How does call tracking help your business?

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There is a thin line that differentiates businesses that use sales and marketing strategies blindly and those that employ a call tracking system. A call tracking software can help a company understand what drives calls to their brand and what is working best for them.

Which side of the line are you? Are you tracking campaigns and calls that could be affecting your marketing ROI by investing smartly? Or do you just hope each one of your campaigns will do well and leave the rest to fate? Call tracking software is the perfect solution for businesses that want to be precise and successful without wasting time, as well as removing any need for guesswork. By tracking sales and marketing campaigns that drive calls, you also get the ability to associate your toll-free and local numbers to your online and offline advertising, social media campaigns, landing pages, and more.

This software can be integrated with your existing Customer Relationship Management system and will help in tracking campaign and strategy performance so that you can easily modify and enhance customer experience. Without such in-depth insight into these campaigns, you may be putting in money without any chance of conversion.

How does Call Tracking Software work?

Call tracking software uses a system that assigns web codes or unique phone numbers to your company's online and offline sales and marketing strategies or campaigns. The software then tracks the responses, interaction, engagement, and other such criteria to let you know how your campaign is doing.

Benefits of using a Call Tracking Software:

1. Marketing ROI in-depth analysis

By using a call tracking system, you will be able to find out exactly which advertising strategies are improving conversion rates as well as sending good leads to your business. Call tracking is the best way to get visibility into your marketing ROI, thus also elucidating how phone calling is actually a great driver of leads. With such in-depth analysis and insight, it lets businesses make smarter and well-informed decisions that allow for the best possible returns.

2. Advanced and improved calling experience

Providing an advanced and helpful calling experience for your customers requires your reps to have all the relevant details on them. By integrating the call tracking feature with your CRM, you will be able to access all the required information about the caller instantly. Pull up details such as their location, your previous interactions, product of interest, social media engagement, call history, website usage, and much more.

These details on your caller can be used to improve caller experience as you can reduce time on finding out the above information and the customer also does not need to keep repeating them every time they call you.

3. Keeping track of offline engagements

Using call tracking software can aid you in keeping track of all the offline marketing channels that are successful. When you get a call, you will also be intimated of how this caller found you due to the number associated, instead of you having to ask them. This way you can also quantify how well or poorly your offline engagements are performing.

These offline engagements could be advertisements you have broadcasted on TV, radio, or newspapers, as well as trade show and industry event participation. In fact, you can monitor even the minutest marketing efforts by assigning specific numbers to these strategies and make use of the call tracking feature to keep an eye.

4. Conversion through smartphone usage

The way we use our mobile phones has truly changed customer buying behaviors. With the help of call tracking facilities, it has become much easier to track phone calls that have been triggered due to online advertisements, allowing you to understand the correlation between the two.

This is also a great way to get valuable insight into how your marketing channels are interdependent and interconnected. We all know that businesses can't simply rely on one stream of marketing and thus using a mix of two or more can be highly beneficial. A lot of people still prefer calling the business directly over online advertising and subscription channels.

For instance, research shows that the hotel industry still gets 25% of its booking through a phone call even though online booking and reservation options are available.

Knowing exactly how well your marketing efforts, however small or big, are doing can help you make more informed and effective strategic investments to ensure your efforts give back. Call tracking is a simple and effective way of making sure you are overseeing all your best ROI marketing avenues and keeping track of callers in a way that leads to high satisfaction and conversion rates.

Choose FIVE CRM's telephony integration features with superior tracking abilities if you too want to benefit from call tracking. Get in touch with us to know more.

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