11 Tips For Building And Managing Valuable Email Lists - Part 1

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Creating valuable email lists is an extremely important function for any business that uses email marketing strategies to connect with leads and customers. Just having a long list of email ids isn't going to do the trick as most of them may be incorrect or not the right fit for your business.

The need of the hour is a systematic way to handle and manage your email lists, which is why you must pay extra attention to detail when it comes to collecting email ids and building lists.

Here are some effective tips to help you build and maintain email lists that are valuable and lucrative to your business.

Content is still king

Without the right content, there is no way for you to effectively send out your message to customers and prospects. People want to read content that is meaningful and value-adding instead of fluff that is just a marketing spiel. Send out and publish content that is meaningful and concise so that readers are attracted to it. Compelling content also captures attention and keeps your prospects and customers wanting more, thus increasing your chances of conversion.

Call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action or CTA buttons can help you get a lot more subscribers when placed strategically and in a noticeable position. CTAs allow your customers and followers to be easily directed to relevant links on your website such as landing page, home page, or about us page. The CTA button can be added to your website, on your social media pages, stories, and more for easy access.

Social media stories

All social media platforms now offer the option to upload or create "stories" for their accounts. Using social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat lets you provide attractive videos and imagery along with content and links. This is a great way to get a higher viewership and encourage viewers to know more about your business by clicking on the links and going to your website's landing pages.

Social media ad campaigns

Social media ad campaigns can amply boost your reach and increase your audience if you use them correctly. Using a retargeting campaign can help your business get high conversion rates and the process involves placing a tracking code on your website. This tracking feature allows you to accurately find out which readers visited your website from the emails you sent. You can then approach those interested website visitors using targeted social media ad campaigns.

Use the 'live' option

Another advantage social media has offered businesses is the option to go live as and when needed. Live video streaming on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allows companies to instantly offer customers a look into what you are all about.

Going live also allows you to gain more credibility and eventually followers as these live sessions can be used to offer information that is much needed. Whether you want to showcase an event as it happens, give a tour of the office, or even offer valuable information such as business strategies and actionable tips, a live session can go a long way.

Additionally, you can create an article, video, or e-book that outlines everything from the live video and let your followers access it by simply providing their email addresses.

Social media groups

Social media has also paved a way for consumers to create groups about their interests and the brands they like. Creating or joining such social media groups on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn will allow your business to build a community as well as provide valuable content to prospects and customers. This also provides an excellent opportunity to get more viewers and subscribers to your blog or newsletter.

Gathering emails isn't the difficult part, managing effective email lists is. if you want to increase sales with the help of your email lists, maintaining one properly is the need of the hour. The above tips can help you create and manage your email lists successfully as well as get higher conversion rates.

Using a Customer Relationship Management software with the appropriate tools for email marketing can help this process and add value to your business. These advanced features offer efficient ways to manage all your email marketing efforts including email list building and management.

FIVE CRM is one such software that offers all of the above features and much more. With a scalable and flexible platform, you pay for only what you want while also reaping all the benefits of a Customer Relationship Management software.

If you would like to see how FIVE CRM can be the right tool, get in touch with us now.

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