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10 Best Lead Distribution Software for 2024

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The 10 Best Lead Distribution Software for 2024

Lead distribution is crucial for maximizing revenue and closing deals in today's competitive business landscape. However, managing and distributing leads can be a complex and time-consuming process. That's where lead distribution software comes into play. 

In this article, we will cover the top 10 lead distribution software options to consider for 2024, their key features and pricing, and essential criteria to consider when choosing the right software for your business.

Key Takeaways

  1. Each lead distribution software has unique key features and capabilities, such as customizable data fields, real-time live coaching, email integrations, lead routing and assignment, lead prioritization and scoring, and reporting and analytics.
  2. Businesses should consider their specific needs and choose a software solution that offers their team the right features and functionality while prioritizing important criteria such as integration with other tools and customizable workflows. 
  3. Pricing models for each software option vary, with some offering all-inclusive pricing models while others offer varied pricing plans based on the features and add-ons chosen.
  4. Critical criteria to consider when evaluating lead distribution software include lead routing and assignment capabilities, integration with other tools, lead prioritization and scoring, reporting and analytics, ease of use and customer support.

Table of Contents

10 Best Lead Distribution Software 

Here are some of the best lead distribution software options to consider for 2024. 


10 Best Marketing Automation Lead Generation Software | FiveCRM

FiveCRM is a flexible telemarketing CRM designed to optimize your sales process and improve team efficiency. Its highly customizable features and AI-driven technology allow you to streamline lead management, making it easier to close deals and maximize revenue.

Key Features

  • AI-Driven callback optimization: Use AI technology to automate appointment setting and call-back management.
  • Customizable data fields: Tailor data fields to your business's unique needs, making it easier to search, filter, and analyze leads.
  • Data management: Ensure your data is always reliable with the automated duplicate removal, filtration, and segmentation functions.
  • Real-Time live coaching: Enhance sales rep performance with live coaching during calls.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: Track team performance with detailed reports on KPIs and other important metrics.


FiveCRM offers an all-inclusive pricing model, starting at $63 per seat per month when billed annually. This plan provides all the features and tools you need to streamline lead distribution and boost close rates.


Streamline Your Entire Business With a Free CRM | HubSpot

HubSpot is a comprehensive sales and marketing platform offering powerful lead distribution features. 

With additional features like email templates, document management and tracking, conversation intelligence, call tracking, and pipeline management, it provides a complete solution for businesses looking to optimize their sales process and drive growth.

Key Features

  • Detailed CRM database: Track all customer interactions across multiple channels, including email, social media, and website activity.
  • Email integrations: Track email opens and clicks, set up automated email workflows, and personalize email content based on customer behavior.
  • Customized dashboards: Choose from various pre-built dashboards or create your own using drag-and-drop widgets.
  • Lead capture tools: Use tools like forms, pop-ups, and live chat, which can be customized to match the business's branding and user experience.


HubSpot CRM offers an entirely free version for its users. The Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub come with four plans that differ in features and add-ons, with the Growth Suite offering all products at a reduced cost. The pricing plans range from $20 to $3600 per month based on the features and add-ons you choose.


What Is A CRM Dashboard & How To Create One?

LeadSquared is a sales and marketing automation software designed to help businesses achieve higher sales efficiency and productivity. With LeadSquared, companies can reduce response time, eliminate manual work, increase speed-to-lead, and improve sales performance. It is loved by 2000+ customers worldwide and integrates seamlessly with popular tools and platforms.  

Key Features

  • Lead management: Capture leads from multiple sources, including website forms, landing pages, and social media. Segment and qualify leads based on various criteria.
  • Lead distribution: Assign the leads to the right sales rep at the right time. Reduce response times, improve conversion rates, and increase revenue.
  • Sales reporting: Have real-time visibility into sales metrics such as conversion rates, deal closure rates, and revenue.
  • Sales automation: Automate tasks such as lead nurturing, email marketing, and follow-up.


LeadSquared offers three pricing plans, ranging from $25 to $100 per user/month. The higher-tier plans include additional features like workflow automation and advanced lead distribution.

Chili Piper

Chili Piper Outreach Integration - Chili Piper

Chili Piper is a platform that offers robust lead distribution capabilities to B2B revenue teams. With solutions such as Distro and Handoff, Chili Piper helps companies quickly route warm leads to the right reps, ensuring they don't slip through the cracks of the tech stack. 

Key Features

  • One-click booking: Allow customers to book meetings with your sales reps with just one click.
  • Automated reminders: Send automated reminders to sales representatives and the customer before the meeting.
  • Record interactions:  Sales representatives can keep track of customer interactions from within the CRM platform.


Chili Piper offers four pricing plans with different features, starting at $15 per user per month and up to $30 per user per month. The pricing is dependent on the features needed. Moreover, customers can opt for the Concierge Live option for a higher cost of $60 per plan.

Power Router

PowerRouter: Route your Salesforce leads 10x faster - Startup Stack

Power Router is a lead routing solution that matches leads to their named accounts and routes them to the right team member for increased chances of conversion. 

It offers real-time lead routing and account matching in Salesforce and features such as auto-assign and analytics to track response times. Sales leaders favor Power Router for its ability to increase speed to lead and simplify the addition or removal of team members.

Key Features

  • Lead nurturing: Automate the lead nurturing process and engage with your prospects regularly.
  • Routing leads: Assign and reassign leads to the right sales reps.
  • Lead qualification: Identify leads that are more likely to convert into customers
  • Sales reports: Track your sales performance and identify trends and patterns.


Power Router offers three pricing plans: Starter, Growth, and Enterprise. The Starter plan costs $15 per user per month and is limited to a maximum of 6 users. The Enterprise plan is the highest tier and costs $35 per user per month, offering advanced features and maximum support.

Lead Assign

A preview of leadassign website

Lead Assign is an AI-driven lead management platform that automates lead routing and increases sales. Using advanced customizable business rules, Lead Assign scores and routes prospects to sales agents, partners, or networks in real-time, saving time and increasing sales velocity. 

Key Features

  • Routing engine: Route leads to the right sales reps based on various factors, including geography and company size.
  • SMS acceptance: Enables rapid onboarding through seamless lead distribution through SMS and email.
  • Contact enrichment: Enhance your leads’ data by collecting additional information from various sources.
  • AI performance scoring: Automatically score leads based on lead behavior, engagement, or demographics.


Lead Assign's pricing plans start at $695 per month, but the actual cost depends on your specific needs, so you need to book a demo to get customized pricing.


LeadAngel Reviews 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

LeadAngel is a smart lead management tool that helps companies route incoming leads to the right salesperson instantaneously. 

It allows users to optimize their sales team with powerful and flexible lead routing, clean up their data with deduplication and auto-conversion, and gain actionable sales team insight through insightful reports.

Key Features

  • Lead matching: Use advanced algorithms to match leads with the most relevant sales representatives.
  • Lead attendant: Ensure every lead is attended to promptly by sending immediate notifications to assigned sales representatives whenever a new lead is available.
  • Router: Route leads to the appropriate department or team based on predetermined rules.
  • Data cleanup: Maintain a clean and organized lead database.


Lead Angel offers a Lite plan for $99 monthly per company, with the first six months for free. A custom enterprise plan is available for those with more advanced needs, which requires contacting the sales team to discuss pricing.

Distribution Engine

Distribution Engine: Lead Assignment & Opportunity Routing. Round Robin. -  NC Squared Ltd - AppExchange

Distribution Engine is a Salesforce-native tool that simplifies lead routing. Its features include advanced distribution, classification, weighting, availability, tags, and tracking.

Key Features

  • Load balancing: Distribute leads and opportunities evenly among your sales team.
  • Pull: Pull leads and opportunities from the system as needed.
  • Round Robin: This feature cyclically distributes leads and opportunities, ensuring that each salesperson has an equal opportunity to work on each lead. It also helps ensure that leads are not overlooked or neglected.


Distribution Engine offers a simple pricing structure with one plan at a fixed price per user. The cost is $45 per user per month, with the option to upgrade to premier support for an additional 20% fee.


Bitrix24 Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2023

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive platform that provides a wide range of tools to boost productivity and efficiency in the workplace. These include collaboration tools, customer relationship management, tasks and project management, HR and automation, and more. 

Bitrix24 integrates with all your favorite services and apps, making migrating data easier.  

Key Features

  • Customer contact center: Manage all your customer interactions in one place.
  • Sales pipeline: Includes a visual representation of the sales pipeline, enabling you to track the progress of each deal from start to finish.
  • Lead tracking: Includes tools for lead capture, qualification, and nurturing.
  • Invoices inside the CRM: Manage your invoicing process more efficiently with tools for creating invoices and managing customer billing.


Bitrix24 offers a free plan with 5GB storage, while their premium plans - Basic, Standard, and Professional - range from $49 to $199 per month, depending on the user count, storage, and features required. 


Adrack Software - 2023 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

Adrack is an all-in-one marketing platform that offers cloud-based marketing tools for efficient and streamlined campaign management solutions. The platform provides marketing automation services for advertisers, publishers, or agencies. 

Its intuitive dashboard and comprehensive reporting tools make it easy to manage and measure the success of campaigns while automatic segmentation simplifies analyzing data and reaching the right audiences with messages.

Key Features

  • Lead distribution: Automate the process of distributing leads to the sales team based on predefined criteria.
  • Web push: Send targeted push notifications.
  • Call distribution: Know where your leads are coming from and manage your calls from the Adrack dashboard.


Adrack offers a free plan for one user and 10k pings per month, while their premium plans range from $275 to $750 per month.

Criteria for Evaluating Lead Distribution Software

When evaluating lead distribution software, there are several important criteria to consider. These include:

  • Lead Routing and Assignment: Your lead distribution software should have robust lead routing and assignment capabilities to ensure leads are distributed quickly and accurately. Look for features such as round-robin distribution, lead assignment rules, and automatic lead routing.
  • Integration with Other Tools: The software should integrate with other tools such as CRM systems, marketing automation software, and sales enablement platforms. This will help ensure a seamless lead management process and avoid manual data entry.
  • Lead Prioritization and Scoring: These features help sales teams focus on the most promising leads. Look for lead scoring algorithms, lead grading, and lead prioritization rules.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Important features include real-time dashboards, customizable reports, and analytics tools.
  • User Interface and Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface is paramount. The software should have features such as drag-and-drop lead assignments, customizable workflows, and intuitive dashboards.
  • Customer Support and Training: The software provider should offer excellent customer support and training resources to help users get the most out of the software, such as training webinars, help documentation, and responsive customer support.
  • Pricing and Value for Money: Always look for software offering flexible pricing plans and transparent pricing structures that align with your business needs.

Choosing the Right Lead Distribution Software for Your Business 

In conclusion, choosing the right lead distribution software can significantly improve your sales team's efficiency and productivity. The ten options discussed in this article offer a range of features and capabilities to help you manage and distribute leads effectively. 

If you're looking for powerful and highly customizable lead distribution software, take a look at FiveCRM. With customizable workflows, lead scoring, and real-time reporting, FiveCRM can help your sales team stay on top of leads and close more deals. 


  1. What is lead distribution software? Lead distribution software is a tool that helps businesses manage and distribute incoming leads to the appropriate sales representatives or teams. It automates the process of capturing, organizing, and assigning leads, ensuring prompt follow-up and efficient lead management.

  2. Why should businesses use lead distribution software? Businesses can benefit from lead distribution software in several ways:

    • Prompt lead response: Leads are instantly distributed to the right sales representatives, ensuring timely follow-up and reducing the risk of leads going cold.
    • Improved lead management: The software organizes leads systematically, providing a centralized platform to track and monitor lead progress throughout the sales pipeline.
    • Enhanced lead assignment: Leads can be assigned based on predefined criteria, such as geographic location, lead source, or sales team specialization, optimizing resource allocation and increasing conversion rates.
    • Automation and efficiency: Manual lead distribution processes are eliminated, saving time and reducing human error. Automation features streamline lead handling and eliminate bottlenecks.
  3. What features should I look for in lead distribution software? When evaluating lead distribution software, consider the following essential features:

    • Lead capture and import: The ability to capture leads from various sources, such as web forms, landing pages, or integrations with other platforms.
    • Intelligent lead routing: Customizable rules to automatically assign leads based on specific criteria, such as lead attributes, territories, or round-robin distribution.
    • Real-time notifications: Instant alerts or notifications to assigned sales representatives when a new lead is received.
    • Lead tracking and analytics: Comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities to measure lead performance, conversion rates, and sales team productivity.
    • Integration capabilities: Seamless integration with CRM systems, marketing automation tools, or other business software to ensure smooth data flow and unified lead management.
  4. Is lead distribution software suitable for businesses of all sizes? Yes, lead distribution software can benefit businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, managing leads efficiently is crucial for sales success. Lead distribution software helps streamline lead assignment processes, ensures prompt follow-up, and enables scalability as your business grows.

  5. How secure is lead distribution software? Reputable lead distribution software vendors prioritize data security. They implement robust security measures, including data encryption, secure hosting, user access controls, and regular backups. It's essential to choose a trusted vendor with a track record of data protection and compliance with industry standards, such as GDPR or CCPA.

  6. Can lead distribution software integrate with other business tools? Yes, lead distribution software often offers integration capabilities with CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, and other business tools. Integration allows for seamless data exchange, synchronization of lead information, and a holistic view of customer interactions across multiple platforms.

  7. Is lead distribution software easy to use? The ease of use can vary among different lead distribution software solutions. However, most reputable vendors design their software with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows. Additionally, many provide documentation, training resources, and customer support to assist users in getting started and maximizing the software's potential.

  8. What are the costs associated with lead distribution software? The cost of lead distribution software can vary depending on factors such as the features included, the number of users, and the vendor's pricing model. Some vendors offer subscription-based pricing plans, while others may charge based on the number of leads or integrations required. It's advisable to request pricing information from different vendors and assess which solution best aligns with your business needs and budget.

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