9 New features to look for in a customer service CRM - Part 1

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Customer service has moved well past the days of using first-name salutations and ensuring that queries are met on time. Consumers these days have evolved and now require a higher level of personalisation, which is why businesses need to be more proactive with the way they deal with their prospects and customers.

Research by Industry Today forecasts that the CRM software market is one of the biggest and fastest-growing ones ever and by the year 2025, the global revenue gained from CRM software will reach up to $80 Billion.

This only further shows that businesses need to be proactive about implementing and using Customer Service CRMs. They are much more inclusive and comprehensive in terms of functionality and maintaining customer relationships, and also affect internal workflows that are required to make stronger customer relationships.

Features to look for in a Customer Service CRM

Social CRM

With social media, emails, and messaging on mobile phones gaining more traction, it is only smart to invest more in social CRM tools that offer networking presence and analytical features to get deep insight into what prospects and customers think about your brand. Social CRM solutions come with 'social listening' tools that allow businesses to always be aware of conversations, complaints, industry trends, and more, offering a competitive advantage.

All-inclusive CRM solutions

Holistic Customer Service CRM solutions that include a wide variety of tools have gained popularity because they offer solutions for every department of the business. They effectively combine features for marketing, sales, customer relationship, customer service, analytics, social media, and more. All-encompassing CRM platforms make it easier for sales and marketing reps to manage the various segments of a customer's journey as well.

CRM workflow automation tools

It is no secret that automation tools are the way to go if you want to boost efficiency and productivity. Whether you are using your Customer Service CRM for social communications, marketing, or sales campaigns, adopting workflow automation tools speeds up redundant and mundane tasks. By optimising workflows with a combination of automated and manual processes, reps can reap the complete benefits that CRM systems offer.

Mobile optimisation

Mobile-based CRM solutions are extremely useful due to the rampant use of mobile phones by customers. Research by Forrester states that by using a mobile CRM, almost 50% of marketing and sales teams improved their productivity. Mobile-optimised solutions are great for creating continual and seamless interactions with prospects and customers online. Mobile-based CRM solutions also facilitate prompt responses to customer requests, queries, and comments.

There is no doubt that businesses need to up their game and start integrating the latest CRM technologies in order to provide enhanced customer services. It is imperative that companies grow and evolve along with their customers to stay on the same page and also stay on top of upcoming trends and features. The above features in a Customer Service CRM will help you stay ahead of your competition.

If you are looking for a flexible, robust, scalable, and customisable Customer Service CRM solution, get in touch with FIVE CRM. We offer a plethora of features that can help you step up your game and attract the right customers for your brand.

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