6 Appointment Scheduling Mistakes To Avoid

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Without a schedule or an organised way of doing things, it is difficult for professionals to run their business or everyday work. Having numerous schedules and activities lined up is a part and parcel of work, but without a certain organised way of dealing with them, it can be extremely burdening.

Appointment scheduling can be automated to help in alleviating this pain and reducing the amount of manual work reps and managers do when communicating with clients and business partners.

While this is largely seen as a sales enablement feature, it can definitely yield great results when used with a streamlined process. Automation can considerably reduce the work it takes a rep to set up the next time for communication, but automation can only work well when you use the correct elements to set it up.

Use the two in tandem to avoid pitfalls during automated appointment scheduling and ensure proper and on time communication always.

Sending out an email without attaching the calendar link

When sending an email as part of your nurturing campaign, you must always attach a link to your calendar. Adding your contact number and email is the norm but there needs to be a more instant way for prospects and customers who are interested in your brand to get in touch with you.

Attaching a calendar link to your email will allow them to quickly schedule calls and product demos as needed. To make it simpler, you can also just add your calendar link in the email signature.

Not Using appointment scheduling and lead generation together

Appointment scheduling can be used to generate leads and helps sales enablement in various ways. For instance, website contact forms are integrated with contact management as well as online scheduling. These forms generate a lot of leads when placed on relevant webpages using the right CTA button. Leads can be generated using the contact information captured.

Not using SMS and email reminders

With the busy schedules everyone has these days, there are many times your client may forget that they have a call or meeting scheduled with you. Unfortunately, this wastes appointment slots for the reps trying to make contact.

Using SMS and email reminders is a great way to solve this dilemma and offer a quick and subtle way to intimate the customer you have the scheduled appointment with. Using a CRM, run a campaign to send out SMS and email reminders to your customers or prospects.

You have a lot of appointments, but not with the correct prospects

Once you've shared your calendar link through several emails and websites, there's a good chance it will be filled with appointments throughout the month. While that is a good thing, it can also lead to calls with prospects who aren't the right fit for your company.

Without the prospect belonging to your target market, there is no point in going through with the scheduled call. You need to find the right customers before scheduling the appointments. This can be done by refining your appointment scheduling software so that you only get requests for appointment booking when someone asks for a specific solution. You can then also profile your prospects and accordingly accept their requests.

Recurring visitors aren't getting enough information

It is important for companies to offer all the required information upfront to prospects and customers. This includes fees for appointments and visits, which is why their payable dues need to be made clear before they can schedule appointments or next visits.

Using a customer-friendly appointment scheduling software can help your clients and prospects establish recurring visits as well as request reminders right on their mobile devices. This also provides a way for them to track their expenses.

Not using a payment system integration

If your company charges an appointment or consultation fees, then you can route the calendar link through a payment gateway. This offers an easy-to-use payment option for your customer and they wouldn't have to search for options. You can also track your invoices more efficiently when doing so.

There are several ways an appointment scheduling software can benefit your company. The usage of automation tools to take care of several tasks alone is enough to lessen the burden that many reps face. All you need to do is avoid the above pitfalls and make use of a Customer Relationship Management software to help optimise your time.

FIVE CRM is one such platform that offers appointment scheduling as well as several other features that help businesses create efficient processes. Contact us now to know more.

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