Simple Steps To Prioritise Your Small Business' Sales And Marketing Efforts

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When it comes to taking on any task regarding your small business, it all seems like a gargantuan hurdle to handle. The simplest way to tackle this is to handle it one step at a time. This is true for taking care of any process in your business, especially when it comes to sales and marketing.

In order to move forward and get the word about your product or service out, prioritising your company's sales and marketing efforts is necessary. Here are some simple steps to do so.

First look at your current subscribers

A good place to start before you go hunting for some new leads is your own subscriber's list. Re-engage them with your products and services by sending special offers or promotions such as a free webinar or coupon.

Try to rekindle their interest since they are already aware of your company and your work is already half done as opposed to finding a lead who doesn't know anything about you.

Are you taking into account your website traffic?

Another area to target is the website traffic you get. These leads are very important, as they have come looking for a certain element your company has to offer, and thus banking in on that is a good idea. Leverage your social media followers and improve your strategy to engage them into making a purchase of your products or services.

Customer service is key

You company's products and services may be what got the customer to make that first purchase, but your customer service is what will help you retain that customer and maintain a long-term relationship.

As part of after sales services, ensure that you provide stellar customer support. But it doesn't need to stop there! Be creative in your approach and get the customer to think of you the next time they want to order. Maybe send a free small item with their purchase, or give them some helpful consultation along with your services.

Don't be scared to ask for referrals

Happy customers are always ready to refer the company they like to their friends and family. Referrals are a great way to gain new leads as your happy customers act like a 'brand ambassador' by endorsing your products and services positively.

Give your top satisfied customers the chance to get some rewards on referring your company to their friends and family, making it worth their while as well.

Try upselling

A great way to increase your sales is by upselling to customers who are already making a purchase with you. For instance, if your customer is buying a smartphone, as 'suggested purchases' you can ask them to also buy a smartphone case or a pair of headphones. The idea here is to sell them something that is complimentary to their originally purchased product and will add value to their product.

Make it easy to buy from you

It is important to see your purchasing process from a third person perspective and find out how easy or difficult it is. If the buyer needs to go through unnecessary levels to get to the checkout and fill their card details, then they may just get frustrated and leave the transaction midway.

Long term nurturing

Nurturing leads and customers long term can lead to positive results. But just sending out an email every once in a while is not where you should stop. Instead, make sure to monitor the emails that you are sending out.

The best way to nurture a lead is to first understand what they want. This can be done by seeing who opened which links and used which offers. By making these segregations, you can provide better service and send the offers and emails that are pertaining to that customer.

Finding new leads and customers

Lastly, finding new leads and customers to add to your list is a great way to increase your target audience. While a good way, it is more expensive than nurturing your present customers and takes much more effort. To take care of this in an intelligent manner, make sure that you find the best place to get in touch with your target audience and find out how to reach them efficiently.

Sales and marketing are the wheels that keep the train moving. Without promoting and selling your products and services by attracting customers, the company can't make any profits and succeed. These steps are very straightforward, and make a tried and tested way to prioritize your sales and marketing efforts.

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