9 Advantages Of Cloud Computing For Remote Working

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The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we all do business. With most companies now operating virtually and collaborating with teams remotely, or only opening up with less than half the workforce, everyone is getting used to a new way of life and work. Even after life gets back to normal there will always be the possibility of COVID-19 returning or another pandemic. While it may take a while to get used to these changes, the good news is that there are now many ways to work together as a team even if everyone is not at the office!

Cloud computing is a very big platform that has become the need of the hour and makes manual data entry, scattered communications, and easy to forget emails and spreadsheets a thing of the past. With the exceptional increase of information companies gather on a daily basis, it has become impossible to manually handle and process all of it efficiently.

This is where a cloud computing system such as a Customer Relationship Management software comes in handy! By hosting all of your work data onto a cloud-based platform, you remove the bulk of the system from your computer and instead use it on a more integrated, scalable, and collaborative system.

There are many benefits of using such a cloud computing platform at this time. Multisoft notes that companies have reported an 80% improvement in operations in the first couple of months after implementing a cloud-based technology! Here are some specific ways such a platform can help you in working remotely.

Ability to work from anywhere

First and foremost, using a cloud computing platform provides extreme mobility and the boon of working from anywhere. Whether you are out for meetings, at home, or remotely working from a cafe, you will still always stay updated on what is going on and be able to find and work on your tasks at hand. You can access all your data using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other device with a screen and internet connection, making everything you need very accessible at the touch of a button.

This ability to multitask and work remotely comes as an added advantage when we have all been forced to work out of the office for our safety and wellbeing. Such a sudden shift with the quick lockdown that was initiated, would have been impossible on an in-house software without missing information or making errors.

With a remote working platform, you can easily get all the information you need without having to copy or transfer files and important documents. The insight on work details you get when working from the office is the same as what you get when working from your living room on such an accessible and mobile system!

Detailed insight

Every bit of data and information that goes in or out of your workplace is important and a scalable cloud-based program is the key to maintaining and processing all this data. Advanced CRMs come with automated features to keep track of important details and collate it in a way that it helps become nuggets of valuable information.

Without detailed tracking mechanisms and automated customised reports, it becomes very tedious to make sure you're keeping an eye on every little detail that goes through your system. Better insight into your work can help in increasing productivity and efficiency, while also helping you harness the power of data instead of just letting it sit there like a pile of rubbish.

Secure and safe platform

With an increase in cybercrime, companies are constantly worried about the security of their data when placed on a cloud-based platform. This is also something that deters many people from using the many benefits the platform has to offer. One of the biggest jobs of your cloud host is to monitor security and ensure all your files, data, and company information are stored safely without the threat of being stolen.

To do this, the data being transferred over different networks and databases is completely encrypted so it isn't accessible by hackers or anyone who doesn't have permission to view it. In fact, you can even set different security settings based on the various users who share the platform.

Save money with a one-time investment

The initial cost of paying a large amount for implementing such software may seem like a speed breaker for most companies, but research shows that small and medium businesses would rather use third-party cloud platforms than an in-house system as they find it to be 40% more cost-effective.

The initial price paid has a high Return On Investment and in the long run, leading to cost-saving by automating and combining various tasks. It also helps save time that is better spent on doing more fruitful tasks. If you are worried about overpaying for extra features that you may not even need, most cloud computing services come with 'pay as you go' services so you don't pay for anything extra and are only charged as and when you buy new features or storage space.

Better way of collaborating

There is no way for teams to work together remotely if they aren't on the same page about the tasks they are handling. Collaboration can become very difficult if you are still sharing spreadsheets and emailing back and forth regarding updates and changes. By using a cloud computing solution, collaboration can be made much easier as everyone on the team has updates on what exactly is happening with tasks and who is assigned to do what.

Viewing and sharing information becomes much easier with everyone especially when working on several versions of the same document or project and communicating back and forth. Completing tasks becomes simpler as each team member is assigned their own set of work with a streamlined way of updating each other on completion.

Consistent and updated data

Data is of no use to a company when stored inconsistently and incorrectly. The key to ensuring every piece of information collected count is to have it organised and collated in a way that is helpful. Maintaining it manually can be error-prone and lack quality control, also leading to diluted or confusing details when multiple people access the same files over and over again.

This is why using a cloud-based system can help in maintaining consistent data that is revised to the newest additions and is error-free. You can easily maintain a better record of all the necessary details and have them organised and available when needed. Eliminate missing fields, spelling mistakes, duplicate entries, and errors, without having to take care of them manually!

No more loss of data

When using a system-based software to take care of daily work processes, you risk the chance of losing data due to manual error, system corruption, or any other damage to your in-house computers. By uploading it to a cloud-based platform, you reduce the chances of viruses damaging it, updates wiping it, or any other theft or mishap that can lead to misplacing important and confidential files.

Automatic updating

A very big boon of using cloud computing is automatic software updates. Unlike updates for in-house software that may require your IT department to manually do it, cloud-based software updates to the latest version without you have to wait or invest your time and money into doing it yourself.

Get an edge over your competitors

While a lot of companies have now made the shift to cloud computing after understand the experiencing the benefits it has to offer, there are still some who haven't come on board. If you are one of those, there is no time better than now to make the switch and one-up your competitors with a scalable, efficient, and extremely accessible new system.

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