6 Key considerations to pick the right Cloud telephony system for your business

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The usage of cloud telephony systems has been on the rise, and for good reason - such a software can provide multiple benefits for companies who deal with inbound and outbound calling. This system works by using your internet or broadband connection instead of the usual wire-based systems.

A study done by Transparency Market Research shows that the global market for cloud telephony services will grow by 17.2% by the year 2023.

Cloud telephony is offered as a seamless integration with your Customer Relationship Management software so that your complete business phone system is shifted to cloud communications. This means that your cloud-based CRM telephone integration is hosted in a data centre and all the calls made or received will be routed through cloud servers.

A huge advantage cloud telephony systems have over traditional calling ones is the addition of amazing features such as call recording, auto-dealing, IVR services, call history, unlimited minutes, call recording, and more, without you having to spend extra money on such necessities!

If you're thinking of using a cloud telephony system for your business, here are some key considerations to think about that can help you pick one. Understand your needs first and only then will you be able to determine which cloud telephony system is best suited to your business. Since there are ample providers for such services and each comes with their own set of features and functionalities, the following points can help you narrow down to the one.

1. Collaboration

Whether your employees work remotely, at multiple sites, or in the same office space, collaboration between them is the glue that holds the company together. Advanced collaboration tools for telephony include features like web conferencing and file-sharing, used between employees as well as to collaborate with customers.

The cloud telephony service you choose must provide the needed tools for quick and easy interaction with your customers as this impacts customer service and communication.

2. Main features and core functionality

If you know exactly what you require for your business, choose a cloud telephony solution that comes with all the functionalities required to carry out your day-to-day business. For instance, if your business requires a call screening service, find a solution that has a similar feature.

All cloud telephony services come with a wide variety of features already included in the package. Look through the services and features offered by different service providers to find one that integrates everything you need in one system.

3. Easy access and integration

A well-designed and intuitive telephony system will offer seamless integration and use for your business. Switching over to a new system can be confusing, but with intuitive management tools, an easy to use interface, and fully integrated features, it is much easier.

Your new cloud system should work as a one-stop-shop solution along with open APIs for enabling quick integration with third-party apps as well. This is extremely helpful if you want to retain any existing CRM system you are using by combining a hybrid model of cloud services and your existing system.

4. Protection and resilience

Cloud telephony systems help in reducing the burden of business continuity as well as disaster support. Find out what kind of features the system provides to ensure all your data is protected and available when needed without any hiccups.

5. Pricing

Choosing to employ a cloud telephony service is in itself a money-saving proposition, but that does not mean you should pay high or extremely premium prices for such services. What you do need to pay attention to is what kind of charges do they have apart from the upfront application payment.

Ask them about hidden charges, yearly fees, maintenance charges, upgrade costs, and more that can be incurred above and over the initial payment.

6. Support offered

Finding the right support and solutions while integrating new technology is a must. Make sure to find out about the pre and after-care services provided so that understanding and using the software is easy. Ask questions such as the kind of support rendered, troubleshooting, number of data centres, and more.

Many businesses now have understood the ample benefits that come with using a cloud telephony service and are thus willing to invest in such a solution more readily than before. With multiple features, ease of use, and complete integration for your business, such a software is the need of the hour.

Choose a cloud-based call management and telephony system such as FIVE CRM that comes with marvellous features and benefits. Contact us to know more.

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