7 Creative Sales Prospecting Tricks To Try Next

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The success of any sales team largely depends on how adept they are at handling everyday routines as well as making time for scheduling high-value activities with prospects. Whether it is meeting them, emailing, or speaking over the phone, sales prospecting is a necessary process to ensure further sales are made and reps aren't just wasting their time.

While many sales reps employ tried and tested ways of sales prospecting, there are now several new and valuable opportunities available to try. Instead of staying stuck on one path and missing out, why not try non-traditional methods to get prospects on your radar?

Here are some creative prospecting techniques for finding high-value prospects that you may not have tried before.

Make a website for referrals

Referrals are one of the best ways to find new prospects that already have some interest in your company. If you have the resources, creating a separate website just for referrals makes it easy for customers and contacts to forward leads to you.

Ensure that this website only caters to prospects and instantly makes its message clear. Add a video about your brand, relevant business features, products and services offered, and more to instil confidence in your prospects and provide them with an overview of what they can expect if they get into business with you.

You must also add a visible section that prompts the prospect to take the next step or a certain action. Offer a free e-book, vlog, or other such valuable content in exchange for their contact details and name. You can even add an easy button to schedule a meeting or call to make things quicker.

Visit client events

Staying in contact with your customers is not just great to ensure you have loyal clients who trust you, but they are also a resource for prospective clients. Make sure to attend customer events, conferences, and other professional gatherings you are invited to as they will give you the chance to meet businesses with like-minded problems and needs as your present customer does.

Complimentary consultations

While time is of the essence for every sales rep, hosting complimentary consultations can be a highly successful way of finding good-fit prospects. If you have the know-how and knowledge to solve a particular industry problem and also want to increase your brand's reach, choosing to provide 20 to 60 minute sessions that can help prospects solve them can greatly help.

The length of each consultation should depend on the deal size and complexity of the issue. By honing in on your target audience and providing solutions, you can then establish yourself as an expert in the field. This would also mean that when other prospects are looking for similar solutions, you will naturally be their first choice.

Send out a valuable gift

While it is easy for your clients to find e-books, blogs, seminars, and other such knowledge-oriented content you've uploaded on your website, sending them a more tangible and value-adding gift can help build a stronger understanding between you two.

Sending a book to your prospect is a tried and tested way to efficiently catch their attention. For one, everyone loves receiving a surprise package! Another advantage is that the prospect feels obligated to respond to you and reciprocate the gesture by at least thanking you. Thirdly, you have the added benefit of demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in the industry or field by picking a book that resonates with the prospect's challenges and interests.

On an individual level, identify the prospect's interests and pick books that will intrigue them instead of randomly sending out the newest bestseller. Even if you don't make a deal, you will at the most leave a very favourable impression and may have the chance to get an appointment in the near future.

Target niche groups

Starting or joining a niche group is a great way to prospect and find more relevant leads for your business. Whether you choose to do it online via Facebook and LinkedIn or choose to do in-person meet-ups, it allows you to find leads in a targeted way. They offer you a medium to pitch your expertise where needed and create a space for yourself as an industry leader.

When online, join relevant groups where your ideal customer could be found. But instead of directly commenting and spamming the page, first take the time to know the people who are there and the kind of content that they are interested in.

Just being "seen" or making your presence felt is not the point here - you need to rather create an environment of cordial and value-adding exchanges. Take the time to answer queries directed at you but keep the conversations private so as to not saturate your pitch and spam others with the same content over and over.

On a personal level, meeting new prospects at marketing events, professional gatherings, and conventions is a great way to make contacts. Attending in-person meet-ups provides you with a space where like-minded people want to talk about problems that you can provide an answer to with your products or services.

Be a matchmaker

People are usually more receptive to requests when they are also getting something of value in return. Make it a habit to reach out to customers from time to time and ask them if they are in need of any employees, customers, partners, suppliers, manufacturers, and such. Helping them make valuable connections can in turn lead them to connect you with potential leads and buyers.

Create strategic alliances

A great way to find qualified leads is by partnering with other companies that have a similar target audience. This co-marketing technique allows both companies to share a wealth of information with each other. For doing this, first identify other companies your customers are purchasing from. Creating such a list can help you form a fruitful alliance with like-minded brands that are also trying to find similar prospects.

Get valuable insight about your target audience as well as tried and tested knowledge on everything from recent buying trends to sales suggestions. This also benefits your prospects as they will be able to get assured recommendations from you, which they can trust.

Prospecting doesn't have to be as difficult as some reps believe it to be. With the right strategies and tactics, it is very easy to gather leads that have a high possibility of turning into buying customers. Using some of these above creative sales ideas can help you find new avenues and opportunities you may not have explored before.

What can help you further succeed in sales prospecting is adding a robust and scalable Customer Relationship Management software to the mix. Such a system will provide you with automated tools to find the right prospecting tactics, qualifying leads, keeping an eye on the sales pipeline, lead nurturing, and much more.

If you're looking for such a software, get in touch with FIVE CRM to know more about how our system can help your business.

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