8 Buyer Motives B2B Sales Reps Should Know About

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In this article, you'll gain insight into the various factors that motivate customers to choose one product over another and how sales reps can leverage these motivators to make a sale. Discover the importance of understanding buyer motives and how they influence consumer behavior.

Key Takeaways:

  • Uses and advantages of a product or service are crucial for businesses to make informed decisions.
  • Creating excitement and a sense of urgency can influence purchasing behavior.
  • Improvement, health and well-being, and return on investment are important factors for consumers.
  • Competency and credibility of a company can impact B2B purchase decisions.
  • Utilizing an effective CRM database can help analyze and determine buyer motives, aiding sales reps in their efforts.

What are the factors that consumers consider when buying one product over another? What is that one element that makes them take the final decision? Understanding buyer motives has been a long-standing puzzle for businesses and unfortunately, it isn't as easy as singling out one factor. 

There are various motives that customers consider and you can't just pinpoint the price, product features, or customer service as what's working or what's not. For some, it could be as easy as picking what is cheaper, but most customers like to do their research and compare many factors before they come to their final purchase decisions.

Here are some of the top motivators that consumers look at and sales reps can leverage to make their next sale.

Uses and advantages

One of the top motives for businesses to purchase a product for their company is when they actually require it. Gauging its advantages and uses, they make sure to pick a product or service that is the need of the hour for their brand to be more successful.

Make sure customers know about what you are offering and what products or services are available for purchase when required. Creating awareness about the problems your products and services can solve will make it easier for companies to know whether you are a good fit for them and what are the benefits of purchasing from you.

Level of excitement

Creating a level of excitement around your products can help push consumers to make a purchase. Though this tactic works better for impulse purchases related to B2C sales, it's not impossible to use for B2B sales as well. Get people excited about your products and their advantages and use it as a way to build longer-term relationships with your client base.

To buy what is urgent

Consumers have a tendency to give importance to something that is urgent and they have a fear of missing out. Marketing your products and services as the next must-have can help create this urgency but your product needs to be able to back up that claim.

Improvement and betterment

2021 is a year that every business and professional is trying to better themselves and their work processes in order to be more efficient and reduce operational costs. This has now also become a factor that motivates purchasing since everyone is on the look out for products and services that can fulfill improvement aspirations.

Health and well-being

Another prevalent buying trend in 2021 has been health and well-being due to the ongoing worldwide Corona-virus pandemic. Many consumers are concerned about the physical and mental health implications on the market. Focus on the benefits regarding well-being that your company can give clients and motivate buyers.

Return on Investment

Financial gain is one of the key factors that motivate businesses to invest in a product or service. Clearly market how your brand can help other businesses increase their ROI as well as profits. Show the numbers and facts to back up your data as money can speak volumes!


A main motivator for B2B purchases is the competency of the company and how efficiently you can help customers. Using customer reviews and feedback to show people your past client relationships and experience can help instil that image in the minds of your prospects.


Being credible is another main factor that works hand in hand with competency. Publishing value-adding content can help establish you as an authority figure in the industry. Share quality content such as blogs, articles, white papers, statistics, and more pertaining to your field or industry.

While pinpointing exact customer buying motivations is rather tough, the above list can help sales reps better understand motives and try to apply them. Making sure your team stays on top of these factors can help with selling the right features and benefits to the right clients and convert more leads!

Using an effective CRM database is the key to successfully gathering the right customer information to analyse and determine buyer motives. It aids B2B sales reps in collecting your client and prospect data, as well as maintaining, updating, and analysing it in a systematic format. Having such data easily available to sales reps at the touch of a button is one of the best ways to create invaluable relationships.

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