your email, make sure to check the spellings and grammar. Silly mistakes look worse than you think from a prospective client's perspective. Also, remember to make each email sent out personalized to the reader's needs so that your emails are customized properly and have a higher chance of being opened.

Following up on time

Always follow up with the emails you send out even if you don't receive a reply the first time. This doesn't mean bombard your prospect's inbox with emails, but simply send a second email as a reminder and as a follow up conversation to the first.

Let a short amount of time pass before you do so but don't wait so long that your prospect has no idea who you are again. In fact, statistics show that there is a 21% chance of the second email being answered!

In conclusion, writing a sales pitch doesn't need to be a mammoth task if sales reps simply use the right methods. Moving away from the traditional meaning of a slew pitch, make sure to incorporate facts and reviews, as well as make sure the client is at the forefront of your sales pitch.


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