9 New features to look for in a customer service CRM - Part 2

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With the advent of mobile phones, social media, emails, and other online services, consumers now spend most of their time on phones exploring and seeking now purchasing possibilities. This is one of the main reasons it has become imperative for businesses to adapt to providing proactive customer services and communications.

There are several interactive social media tools and other ways of communication for consumers to be able to get in touch with companies they want to and they also expect brands to be more open and transparent about their operations. Not just that, customers expect brands to understand them and their interests better, thus offering consistent customer services across every channel.

Customer Service CRMs are the perfect remedy to stay on top of your game and not just provide exceptional customer service but also go beyond that.

Features to look for in a Customer Service CRM

AI-based features

Customer Service CRM technology has started employing smart tools for service responses, automation, predictive analysis, and more. AI-based features help reps understand customer behaviour, analyse their habits, as well as make data-driven predictions. It offers reps the ability to correctly schedule tasks for attaining efficient workflows, as well as helps predict future revenue generation based on what the status of the sales pipeline is.

360-degree view of customer data

Having a complete 360-degree view of all your customer data is one of the most useful and important features a CRM offers. This is because it allows reps to have every insight on not just the customers' details, but also preferences and purchase behaviours, allowing them to take more thought-out steps and create targeted campaigns.

Cloud-based Customer Service CRM solutions

Cloud-based Customer Service CRM solutions are in high demand as they are easy to access from anywhere and are also much easier to install and use as compared to on-premise systems. Since everything is stored on the cloud, businesses don't require heavy-duty servers to run them, reducing the need for training and induction activities as well.

Customer service CRM and IoT integration

Taking instant actions on customer service requests and resolving them as soon as possible is the need of the hour. With the use of IoT services, Customer Service CRM can provide real-time communication for having seamless interactions with customers. With continuous exchange of data, reps can take prompt actions based on real-time information.

Voice-based UI integrations

Conversational and voice-based UI integrations for Customer Service CRMs can greatly increase accessibility for customers and make interactions much easier. In fact, research by Adobe shows that almost 94% of users consider voice technology an easy to use option.

Improving processes by using the right Customer Service CRM solutions can help in going beyond just offering better customer services. With comprehensive CRM platforms, it is easier to combine departments and offer seamless services across them all. Get an extensive and scalable solution that not just covers improved customer service but also internal workflows. Look for the above feature in a CRM to make the end customer happy, as well as improve business operations internally.

If you are looking for a flexible, robust, scalable, and customisable Customer Service CRM solution, get in touch with FIVE CRM. We offer a plethora of features that can help you step up your game and attract the right customers for your brand.

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