5 Reasons To Use A CRM With Marketing Automation

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With the use of marketing automation, companies can far better understand what's going on with their leads and nurture them in a way that they turn into buying customers. Such software is not just useful for big companies, but small ones as well and help provide insight into the state of leads and your sales processes.

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that helps increase your customer base, increase sales, and convert more leads. Every sales and marketing team can benefit from this effective functionality, reduce time on unnecessary repetitive tasks, and focus more on what's important. In fact, such a software is extremely useful for companies that are product or service-based.

Research done by VB Insights shows that 80% of companies who started using marketing automation have an increase in leads, while 77% of companies say their conversion rates have increased. Keeping these facts in mind, we've curated the top 5 reasons why every company can benefit from using a CRM that offers marketing automation.

Automate several tasks

Automating certain tasks as opposed to doing them manually can help reduce a lot of wasted time. There are certain processes that don't need constant human intervention and can be carried out on their own once the rules and details for it are set up. These tasks can get repetitive and take up unnecessary time of your sales and marketing reps, time that they can use better to help enhance sales.

Various manual but important tasks that reps end up doing can be easily done by Marketing Automation Software or a CRM that has this feature. Automate daily manual tasks such as marketing workflows, social media marketing, contact segmentation, auto-responding, sending newsletters, and much more!

With so many tasks handled on their own, reps at your company can free up their time and can use it wisely to do tasks that need more attention and concentrate on just what's important without getting bogged down by extra, menial work.

Efficiently nurture leads

With the use of marketing automation, nurturing leads also becomes a much simpler and more streamlined task since a Customer Relationship Management system helps give you a complete overview of your leads and where they lie in the sales pipeline.

Such software also provides you insight into important analytical data such as which leads are more viable and closer to a sale and which aren't. By automatically getting such pertinent information, it removes the guesswork and ensures that reps can nurture the right leads at the right time.

By taking the time to understand and nurture your leads, you can get closer to meeting your sales quota and getting repeat customers who are loyal to your company. The use of the other tips in this blog can help you keep your leads warm and interested and turn every interaction into a positive one!

Analytics and reporting

Use marketing automation as a way to get insightful reports and analysis of everything happening in your marketing team and what your reps are doing. Get a 360-degree view of the progress your team is making and get reports that help you understand where you are lacking and need to do better in order to create the right engagement.

These automatically generated reports reduce the time taken for reps to create such a graph themselves and can instead give you a more accurate representation of what's going on. Get important information on all the sales activities going on, lead conversion analysis, productivity by team members, social media engagements, and more.

This analytics and reporting feature is also great for understanding how your marketing campaigns are doing and how you can better them. Determine your strengths and resolve any problems of leads which aren't moving along the sales pipeline and figure out the best way to connect with them.

Categorising and tagging contacts

Creating different categories for your customers and tagging them appropriately can help you send them relevant information and deals from your company. Promoting products to people who need them instead of advertising randomly can help in creating a targeted effort that works.

Categorise your customers by age, location, gender, job title, personal hobbies, social media interactions, and more. This segmentation is very easy to maintain and organise with the help of marketing automation found in many CRM systems. It is a useful way of understanding your audience and how you should advertise and communicate with them in order to push them towards a sale.

Email campaigns

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to get in touch with prospects and customers and marketing automation can help with that as well. With the help of an advanced Customer Relationship Management Software, you can create amazing and effective email campaigns and track their progress with the help of analysis and reporting.

Creating a drip campaign can help keep the attention of your customers and prospects. Sending out relevant and personalised content can grab attention, generating interest in your products and services.

Such software can help with email creation, lead scoring, sending automated email sequences, and much more, helping you create a streamlined campaign that works for all your prospects. This also provides you with information such as how many emails are getting opened and what action is being taken after opening the emails.

Increase productivity, streamline sales processes, nurture leads, and free up more time to focus on your customers, all with the use of marketing automation software. Getting a Customer Relationship Management Software that has this feature is the need of the hour in this competitive world of sales.

FIVE CRM offers a scalable Customer Relationship Management Software that comes with an integrated marketing automation tool. Take your sales to the next level with our extensive marketing features that have all the above capabilities are more.

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