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The Key to Recovery: FiveCRM Substance Abuse Treatment Software

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In substance abuse treatment, the foundation of recovery lies in effective patient management and streamlined workflows. FiveCRM, recognized by the North Carolina State Bar Journal for its transformative impact, offers a comprehensive software solution that emphasizes the critical role of connection in recovery. This article delves into how FiveCRM has revolutionized operations at Healing Transitions, a nonprofit organization dedicated to detoxification, emergency shelter, and long-term recovery programs.

Healing Transitions: A Case Study


Healing Transitions, based in Raleigh, provides non-medical detoxification, emergency shelter, and long-term peer-led recovery programs for individuals experiencing homelessness and substance use disorders. Confronted with increasing opioid overdoses and limited resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, Healing Transitions sought a reliable software solution to enhance their operations and improve patient outcomes through the power of connection.

FiveCRM in the Rapid Response Program (RRP)

The North Carolina State Bar Journal highlights FiveCRM's pivotal role in Healing Transitions' Rapid Response Program (RRP). Designed to support opioid overdose survivors, the RRP relies on FiveCRM to foster meaningful connections and ensure continuous care. Key aspects of FiveCRM's contribution include:

  • Database System: FiveCRM's database documents client demographics, assessments, and barriers to health, integral to the RRP for effective tracking and follow-up.

  • Functionality: The software schedules client follow-ups, tracks progress, and generates reports, enabling data-driven policy and procedure development.

  • Process Integration: Daily Narcan Reports from Wake County EMS are entered into FiveCRM, providing demographic and narrative details about recent overdose survivors for in-person follow-ups.

  • Data Usage: FiveCRM sets follow-up dates and generates on screen lists of clients needing contact, ensuring high-need individuals receive priority support.

Building Trust with Reliable Performance

FiveCRM's reliable performance and secure infrastructure are crucial for handling sensitive patient data and treatment plans. Consistent performance and robust security measures ensure that patient information remains confidential and secure.

Comprehensive Support for Seamless Operations

From initial setup to ongoing technical assistance, FiveCRM's full-service support ensures smooth operations for Healing Transitions. This support includes staff training, troubleshooting, and system updates, allowing the organization to focus on nurturing connections with their patients.

Enhancing Outreach and Community Engagement

FiveCRM enhances outreach productivity with tools for follow-ups, reminders, and community engagement. These features help Healing Transitions maintain vital connections with patients, ensuring continuous support and resources throughout their recovery journey.

Roles-Based Access for Enhanced Security

To enhance security, FiveCRM employs roles-based access control, assigning different access levels based on staff roles. This reduces the risk of data breaches, ensuring sensitive information is only accessible to authorized personnel.

Data-Driven Care for Improved Outcomes

Healing Transitions leverages FiveCRM's reporting and analytics tools to support data-driven care. Tracking patient progress, identifying trends, and making informed decisions about treatment plans which lead to improved patient outcomes and optimized care strategies.

Cost-Effective and Customizable Solutions

FiveCRM offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on features or performance. Its customizable workflows adapt to the specific needs of Healing Transitions, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in delivering care.


FiveCRM proves to be a comprehensive and transformative solution for Healing Transitions. By emphasizing connection as the key to recovery, FiveCRM has significantly improved the organization’s operations and patient care. Recognized for its reliability, full-service support, enhanced outreach, roles-based access, data-driven care, affordability, and customizable workflows, FiveCRM stands out as a valuable asset in the battle against substance abuse. Through these features, Healing Transitions has achieved better outcomes for those on their journey to recovery, underscoring the essential role of connection in the healing process.

Citation: Garrity, Justin. "Opioid Overdoses Have Not Gone Away." North Carolina State Bar Journal, Summer 2021, p. 16.

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