4 Important Uses Of Sales Pipeline Automation

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As businesses grow, their sales pipeline only gets longer and more complicated. Research shows that there is now a 22% increase in the average sales cycle, while a study by Harvard University says that over 25% of B2B sales cycles now take almost seven months to close.

Such a challenging and lengthy sales process along with leads that are conscious of their buying decisions only pushes companies to upgrade the way they handle sales. This is where automation of the sales pipeline can help efficiently manage prospects and improve pipeline management to combat the new aspect of longer sales cycles.

Automation of lead qualification

Each lead or prospect has a different requirement and not all of them are the same. This is why lead qualification is an important factor that can help separate hot leads from poor quality prospects. Automating lead qualification is a great way of qualifying leads based on their behaviour. You can track them as per which website pages they've visited, links they clicked, emails opened, and more. A prospect that is actively interacting with your brand is more likely to become a customer as opposed to one that has gone dormant.

Automation of lead assignment

Automating lead qualification will allow you to prioritise prospects and assign them to sales reps instead of reps having to manually wade through them. You can do this by setting up a workflow that works on lead scoring and/or tags that you've created. This will allow the leads to go to the best closer for the situation or rep who has the best knowledge of the query. There are many ways of leveraging lead assignment automation for better pipeline delegation and it can help create a good basis for your sales process.

Automation of Alerts

Get real-time updates to always stay on top of what your leads are doing. Set alerts for lead point of contact such as when they open a link sent by you or are browsing through your brand's website.

These automated notifications will let you instantly connect with your prospect right at the moment when they are deciding on doing business with you and capture their attention. Such instantaneous and direct communication can make it much easier to close the deal.

Automation of lead nurturing

Good lead nurturing has become increasingly important as sales processes get longer. Automating lead nurturing can help your sales reps create and implement strategic campaigns that target leads for better conversion. By mapping out typical customer journeys and creating collateral to send out, you can then automate the sending of these campaigns triggered by specific actions.

The functionality to automate your sales pipeline is a necessary one, especially if you want to get the most out of your leads and prospects. Automation can also help your business improve sales processes as well as offer an easier and more efficient way to deal with leads. It is very useful for mapping out customer journeys and helps save time overall.

Sales pipeline automation is possible with the help of a CRM that offers not just tools and features for automating the sales process, but much more. If you aren't currently using a sales pipeline automation system, the time to start is now! Get in touch with FIVE CRM to know how we can help you.

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