How Senior Response Scaled with the FiveCRM Platform for 20+ Years

The testimonial author, Michael King

Michael King,

Managing Director, Senior Response




Blythe Ward, UK


50 Employees

Senior Response is a client contact management service dedicated to the over-50 market. It’s been managing communications by phone, SMS, email, and chat on behalf of its clients since 2001.



  • Finding a CRM platform for outbound marketing that could scale
  • Making platform changes without needing outside help
  • Finding a system that’s easy for agents to use
  • Choosing a flexible platform that can integrate with other systems


  • The FiveCRM platform for telemarketing
  • Flexibility to meet evolving client needs
  • Easy to set up, manage, and use
  • Hands-on assistance with clients
  • Integrate with telephony system and client databases
  • Use for internal business development


  • 20+ years as Senior Response’s CRM of choice


Finding a scalable CRM platform for outbound marketing

When Senior Response first looked for a CRM Platform for outbound marketing in 2002, the executive team examined a number of providers to find one that met its requirements as a new contact management service.

Senior Response had ambitious plans to grow, so the team needed a platform that could scale along with it.

At the same time, the team needed a platform that was affordable for a new business.

The team also knew they didn’t want a platform that required a developer to make changes.

“We wanted to set up campaigns and change scripts ourselves without developer support.”

An additional consideration was the unique makeup of Senior Response customer agents. Fifty-eight percent of Senior Response agents are over 50, and 17% are over retirement age. Not every agent is tech savvy, so it was important to find an intuitive, easy-to-use CRM platform that mature agents could master quickly, even if working remotely.

Further, Senior Response also wanted a CRM platform that could eventually integrate with its telephony system and other platforms for greater efficiency, productivity, and data security.


The scalable and flexible FiveCRM platform.

After conducting its evaluation, the Senior Response executive team chose to implement the FiveCRM platform.

“FiveCRM was almost perfectly designed for us.”

Since those early days, Senior Response has continued to grow and thrive and the FiveCRM platform has scaled right along with it. By continually developing new features and functionalities based on customer needs and feedback, FiveCRM has enabled Senior Response to meet the evolving demands of its clients.

For example, as Senior Response began to grow and scale, the requirement to integrate directly with client databases, rather than sharing data via spreadsheets, became paramount. FiveCRM soon introduced API integration to meet those requirements.

This database integration not only helped Senior Response land new clients but also created new efficiencies in the secure sharing of customer information.

FiveCRM is also willing to interface directly with Senior Response clients to help it win new business. In a recent example, a prospective Senior Response client had high data security requirements. Rather than trying to answer the client’s technical questions about security measures themselves, the Senior Response team brought FiveCRM into the conversation.

“FiveCRM answered the client’s questions and performed a penetration test on our systems that showed no vulnerabilities.”

The FiveCRM platform also has the flexibility that Senior Response needs to meet the evolving needs of its clients through complete customization control.

For example, one client wanted to set up six datasets while also reporting on the campaigns as a whole. FiveCRM was able to set up individual projects within theme client campaign so that Senior Response could easily link them together for reporting purposes.

“I can’t think of a time where a client has requested something we weren’t able to do with FiveCRM,” says Michael. “Unlike most systems, it has a lot of flexibility.”

Set up and manage

"We can add users, set up campaigns, amend reports, and do all the daily and monthly maintenance and administration ourselves."

FiveCRM graphic

Security policies

"Thanks to these activities, we were able to win the business,” says Michael. “Our clients love that we can provide proof of data security with FiveCRM."

FiveCRM graphic

Information and reassurance

"FiveCRM is really great about attending client meetings," says Michael. "They understand client requirements and can speak to them directly."

FiveCRM graphic

Success of client campaigns

With FiveCRM we can set up and start new campaigns quickly and make changes mid- campaign when needed. We can move very quickly, which is critical in this business."

FiveCRM graphic

Easy to use

"People new to the team learn the FiveCRM platform easily. It's easy to use and navigate, even if agents aren't particularly technical."

FiveCRM graphic

Handy information

"FiveCRM has a lot of tutorials on the platform that tell you how to do things. My team uses these tutorials as well as our IT guys from time to time."

FiveCRM graphic

Support team

"The support team at FiveCRM is very responsive if you need any help. They also develop new solutions and point out things for us to consider. They learn from other clients and draw from their depth of knowledge of the platform itself and share those ideas with us."

FiveCRM graphic
Just as important to Michael, the FiveCRM platform is incredibly stable and reliable:

"In the 20 years that we’ve used FiveCRM, we’ve never had any major outages that have prevented us from doing our work, which is critical for real-time inbound and outbound calls. It’s a very strong, resilient platform that has our confidence."

Senior Response is so confident in the FiveCRM platform, it also uses it for its own business development purposes, such as tracking and reporting on website visitors:

“We use the FiveCRM platform to capture visitor information that we use to identify new areas of business. It’s been a great system for that.” says Michael.

Even with all of these benefits, the FiveCRM platform remains well priced:

“In terms of value of money, it ranks pretty high.” says Michael.

“People new to the team learn the FiveCRM platform easily. It’s very easy to use and navigate, even if agents aren’t particularly technical.”


20+ years on the FiveCRM platform

Given the flexibility and reliability of the FiveCRM platform—and the hands-on support of the FiveCRM team— it’s not surprising that Senior Response remains committed to the FiveCRM platform, even 20 years later.

Michael King says...

"FiveCRM has always met our needs. We've never had a reason to look for anything else."

Picture of Michael King

Managing Director, Senior Response

And as the needs of its clients continue to evolve, Michael has full confidence that FiveCRM will continue to evolve with them.

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