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5 Best Lead Generation Tools for 2024

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Lead generation tools are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. They allow you to quickly identify potential customers, capture their information and reach out to them. Some tools also come with advanced analytics features that help your sales teams get real-time insights into how different tactics perform within specific target markets​.

Therefore, if you want to start filling your pipeline with qualified prospects, then you absolutely need to use a lead generation tool.

In this article, we will cover five of the best lead generation tools that will help you generate more leads, improve your sales process, and stay ahead of the competition.

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What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of generating potential customer contacts for your company. This typically includes identifying potential customers, qualifying them through research and contact forms, and nurturing them into becoming paying customers.

Lead generation can be done through various channels, such as email campaigns, website visits, social media marketing campaigns, webinars, and more.


FiveCRM is an ideal lead generation tool for businesses looking to grow and nurture relationships with potential customers. Its custom tracking, scoring, scraping, and warming tools can help generate higher volume and quality leads that are easier to convert into sales. 

At its core, FiveCRM was designed to help telemarketers increase efficiency and boost sales by improving their outbound sales processes. By using this lead generation tool, you'll be able to track your sales process more effectively and gain valuable data on which areas need improvement to increase overall business performance.

And it doesn't really matter what kind of product or service you're selling – if it involves customer outreach and lead generation, then FiveCRM should be your top pick. 

FiveCRM Pricing

If you’re in the market for a lead generation tool, you probably noticed that most of them have complicated pricing tiers based on features, functionalities, users, or a combination. 

FiveCRM is one of the few tools of its kind that comes with a clear pricing structure, so you can easily plan your budget. 

You will be charged a $70 monthly fee for each seat. The bigger your company is, the more money you save. 

For example, say your sales team has a total of 150 employees. Instead of paying the full $10,500, you will get a discount of $2,878, bringing the monthly cost to $7,622. 

Going with the yearly billing will get you an even higher discount, resulting in a monthly cost of  just $6,860 for 150 seats.

And remember, you will get unrestricted access to all of FiveCRM’s features.

FiveCRM Features 

With its all-inclusive CRM system, FiveCRM provides your sales team with all the necessary tools they need to generate and manage leads:

  • Lead scoring - automatically prioritize leads based on your business preferences;
  • Real-time tracking - live updated tasks based on a lead's engagement with your marketing campaigns;
  • Streamlined workflows - move directly to the next call without leaving the current screen once the sales agent has entered all of the wrap-up details for their current call;
  • KPI tracking - efficient lead generation reports provide insight into the performance and key performance indicators of individuals, teams, and stakeholders;
  • Comprehensive segmentation - segment customers, leads, and reports based on custom data fields created for your business;
  • Complete email marketing suite - automatically create workflows and send follow-up emails and email campaigns based on your audience's engagement with your content;
  • Complete customization - Configure up to 999 customizable workspaces to match your specific business needs.

These are just a few of FiveCRM’s features that can help you take your B2B lead generation to the next level, and you get access to all of them plus more once you sign up.


Leadfeeder is a powerful B2B visitor identification software that can help you gain insights into your website visitors. It works differently than lead generation software in this list, as it relies on your existing website traffic to provide you with your visitors' contact information.

Leadfeeder can track and identify who browsed your website and automatically generate the name, position, and email address of your users, even if they did not complete a contact form.

You can then use this information to contact these leads and customize your outreach campaigns based on the pages they visit.

Leadfeeder Pricing

Leadfeeder’s pricing structure is rather complicated as they have multiple products and add-ons. The good thing is they offer a free plan that displays data from the last seven days and can identify up to 100 companies.

The premium plan starts at $139 per month and scales up depending on how many users browse your website.

For example, you will have to pay $198 per month, or $1,668 per year, to access information for up to 100 leads per month (companies tracked and recognized by Leadfeeder). Following the same number of leads, if you want to use all of Leadfeeder’s features and add-ons, you will have to pay $914 each month.

Leadfeeder Features

Leadfeeder packs a complete set of features that can help you convert your website visitors into qualified leads:

  • Generate contact information - Turn anonymous website traffic into real company names combined with email addresses and phone numbers;
  • Lead scoring - Create feeds based on industry, employee number, web activity, and custom properties and score them automatically;
  • CRM connector - Automatically send contact information to your CRM to streamline your lead generation efforts.

Perhaps the best thing about Leadfeeder is how easy it is to integrate it with your website. All you have to do is add the Leadfeeder snippet in the head of all your website’s pages, and it will start working.


Initially designed as an email marketing software, Mailchimp has quickly grown to offer a complete suite of tools businesses can use to automate their lead generation process. 

It utilizes the power of AI and machine learning to predict when customers are more likely to convert based on their lifetime value and likelihood to purchase. You can use this information to automate your email marketing campaigns, social media ads, and even landing page copy.

Moreover, Mailchimp can connect the dots and show you the paths users followed to discover your brand, so you can know exactly what traffic sources work best and improve your ROI.

Mailchimp Pricing

Mailchimp has different pricing plans based on the features you want to access.

They offer a free plan that lets you send up to 2500 emails per month to a maximum of 500 subscribers. This plan also comes with pre-built email templates and basic analytics capabilities.

The Standard plan is the best for lead generation and costs $20 per month. In addition to improved email marketing capabilities, this plan comes with enhanced automated customer journeys, a feature that lets you create and automate unique, adaptable journeys for any customer scenario.

Mailchimp Features

As an all-in-one marketing solution, Mailchimp offers a bit of everything when it comes to lead generation:

  • Create websites and landing pages - Create, manage, and host websites with Mailchimp;
  • Complete social media management - Schedule posts and run ads directly from the Mailchimp dashboard;
  • Behavioral targeting - Customize your targeting based on customers interactions;
  • Predictive demographics - Personalize your marketing efforts by leveraging AI-powered predictive insights based on your contacts. 


Datanyze is a lead generation tool that helps businesses capture contact information from different sources, like websites and LinkedIn profiles. They have developed a Chrome extension that analyzes the webpage you are browsing to generate real-time contact and company data.

They are actively developing a new feature that will provide information about the lead's current location curated from personal social media feeds, local news publications, and more. You can use this information as an icebreaker when reaching out to prospects.

Datanyze Pricing

You can try Datanyze for free by signing up tot heir Nyze Lite plan, which comes with ten monthly credits. You will use credit when you reveal a prospect's contact information.

Their paid pricing plans are based on the number of monthly credits you plan to use. 

For example, if you want to gather 80 leads per month, you must go with the Nyze Pro 1 plan, which will set you back $29 per month. Alternatively, the Nyze Pro 2 plan lets you gather up to 160 contacts at just $55 per month. 

You can also profit from a 30% discount if you pick yearly billing. This means a higher upfront fee, but it’s definitely worth it.

Datanyze Features

This tool does one job – it helps you get the contact information of potential leads. Even so, Datanyze has integrated some cool features that can help your sales team crush their quota:

  • Capture data in real-time - Easily find decision maker’s contact information from websites or social media;
  • CSV export - Download a CSV file featuring all the leads you have discovered;
  • Extensive database - Over 63 million accurate direct dial numbers.


HubSpot is one of the biggest all-in-one marketing solutions available on the market. Businesses of all sizes use HubSpot to boost their lead generation efforts by creating marketing campaigns that cover the whole conversion funnel.

And the great part is that you can use HubSpot for free, but just for a small number of contacts.

HubSpot Pricing

Pricing plans are based on the number of contacts you add to HubSpot.

The cheapest plan starts at $50 per month and is available only for new customers, but not those living in Australia and New Zealand. This plan comes with all the essential features small businesses need to start generating leads, like the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Operation Hub. 

You can save quite a bit if you commit to an annual plan. This will decrease the Starter plan's cost to $29.97 per month.

Prices go up relatively fast depending on how many leads you generate. For example, the Enterprise plan covers 10,000 contacts and starts at $3,600 monthly. 

HubSpot Features

HubSpot is a rather complex piece of software with functionalities spanning from email marketing to CRM, social media management, and lead management. Here are some of the most critical features for lead generation:

  • Unified dashboard - Track the performance of marketing efforts, measure engagement across channels, and analyze sales team performance in one place;
  • Email marketing - Quickly send automated kickback or personalized marketing emails;
  • Manage ads - Generate leads through social media ads and automatically sync data into HubSpot;
  • Hundreds of integrations - Connect all your other tools to HubSpot directly or via the Zapier integration.


Picking the right lead generation tool in 2024 might seem daunting, but all you really need to do is review each platform’s capabilities.

FiveCRM is by far the most comprehensive and customizable lead generation tool explicitly built for telemarketers but used by everyone. Start your year with a full pipeline by booking a free demo!

Michael King says...

"I can’t think of a time where a client has requested something that we weren’t able to do with FiveCRM. Unlike most systems, it has a lot of flexibility."

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Managing Director, Senior Response


“Each client, and each of their campaigns, has its own unique specifications. We essentially needed to set up mini CRMs on one platform to meet those requirements.”

Improve your outbound efficiency now

Operations Director, Team Telemarketing

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