What search terms to use to find the right CRM for your business

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Using a Customer Relationship Management Software is the need of the hour, with businesses trying to reach new prospects and grow in this ever-changing economical environment, a CRM can offer stability as well as organised sales and marketing processes that help your reps close more deals.

It is well established now that using a CRM for your business has many benefits and can help you grow your company manifold by incorporating a few changes. It helps in automating tasks and provides a bird's eye view of all your processes, allowing managers to see exactly which tasks are being worked on, which leads need nurturing, which ones are close to making a sale, and much more.

How can you find the right CRM for your business?

While many companies have understood the need for platforms such as CRMs, they still aren't sure what is the best way to implement them or pick a software that best suits their company. A simple search on Google with pull up several companies offering Customer Relationship Management Software. You will see different price ranges and features offered by each company, including ones that are free of cost, which you may be inclined to use.

While using a software that is free can be enticing, you must keep in mind that these platforms aren't as helpful as they seem and don't offer the complete range of services a CRM can help you with. With limited resources, a traditional format, and a non-scalable platform, you wouldn't be able to reap the benefits that one can get from using a cloud-based software. A traditional CRM or free CRM is not going to give a business the level of functionality needed in order to fulfil their sales requirements. These systems will limit and restrict what they can do, leading to frustration and ultimately loss of sales for the company.

Another point to note is that just because a CRM company shows up first on Google's list, it doesn't mean it will be the best choice for you. For instance, Salesforce and MS Dynamics are companies that show up at the top of searches as leading CRM system providers. But just because they show up at the top, it does not necessarily mean they have all the features that are a perfect match for your company.

You can eliminate looking at wrong fit companies by searching correctly for the right system on your search engines.

Use the correct search terms to find a CRM for you

The best way to remedy this is by using the right search terms when looking for the perfect Customer Relationship Management System. If you are searching for the correct search terms for a sales-driven CRM that is designed for outbound sales, here are the top three search terms you should be looking at.

    1. Telemarketing System -

As a Telemarketing System, the CRM offers features such as managing data, callbacks, and agents. Using the data collected and getting the most out of it is a key aspect of outbound calling, so make sure to use a platform that ensures the callback process is used effectively. You also get additional functionalities like wrap-up, call-disposition, workflow automation, dashboards, and gamification.

2. Telesales Management System -

Telesales Management Systems come with features such as telephone integration, list management, call management, lead management, call tracking, and reporting for ROI on all the calling activities. These telemarketing systems provide all the functionality by putting the server on a cloud and removing the need for any physical storage location, allowing reps to work from anywhere using technologies such as VoIP.

3. CRM Telemarketing -

CRM Telemarketing helps you track and maintain your contact with customers, allowing you to manage any sales and marketing activity. It helps you work through your sales pipeline as well as nurture leads to a successful purchase. It is efficient at managing all tasks required to move a lead through the buying cycle and focuses on telemarketing activity to provide you with multiple opportunities through the database. Sophisticated CRM Telemarketing Systems can also qualify leads and automate various responses, helping manage follow up activity, nurturing leads, and making stronger connections with clients.

Why choose FIVE CRM?

FIVE CRM is one such system that has been created to help companies understand and harness the best of their abilities. With FIVE's Call Centre CRM Software, companies will be able to manage calls, processes, and agents in small or large call centres. We offer every functionality needed to effectively run outbound calling campaigns. With our scalable software, you will get an ideal solution for your business not just for outbound calling but also for sales and account management.

If your business is dedicated to running outbound sales campaigns, then a system like FIVE will help increase sales by making your employees extremely efficient. The FIVE CRM system majorly focuses on telesales, telemarketing, lead generation, lead management, and account management, making it great for large call centres or individual agents who work remotely.

We have designed our software around outbound sales-driven campaigns and offer several functionalities seen in leading CRM platform, plus some more! It's plain to see, just look at our comparison document with Salesforce and MS Dynamics.

Choosing the right CRM system for your business is necessary to ensure you are able to adapt the software to your requirements. What worth is it if you can't leverage its potential to increase profits and drive sales? Make sure you are using the right, targeted search terms that can help you find a platform that is not just suited to your current sales processes, but also helps enhance them and makes outbound calling a seamless process.

Reach out to FIVE CRM to know more about how our system can help your business grow!

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Improve your outbound efficiency now

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