5 Commitments to help you win the sale every time!

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Working on a deal takes a lot of time, energy, and patience on the rep's part but there is nothing more disappointing than the lead uttering the words, "Why don't you check back with me in a while. I'm not sure this is the right time for us to purchase."

After having put in the hours, taking every right step, as well as nurturing the lead for months or weeks, it is a tough pill to swallow when the deal falls through and doesn't reach completion. With the agreement pretty much dead, the rep now has to go through the same process with a new lead all over again.

When you know the lead had an interest in your brand, had the budget to make a purchase, and the timing for said purchase was also right - what went wrong?

It all boils down to commitment.

Making a "close" isn't just about asking your prospect for their business at the end of your nurturing process - it is in fact also a series of commitments that must be secured from the lead along the way.

Here are some imperative commitments that pave the path to making a sale and securing these at the right time through your sales process can greatly help get the ultimate close. Make sure you aren't neglecting any of these golden commitments that can help you form the crux of your sale.

Ample time

Time is of the essence when it comes to properly understanding the needs of your prospects and leads, and without it your rep will not be able to complete the necessary research and qualification processes. If your sales rep can't get on the lead's calendar, then how will they be able to attain the relevant knowledge or even customise their solutions to cater to the prospect's needs better?

As a first commitment, reps need to ensure they secure ample time with their leads at different points of the sales and nurturing process. Start by emphasising that you understand they are busy and add value by saying you will not waste any time of the appointment scheduled.


No process can move along smoothly if only one party is working on the deal and there needs to be a collaborative effort on both parts. Ensure that you and the prospect are working together at each step of the way so you are always on the same page and there are no discrepancies moving forward.

It is important to secure a commitment for collaboration early on in your dealings with the lead or prospect as this helps both parties understand the other better. The lead will have all the relevant information on their company pain points that the sales rep needs in order to create the fitting solution through collaboration.

Exploration and change

Exploring new avenues and undertaking new techniques to help stabilise your lead's business is an important need for reps. Every business is different and thus a commitment for exploration on your prospect's part can help find new possibilities.

They need to be open to figuring out problems and potential solutions offered by you in order to completely actualise the progress you have envisaged for their business.

A commitment to change can be difficult but without it, it may also be difficult to move forward. Build trust with your prospect and show them what change may mean and look like along the way. Get real about the changes they are committing to such as expenditure, budget changes, internal processes, as well as a lot of energy and time.

Investment and consensus on purchase

Many deals don't go through because there was a lack of consensus on making the purchase in the first place. Early on in the process, ensure that you involve all relevant parties and get a positive response to move forward. Address any concerns and queries the stakeholders may have so that later on a dissenting stakeholder doesn't come in between.

Get a commitment for consensus by helping everyone involved get on board and understand why this investment is important. Elucidate details on how picking your products and services can help as well as talk about future investments that can greatly benefit the company.

There is no way to gain the required success without taking a few leaps of faith as hoping for a quick solution does not work in the long run.

Taking a final decision

There will always come a point when the prospect needs to take a final decision and having made the above commitments, this should come as no surprise. Securing a commitment to take a final decision on whether the lead will be moving forward with the project will ensure you have a solid answer instead of them dilly-dallying.

Be sure to resolve concerns every step of the way as cold feet towards the end of the process is natural. Sales reps must help their leads work through any concerns instead of letting doubt take over.

A commitment of any kind can be difficult to secure, but ensuring that you nurture your leads and prospects in the right way can greatly help in the process. Choose to execute the above and ensure you are able to deliver your end of the deal, while also monitoring your leads effectively. Get the commitment you need from your leads and win the sale every time!

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