Using A CRM To Fix Customer Pain Points

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It is not always easy to understand what customers exactly want. When it comes to the various problems and complaints they have, there isn't as much transparency with clients as you would like. In fact, you may even find out about general issues but completely understanding customer pain points that you can actually solve is hard to come by.

Since clients and prospects aren't as forthcoming as marketing and sales teams would like, Customer Relationship Management tools are now available to help. They work by collecting large amounts of data and analysing it to find out customer pain points as well as ways to solve them.

What Are Customer Pain Points?

Customer pain points can be defined as persistent problems a company may be facing that can be solved using a particular product or service you offer. They should not be confused with specific issues a client may be having with a certain product or service.

Pain points are often complaints related to categories like productivity, finance, support issues, work processes, and such. Determining your target prospect or clients' pain points and what category they fall into is the best way to address and understand them.

Here are a few ways you can find out customer pain points and help solve them.

Ask the right questions

You have to start simple and first ask the right questions in order to get to the root of what is bothering customers the most. Asking is easy enough, but you first need to think of the right questions that will help you get to the perfect solution. A good thing to do is to ask open-ended questions using verbal or written surveys and questionnaires.

Try to get answers to questions such as -

    • What stops your team from closing sales?

    • What work processes take up most of your time every day?

    • What stops you from retaining customers?

    • What is stopping your business from growing?

Keep your ears open

Many times it may happen that clients are giving you their pain points but you aren't able to pick up on them. Always keep your ears open and listen for problems that are prevalent among your customers and prospects. This information can be found in phone calls, personal meetings, live chats, and more.

Search for them

Another place to look for these hidden gems can be the reviews and feedback people leave on your products and services. This data is geared just towards your company, so what can help even more is reading the feedback on your competitors as well. This can further help you determine how you can set yourself apart from your competition.

Take the time to understand

Take the time to map your customers' journey and understand the process from their viewpoint. Understanding and mapping the customer experience from their initial interest in your brand to the final purchase will help you better determine the several hiccups and pain points they experienced through the journey.

Leverage Google

Think like your customers do and use Google to search for terms just like they do! This is a technique that isn't used enough even though it can help you get insight into exactly what your target customers are looking for. This works just like searching for a content marketing keyword. Search for terms related to your products or services and see what shows up.

How to use a CRM to fix customer pain points?

Using a powerful and efficient Customer Relationship Management tool is one of the best ways to understand, compile, analyse, and eventually solve all your customer pain points. Using the techniques above, you can identify the various problems your target audience faces and then use the power of these CRM tools to properly fix consistently occurring issues.

This data further helps sales teams communicate how your brand's products and services can help your prospects and solve consistent and common problems. CRM platforms work as an invaluable tool for your business especially due to the addition of automation.

All your customers deserve to be heard and finding the right tools to do so will help you in the long run. Choose a cost-effective and affordable Customer Relationship Management platform that can help you analyse and use the collected information in order to convert prospects as well as increase your customer retention and satisfaction rate.

If you're looking for a scalable and affordable Customer Relationship Management system for your business, get in touch with FIVE CRM. We offer a suite of customisable applications that can help you with more than just solving customer pain points.

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