7 Lead Nurturing Tips Everyone Must Try

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Lead nurturing is a vital part of the sale and marketing process and can be best described when compared to a house plant. Think of your leads like plants growing in your house - in order for the plant to grow, you need to provide water, nutrients, sunlight when the plant requires it. Too much or too little of any may kill it.

Now, apply the same principle to your lead. Lead nurturing refers to the 'nurturing' or taking care of your leads' needs depending on where they stand in your sales cycle so you can push them closer to a sale and becoming a customer with your company.

All companies must ensure that they are nurturing their leads so as to not lose potential customers. Here are some must try tips for effective lead nurturing.

Understand your leads

How can you sell to leads if you don't know what they want? Make sure to get all the information on your leads - their problems, their likes and dislikes, their needs and such that your company can fulfil. Creating buyer personas is a good way to get and collate all this necessary information and segregate your buyers in different categories.

These profiles of your ideal buyers can be created by doing a survey and can help you carefully understand your leads, letting you provide just what they need in time to move along the sales pipeline.

Lead lifecycle stages

Lead lifecycle stages help you understand where in the buying journey the lead is in. By analysing their place in the lifecycle stages, you can provide them with exactly what they need to move forward and make a purchase.

These stages can be determined as per the needs of your business, but the most common ones include Unknown Lead, Known Lead, Engaged Lead, Marketing Qualified Lead, Sales Qualified Lead, Opportunity, and Customer.

Engage your leads

Make your leads feel valued and special by personalising all communications with them. This doesn't just end at adding their name in the email. You can also personalise the content you send to them depending on their location, buying behaviour, interests, etc. This will allow you to only deliver highly relevant information to them every time and get a higher engagement level.

Inbound content is a great way to nurture leads in the early stages of the lead lifecycle. It helps provide the information your lead needs and pushes them along the pipeline by building trust. Since inbound content aims to educate and not sell, it is a great tool to better your brand management initiatives as well.

Monitor the leads

Once your lead lifecycle stages are defined, you know where in the process the leads lie and what you need to do to move them along. Analyse how slowly or quickly the leads are moving from one stage to the next, and if they are piling up at a particular stage, what the issue is.

Monitoring the leads in this way allows you to have a smooth flow of continuous leads and that is critical to having a great lead nurturing strategy.

Always be available

When leads want to contact you and get more information about your products and services, you should always be available or else they can easily move on to another brand. It is best to have multiple ways available to contact you and communicate with you, whether it is a phone number or email id.

You can also have a live chat assistant to provide instant contact or offer online appoint scheduling for easily connecting with each other in a meeting.

Leverage the power of social media

Social media ads are a great way to reach large audiences in a targeted way and also within a budget. These ads allow you to market to the exact demographic you are looking for and if your ad is executed properly, the return on investment on it is very high. Make sure to use images that are eye catching and engaging language that makes leads excited to know more.

Running contests and offers on social media is also a great way to capture and nurture leads. It also works as an effective tactic for engagement.

Engagement with landing pages

When you send out emails or create a post on social media, it should always link back to a landing page that explains amore about your product or service to the lead. This Call To Action that makes people click on the link must be enticing, because once they click on the link half your work is done.

The next half can be done by creating enticing and informative landing pages that can push the lead to do what there are on the website to do, whether it is fill out a survey, watch a video, or buy a product.

The landing page must inspire the lead to go to the next step in the buying process and not shut the page and move on instead.

Nurturing leads to move along in the sales cycle is not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is put yourself in the leads' place and think about what they would need in order to make a purchase from you.

Keeping that in mind, lead nurturing and having a complete view of the lead lifecycle can be made much easier with the use of a Customer Relationship Management software. Try our FIVE CRM software to know more about it's benefits for lead nurturing!

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