6 Ways to Inspire Fresh Interest in Your Business

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It can be very stressful when your business goes through a dry spell, but sparking new engagement can be done in various ways - let's explore 6 of them.


All businesses go through quiet phases from time to time. No new enquiries coming in, no repeat business needed, work being turned away - nobody seems to want what you're selling! What do you do? Being in a rut with no end in sight can be very disheartening, but it's important that you plan rather than panic. Let's look at 6 actionable ways that you can try and spark fresh interest in your business.


Outbound Phone Calling

Sometimes the best way to engage with cold leads is to simply pick up the phone. You don't necessarily need to have a calling script but always have a specific promotion or desired action to discuss with each contact you call.


CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) software can prove invaluable in keeping tabs on these interactions. You can easily note what's been discussed after every conversation, and keep a record of each prospect's individual needs. Be sure to also plan future interactions too; you might get some people saying that they don't need you for now, but to call back in a few months. Always diarise any promised or requested follow ups - you don't want to let people down.


Attending Networking Events

If you're a B2B company, attending networking events can be a great way to find new potential clients to engage with. Always bring business cards to hand out to the people you meet, and make sure you collect business cards from others. Never go to a networking event and try to get a sale then and there - the softly softly approach goes a long way here!


The secret to effective and fruitful networking isn't just in the attendance - it's is all in the follow-up. Schedule time to drop an email or pick up the phone to everyone you meet at the event a few days later. Following up is crucial to galvanising your brand in people's minds, so always make that extra effort, especially with those that show particular interest in what you do.


Email Marketing

Sending out a marketing campaign by email is a great way of reminding people of your services. You will of course need an email list of willing recipients to begin with, but if you haven't sent them an update in a while, it might be time to do so. Remember that an email campaign needs a little more thought than a mere introductory email; you need to create a visually appealing and textually compelling campaign with a strong call to action (CTA) at the end. Direct email copywriting is a potentially huge topic, but always bear these three most important points in mind:


    • Always take time to craft a strong subject line to entice people to open the email

    • Remember to base your copy around the direct benefits that your product or service provides

    • End on a strong CTA that makes it as easy as possible for the reader to take action.


Lead Magnets ("Freebies")

You've probably come across the "give us your email address and we'll give you access to this free resource" interaction before online. Everyone likes something free, and using a freebie as an incentive to get people to share their details with you is a great promotional tactic. The reader gets a helpful takeaway resource and the company gets the person's email address to market to them in future.


Creating a valuable guide or short ebook is now easier than ever through design programs like Canva. Think of a topic that complements what you sell wherein you can share your valuable expertise, and get creating! You can promote your new resource through a pop-over window on your website, but promoting the resource on social media can potentially reach far more people. Paid social media promotions are worth considering here because they can be aimed at a carefully targeted audience. Remember to link to a landing page to capture people's email addresses before providing access to the resource!


You might also find it useful to promote your freebie to your email list if you have one. Although the people in your list are established leads who are likely to have already heard of you, providing something free might pique new interest from old contacts.

Running a Webinar

Webinars are a great way to showcase your business because they similarly provide a free incentive to new prospects. You tempt people in with access to a free online workshop, they sign up and agree to attend your webinar at a given time, and you share your valuable knowledge. The most important point however is to end your presentation with an enticing offer to get your viewers to buy from you.


Similar to promoting a lead magnet, you can advertise your upcoming webinar through your website, but promoting to the right markets on social media is likely to reach far more people. Provided you've targeted your audience correctly and the content you provide is useful and actionable, hopefully you'll end up with a few new takers ready to start working with you.


Public Speaking (In Person & Online)

Public speaking is a daunting prospect to many, but it's a great way to raise your profile. If you're in a room full of people and you're the one at the front speaking confidently about what you do, you're immediately considered to be a credible and knowledgeable source. Public speaking at appropriate business events is also an efficient way of networking because you're effectively introducing your company to everyone in the room in one go.


If you really don't want to get up in front of a crowd, then don't worry; thanks to technology, you can speak publicly online from the comfort of your home or office. Nowadays, it's relatively easy to create quality video using just your smartphone or tablet, which you can upload to popular sharing platforms directly from your device. Live broadcasting is also a new and exciting option, and it's easier than ever to get started with apps like Facebook Live, Periscope and Instagram Live. Whether you opt for the live or pre-recorded route, chatting with your device is usually far less scary than getting up in front of an audience in person.


Whichever of these 6 methods you go for, you're likely to need to keep tabs on any interested parties that come your way. CRM tools provide a central database for you to not only store your prospects' contact details, but to keep a running timeline of your interactions with each prospect.


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