5 Best Small Business Call Center Software Tools for 2022

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Small business call center software is any digital tool that automates and manages telecommunications in a startup, scale-up, or small enterprise. This software might include customer relationship management (CRM) systems, telephony systems, marketing automation platforms, and analytical tools. This list of the best call center software for small business operations focuses on software that facilitates outbound marketing tasks such as telemarketingtelesales, and cold calling. Read on to learn about various small business call center software tools, including features and pricing. 

FiveCRM: Best Small Business Call Center Software for 2022

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FiveCRM is a CRM designed for small businesses that use outbound marketing to connect with prospective customers over the phone. It comes with all the features you would expect from a CRM but could double your call rate compared to traditional systems, making it the best small business call center software solution on the market today. Designed for contact centers with 5–250+ seats, FiveCRM facilitates B2B and B2C marketing functions and automates outbound tasks such as telemarketing, telesales, cold calling, and warm calling. This software lets you manage up to 999 separate databases through its native app builder and provides unlimited data storage, helping you grow and scale your day-to-day business operations.

FiveCRM Key Features

1. Reporting and Analytics

Unlike a conventional CRM, FiveCRM combines account management with real-time analytical tools, helping you track operational performance in your small business. You can identify patterns and trends in call data and use this information to make more informed decisions about marketing and sales processes. FiveCRM's analytical tools let you visualize key metrics across your company and analyze the latest information in real time. For example, you can discover which leads are most likely to purchase a product or service from your company and nurture these prospective customers over the phone. 

2. Lead Generation 

Specialized marketing and performance tools automate lead generation processes, helping agents identify high-value leads and move them through sales and marketing funnels. You can also use FiveCRM's lead scoring tool, which assigns a value to each lead that interacts with your small business. These lead generation capabilities automate processes associated with generating new customers, reducing wasted time, and improving revenue opportunities. 

3. Boost Sales Efficiency

FiveCRM, the best call center software for small business tasks, increases sales efficiency with workflow automation, streamlined sales processes, and advanced call management. You can learn more about how your business generates revenue from outbound marketing initiatives and grow your organization with a wide range of in-built sales features. FiveCRM's call guides and scripts also increase sales efficiency by standardizing conversations with prospective customers and driving positive sales outcomes. Moreover, in-built email marketing features can drive sales by allowing agents to engage with leads before contacting them over the phone. 

4. Dialing Options

You can integrate this all-in-one call center software for small business marketing with various telephony systems and auto, progressive, preview, and power dialers. Using these technologies reduce wasted time for outbound teams in-between calls and can help you reach more prospective customers in a short period. This platform can also automatically dial contacts via VoIP, improving call productivity and enabling agents to focus on lead generation and other outbound marketing tasks.  

5. Security and Compliance

FiveCRM helps you improve outbound marketing in your B2B or B2C small business without worrying about data security and compliance. The platform comes with a suite of security features that protect sensitive customer data and improve internal compliance. FiveCRM also helps you comply with data governance frameworks like GDRP, reducing the chances of receiving an expensive penalty when incorrectly processing customer details.

FiveCRM Pricing

FiveCRM's plan for U.S. customers starts from $70 per license, with discounts for additional licenses. Unlike some other CRMs, you don't have to pay for any add-ons. Plan features include auto-dialing/hang-up, consolidated reporting, power dialing, preview dialing, real-time analytical tools, call recording, unlimited data storage, up to 999 separate databases, 7,000 call minutes within North America, and a free Windows smartphone. 

You can learn why FiveCRM is the best call center software for small business tasks with a live demo, or get FiveCRM now.

1. 8x8

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8x8 is a telephony system and call center software for small business operations that helps you improve outbound marketing and connect with prospective customers. Although the platform doesn't come with any CRM capabilities, you can sync it with FiveCRM and manage customer relationships in your organization. That helps you identify more leads, drive sales outcomes, and collect information from customers for future outbound marketing campaigns. Despite not being a CRM, 8x8 is still one of the best call center softwares for small business operations. 

8x8 Key Features

1. Improve Telesales 

Looking for the best call center software for small business operations? 8x8 is a valuable tool for telesales because it lets agents target leads with specific marketing messages and move those leads through sales pipelines. The platform offers unlimited calls in the U.S. and Canada, helping you reach prospective customers in a short amount of time. You will also find telesales features such as call routing, web callback, and predictive dialing on this small business call center software tool.

2. Professional Greetings and Custom Music

Improve engagement with leads waiting to connect with agents by using the platform's professional greetings and customized music features. For example, you can record messages that tell leads how long it will take to reach an agent. That can make your call center operations appear more professional to prospective customers. 

3. Improve Compliance

8X8 supports the Do Not Call Registry (DNC), allowing you to contact leads open to outbound marketing communications. This platform won't connect you with potential customers who don't want to receive telemarketing calls, reducing wasted time for agents. 

4. Analytics and Reporting

You will find an incredible range of analytical tools on 8x8. Agents can analyze call data and learn more about metrics such as hold times, wait times, and call volumes. Sync 8x8 with a CRM like FiveCRM for even deeper customer insights. 

5. Omnichannel Marketing

As well as communicating with leads over the phone, you can use 8x8 chat, email, and social media contact features and improve omnichannel marketing. Contact prospective customers via email before phoning them, for example. 

8x8 Pricing

This small business call center software costs from $12 per agent per month. However, you will need to sign up for a premium plan to access features such as predictive dialing and web callback. Sample 8x8's features by registering for a one-month trial. 

Learn more about 8x8.

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2. Five9

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Five9 helps you engage with leads over the phone. It can streamline day-to-day jobs in your call center, such as sales, marketing, and customer service, making it a worthy addition to this list of the best call center software for small business operations. Five9 is a cloud-based tool that allows agents to carry out tasks anywhere in the world. You can use this solution if call center agents are working from home or if you outsource contact center operations to a third party. 

Five9 Key Features

1. Reporting and Analytics

This small business call center software comes with advanced reporting and analytical features out of the box, allowing sales teams to evaluate outbound marketing data and make smarter decisions. You can predict the future behaviors of leads by analyzing historical data, for example, or identify potential customers close to making a purchasing decision. Five9 has an easy-to-use interface and simple learning curve, making it a good choice for small businesses that are new to data analysis. Access data via charts, reports, and heatmaps and share these insights with members of your sales team. 

2. Convert Speech Into Text

One of the best features of Five9 is its ability to convert phone conversations into text. That can help you review outbound communications and ensure agents adhere to internal quality control policies. You can also use this feature to improve customer service outcomes. 

3. CRM Integration

Because this small business call center software is not a CRM system, you won't be able to create customer accounts. However, you can sync Five9 with a CRM like FiveCRM and combine account and customer relationship management in your call center. 

4. Call Management

Five9's list of call management features is exhaustive. You can use various dialing options (predictive dialing, preview dialing, auto dialing, etc.) to automate communications with prospective customers, for example. The platform's call routing feature connects each customer to the most-qualified agent, increasing the chances of a sale. 

5. Omnichannel Support

You can use this call center software for small business tasks to communicate with leads via email and social media. Employ these omnichannel marketing strategies to support your outbound calling campaigns and generate more revenue for your small business. 

Five9 Pricing

Five9 doesn't publish prices on its website, making it difficult to compare the platform with other products on this list. However, you can contact Five9 for a customized pricing quote. At the time of publication, there is no free trial or product demo. 

Learn more about Five9.

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3. Cloudtalk

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Cloudtalk is call center software for small businesses that want to generate more leads and increase awareness about products and services. This platform facilitates telemarketing and telesales by providing agents with all the tools they need to engage with potential customers over the phone. Cloudtalk, one of the best call center software solutions for small business tasks, is a cloud-based tool that enables sales reps to work from any location and access the data they need quickly and securely. 

Cloudtalk Key Features

1. In-Built Email Marketing

This small business call center software has an in-built email marketing feature that lets agents engage with and nurture leads via email before communicating with them over the phone. That can help agents establish a rapport with potential customers before speaking to them directly. You can send various marketing messages through Cloudtalk with a few clicks of a button and personalize emails for higher response and click-through rates. 

2. Data Dashboards

Data analysis is a key feature of Cloudtalk. You can access real-time intelligence about potential customers on custom dashboards and supercharge your telemarketing campaigns. Access data through heatmaps, charts, and visualizations and share insights with team members for future marketing drives. 

3. Smart IVR

One of the best features of this call center software for small business workflows is its Smart IVR (interactive voice response) tool that routes calls to the right agent at the right time. This feature can speed up the customer journey and reduce wasted time in your call center. 

4. Drag-and-Drop Interface

Cloudtalk's drag-and-drop point-and-click interface makes it easy to complete outbound marketing tasks on the system. Even small businesses that lack marketing experience can use this platform to connect agents with potential customers and analyze call data. 

5. SMS Messaging

Cloudtalk's SMS messaging feature lets you communicate with customers via text. You can showcase products and services, drive recipients to website product pages, and arrange follow-up calls. Combine the SMS feature with in-built email marketing for a comprehensive omnichannel approach to telesales. 

Cloudtalk Pricing

Cloudtalk prices start from $25 per user per month. Its basic plan includes unlimited call queuing, automated call distribution, click-to-call, and other features. You can schedule a demo (for an unspecified length of time) on Cloudtalk's website. 

Learn more about Cloudtalk.

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4. CallPro CRM

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CallPro CRM deserves to be on this list of the best call center software for small business workflows. You can use this system to expedite day-to-day outbound marketing tasks such as telemarketing, telesales, cold calling, customer outreach, follow-up, and deal closing. CallPro CRM combines outbound marketing with customer relationship management by enabling you to compile customer profiles that agents can use during calls. 

CallPro CRM Key Features

1. Progressive Dialer

CallPro CRM's advanced progressive dialer reduces the time agents spend manually dialing contacts. The technology dials potential customers on your contact lists and connects answered calls to the most appropriate sales agents. That makes it easier for agents to focus on selling products rather than identifying and contacting customers. 

2. Create Outbound Marketing Campaigns

CallPro CRM can help you design marketing campaigns based on real-time customer data that flows through the system. For example, you can create a campaign that targets prospective customers in a particular region or reach leads with similar interests. With this segmented marketing approach, agents can move more leads through their funnels and increase revenue for your small business. 

3. SMS Marketing

In-built SMS marketing on CallPro CRM lets agents engage with potential customers via text and then nurture those customers before a phone call takes place. This feature can be useful for building relationships with new customers and increasing trust. 

4. Email Marketing

In-built email marketing lets you manage your email and phone campaigns in one system rather than using several software tools. Agents can send targeted email messages to prospective customers and increase awareness about your products and services. If customers are receptive to these messages, agents can contact them via the phone. Use CallPro CRM's email and text feature to improve omnichannel marketing in your small business. 

5. Call Scripts

Another reason why CallPro CRM makes this list of the best call center software for small business tasks is its call scripts that guide sales reps during phone conversations. Agents can follow scripts to engage more deeply with customers and drive sales. Scripts will also ensure agents convey the correct information about your products and services to customers over the phone. 

CallPro CRM Pricing

This call center software for small business workflows doesn't publish prices on its website, making it difficult to compare it to other tools on this list. However, you can contact the company and ask for a custom quote. Sample CallPro CRM's features with a live demo.

Learn more about CallPro CRM.

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5. Nextiva 

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You might consider Nextiva the best call center software for small business operations because it makes life so easy for agents. This cloud-based solution enables agents to work from anywhere and complete day-to-day tasks such as prospecting leads, driving sales, and promoting products and services. With its small learning curve and easy-to-use features, Nextiva suits small businesses with little outbound marketing experience. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to automate jobs and access information about customers and sales processes. 

Nextiva Key Features

1. Call Management

This call center software for small business operations comes with a wealth of features for call management. These features include call routing, which automatically connects potential customers to the right agent in seconds. You can also create announcement messages and choose custom hold music for leads waiting to speak to an agent. That can increase the chances of leads staying on the phone. 

2. Real-Time Analytics

Nextiva's analytical tools provide intelligence about your organization's customers, marketing, and sales processes. Learn more about the leads that agents engage with and where they are in the sales cycle, for example. This small business call center software lets you view metrics on beautiful data visualizations that help you identify key trends and patterns for decision-making and problem-solving. 

3. Video Calls

Nextiva supports video calling, which might help you establish stronger relationships with potential customers. For example, you might want agents to engage with leads over the phone at the beginning and middle stages of your sales funnel and follow up with a video call to turn those leads into bonafide customers. 

4. Email Marketing Automation

Move leads further along your sales pipeline with Nextiva's in-built email marketing automation features. You can monitor how potential customers interact with your email messages and follow up with these leads over the phone. Incorporating email marketing into your small business could increase revenue opportunities.

5. Call Recording

This call center software for small business tasks can record all outbound (and inbound) calls in your organization. By recording communications, you can improve quality control protocols and identify agents that develop the best rapport with customers over the phone. Also, use call recording to improve compliance in your call center. 

Nextiva Pricing

Nextiva pricing starts from $50 per agent per month. For that price, you get features such as call recording and analytics. You can sign up for a free Nextiva trial and try out the platform's features for 30 days.

Learn more about Nextiva.

Key Features To Consider for Small Business Call Center Software

Here are some features to think about when reviewing call center software for small business tasks:

1. Ease of Use

Training agents on how to use complicated call center software for small business tasks can be expensive and labor-intensive. The best call center software for small business tasks will have a streamlined user interface and a simple learning curve.

2. Customer Support

Speedy customer support is imperative when thinking about the best call center software for small business operations. Video tutorials, FAQs, and other documentation on a software provider's website can also help you troubleshoot an issue or learn how to use a particular feature. 

3. Pricing

Choose small business call center software according to your budget. Many software vendors charge on a per-user basis. (For example, you will need to pay for five licenses if you have five call center agents.) Some vendors don't list prices online, making it difficult to compare their software with other products on the market. 

4. Analytics

Data-driven small businesses like yours rely on metrics to learn more about customers and sales processes. However, not all call center software for small business workflows provides analytical tools. The best call center software for small business jobs will generate real-time intelligence about your call center operations and provides features like reports, heatmaps, graphs, charts, and other data visualizations. You can share these data insights with team members. 

5. Data Security

Data security is more important than ever for small businesses that collect, store, and process customer information. You must choose small business call center software that protects all your outbound marketing data and adheres to data governance legislation like GDPR. That can help you prevent data breaches, insider theft, and penalties for data protection non-compliance. 

Best Call Center Software for Small Business: Conclusion

The small business call center software tools on this list can help startups, scale-ups, and small enterprises manage outbound marketing tasks like telemarketing and cold calling. That can improve relationships with potential customers, automate day-to-day jobs, and free up agent time. Choose a product that suits your business budget and requirement. Good call center software for small business operations should provide value for money and ease of use.

FiveCRM is the best call center software for small business operations. Double your call quota, access analytics, and combine outbound marketing with customer relationship management. Get started today 

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