3 Strategies to help sales reps increase productivity

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Hands down, what is the biggest challenge that sales reps face on a daily basis? Being productive.

Being productive for sales reps primarily means turning leads and making sales. Surprisingly though, a study by Forbes shows that sales reps only spend 35.2% of their time selling and the rest 64.8% is spent on other tasks.

With such a huge disparity between what they should be doing and what they are doing, what is the best way to help sales reps be more productive? Here are three strategies that can help reps become productive and spend more time selling.

Create a standardised and consistent sales process

Every sales rep may have their own way of handling leads and completing tasks but without a consistent way to handle things across the team, it can get chaotic and confusing. Standardising the sales process is the best way to increase productivity as it offers a clear system for sales reps to follow with step-by-step actions used by all.

Having such a system in place allows managers to better evaluate their team as there are set standards to follow. A consistent sales process also makes it easier to onboard reps that are new to the company since there are already clear instructions, reducing the time to get results. It can also be used as a training tool by sales team heads to improve overall rep performance.

Better collaboration with a business phone system

Collaboration among several sales reps in any organisation, big or small, is always more difficult than it seems. Promote collaboration among sales reps by implementing a business phone system that goes much further than simply offering voice calling facilities.

Such a system brings together various different channels like messaging, video, and conference calling, into a single and cohesive system that can be used enterprise-wide. Collaborating with your team or other teams in the company should not be a struggle and thus using such a tool can help in making communication seamless and quick, minimising time spent on these energy-zapping and unproductive tasks.

Use sales tools to automate repetitive tasks

The answer to low productivity is not making your sales reps work longer hours, but instead providing them with the required sales tools they need to work more effectively. As seen by the statistic above, sales reps spend much more time on repetitive and mundane tasks than actually selling. While these administrative tasks are necessary on a day to day basis, they are not the ones that generate revenue for the company.

Using sales tools like a Customer Relationship Management software is the perfect way to do away with these tasks by automating them. Sales reps can set up parameters and triggers for routine and non-sales tasks that will allow the CRM to automate them, no longer needing the reps' interference. By reducing the time reps spend doing redundant work, they can better focus on selling and other revenue-generating activities.

The above ways can help sales reps take charge of their time and become more productive. There is no need to waste precious hours doing things that don't need manual intervention and instead allow sales reps to yield more positive results.

FIVE CRM is one such software that can help sales reps increase productivity and focus on what's important. Get in touch with us to know more about the various features and automation tools we offer.

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