5 Steps to Successful Marketing for Beginners

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Successful marketing might seem a scary prospect for small businesses, but it’s much easier than you think. The easiest way to think about marketing is by remembering these seven Ps:

  1. Product: Your product should be the center of all your marketing efforts.
  2. Price: Costing your product is critical in marketing. Discover what new and existing customers will pay for it.
  3. Promotion: Successful marketing includes promotional activities such as advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and direct marketing.
  4. Place: Where and how you place your product can influence sales and help you reach your target market or demographic.
  5. Packaging: How you package your product can also influence sales and help you reach your target audience.
  6. Positioning: Think about how you position your product in the heart and minds of customers.
  7. People: Consider the people in your organization responsible for marketing your product.

These seven strategies are just the start of your marketing journey. This blog post will outline five of the most powerful marketing tips and techniques for establishing a customer base and driving revenue for your business.

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1. Get SMART

When you consider the basics of marketing, it's not long before someone mentions the acronym "SMART," which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. It represents the five qualities that every marketing campaign should possess. 


Think about how your company can grow during a specific marketing campaign. What's the goal for that campaign? Is it increased profits or revenue? Is it improved market share or breaking into a new market? Is it boosting awareness about a product through word of mouth? Define what you want to achieve. Then think about how you can achieve your goals. Outbound calling, for example, can help you establish relationships with new customers and introduce your business. 


Ensure the goal you want to achieve is measurable. (Telemarketing CRM software can measure outbound call campaigns, for example.) Then think about how you can measure growth or change during a campaign. If there's no way to measure a goal's success with hard results or figures, that goal may need tweaking.


How capable/likely are you to achieve your goal with a little extra work? Make sure you're working within the realms of possibility. Formulate a goal that's a little out of your comfort zone but ultimately achievable. No digital marketing strategies will help you if an objective is completely unattainable. 


Similarly, make sure your results are achievable given your current abilities. Allow for a few setbacks, and consider finite resources such as time and energy.


Give your objective a realistic deadline. This way, you have an endpoint to work to, and the effort won't just carry on forever without getting anywhere. A set deadline gives you and your team something to work toward.

2. Preparation Is Key

There are various ways to prepare for successful marketing in your organization:

Leverage Talents/Abilities in Your Business

It's critical to start any marketing plan by taking stock of the current talents and abilities at your disposal. Apply this crucial step regardless of whether you are working with a team or you're on your own. What talents can you leverage? Is anyone in your team good at SEO, infographics, or online marketing? What about influencer marketing, customer experience, social media channels, or other marketing tactics? If you're lucky, you may have a hidden designer or copywriter on your team! Or you might have good communicators who can call customers on contact lists. 

Don't overlook general skills, though. Organization, efficiency, and timeliness are all beneficial. When working within a team, it's always a good idea to consider which personalities work well with each other and which people's skills are compatible with others. There may be some high-quality partnerships within the group that bring the best out in each other.

Use Digital Marketing

The digital side of marketing is important too. Regardless of whether you're a B2B or B2C company, digital marketing, content creation, and social media are more essential than ever. (Facebook alone had 2.936 billion monthly active users in April 2022, making this social network a valuable resource for your small business.) Before going head-first into marketing, create dummy profiles on the social media platforms you'd like to use, get a feel for how each one works, and learn how the business side of each community behaves.

You may find that a particular platform is not a good fit for your business, or you might make a few rookie mistakes. However, because you're using a dummy profile, errors aren't the end of the world. If you're not sure where to start on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are essential.

It also pays to familiarize yourself with other important tools relating to marketing online, such as social media management and email marketing automation tools. Some argue that collecting an email list (organically, without paying for a list of subscribers) is one of the most important things you can do.

Create Content

Also, don’t forget about content creation outside email and social media. Blogs are still incredibly important for increasing brand awareness and moving prospects through your marketing funnels. (More than 400 million internet users read around 20 billion blog pages every month.)

Speak to the people that built your website to learn how to create your first blog post and then post content every one to two weeks. Remember to share a link to any of your blog pages on social media, but don't just post something once and forget about it. You can re-post any old content regularly as long as it's still valuable and relevant.

3. Carry Out Research for Better Marketing

Start your marketing journey on a solid foundation of market research. The best way to start is by asking three simple questions to people who have done business with you in the past:

  1. How did you find out about my company?
  2. What online and offline publications and resources do you use to learn about my industry?
  3. What are the biggest problems and queries relating to my services and industry?

Each of these questions has a practical application. Question 1 gives you an insight into where you are currently most visible. Question 2 shows you where you could market your business. Question 3 identifies common problems that might hinder your marketing efforts.

After receiving answers to these questions, your research isn't over yet! You still need to observe the online and offline marketing efforts of competitors and related organizations. Social media and online trade publications are a good place to start. How do other companies present themselves? What features do they advertise most notably? How do they interact with people? Do they use telemarketing, for example, to nurture prospects? What content do they share? Through these observations, you can also identify things you can provide to consumers that rivals can't.

4. Invest in a CRM 

A customer relationship management system (CRM) is a software tool that collects customer information and keeps it in one place, helping you develop strong and long-lasting customer relationships. Although these systems require an initial outlay, a CRM could provide you with a long-term return on your investment for these reasons: 

  • Learn more about customers interested in your products and services.
  • Collect information about customer demographics and previous purchasing histories.
  • Use this information to segment customers and create customized marketing campaigns. 
  • CRM analytics help you identify patterns and trends in customer data, helping you discover new ways to market your business. 

Your CRM will be the most critical piece of technology when starting your marketing journey and can help you connect with customers, improve lead generation, and drive revenue. If you plan to incorporate telemarketing into your marketing campaign, a system like FiveCRM can streamline outbound calling and improve connections with potential customers. 

5. Follow These Action Points for Beginner's Marketing

Here are some action points for more successful marketing: 

  • Make sure all your marketing materials are relevant to your brand, well-designed, and professional. It's imperative your branding carries through to all online and offline channels, including business cards, flyers, website design, and social media accounts.
  • Don't create marketing campaigns around your company and its story. The best marketing focuses on the customer, their problems, and the solutions you can offer. Thoroughly research your customer base and the issues they face to achieve this.
  • Most people have seen some kind of content strategy where the company has tried to crack a joke that has reflected on them poorly. Sometimes it may be tempting to use humor, but if you're in doubt about trying to be humorous or clever, just focus on valuable content.
  • Remember the adage, "You've got to spend money to make money"? This isn't a suggestion to plunge your company into the red, but don't try to do everything on the cheap, either. Stick to a budget, but prepare for a small amount of flexibility either way.

How FiveCRM Can Help You Start Your Marketing Journey

FiveCRM helps you connect with potential customers over the phone. This telemarketing software suits startups and small businesses that want to expose their products and services through outbound calling efforts. Unlike traditional CRMs, FiveCRM has analytical features that generate insights about telemarketing processes, helping you identify trends that can grow your business. It also has in-built email marketing and integrates with telephony systems to quickly connect with prospects. 

Here are some FiveCRM uses cases that improve telemarketing for beginners:

  • FiveCRM lets you manage callbacks, workflows, and automated dialing sets. Reduce call transition times and boost sales efficiency. 
  • Manage up to 999 separate databases and get unlimited data storage. Grow and scale your new business.
  • Specialized performance and marketing tools improve lead generation and lead management by tracking operational performance and supercharging sales leads. 
  • Customizable lead scoring helps you capture high-value leads in sales cycles. 
  • Track and generate real-time data on departmental performance and rely on key metrics to improve sales growth.

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