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5 Best Telesales CRM Software for 2022: Reviews & Pricing

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A standard customer relationship management (CRM) system helps call centers track communications, update contact information, and nurture customer relationships. Software like Salesforce centralizes customer data, making it easier to organize information and run account-based marketing campaigns. Telesales CRM software, on the other hand, specifically benefits outbound sales teams that want to move prospective customers through their marketing funnels. It includes all the features you'll find in a typical CRM but adds functions that facilitate telemarketing, such as progressive dialers and click-to-dial functionality.

In this blog post, learn about the five best telesales CRM software tools and how FiveCRM automates many of the tasks associated with telemarketing. 

Key Takeaways:
  1. Telesales CRM systems automate many outbound marketing tasks in your call center. These tools have functions such as customer databases, omnichannel communications, progressive dialers, and employee collaboration features.
  2. The best telesales CRM software can improve account management and help sales reps engage with prospects and customers over the phone.
  3. Contact centers like yours can use telesales CRM software to improve call quotas and decrease the duration between dials.
  4. The five CRM telesales software tools on this list offer different features, pricing models, and product demo options.
  5. FiveCRM is a CRM built for call centers with telesales features such as progressive/preview dialers, database storage, and marketing tools.

Advantages of Telesales CRM

Here are some of the benefits of investing in a CRM for telesales:

  • Advanced dialing options - Many traditional CRMs only take care of account and contact management. Investing in a telesales CRM solution means agents can automatically dial leads on their contact lists, improving call center efficiency. The best telesales software includes dialing options such as power dialing, predictive dialing, and progressive dialing.
  • Better Metrics - Regular CRMs won't provide the metrics required for advanced telemarketing campaigns. A telesales CRM, however, can generate real-time data about outbound campaigns, helping agents learn more about prospective customers. For example, reps can discover which prospects are likely to make a purchase at any given time.
  • More Successful Sales Calls - Telesales CRM features like automated call guides and scripts help agents engage with prospects over the phone and improve lead generation opportunities. These features can increase revenue in your call center and enhance the customer experience.
  • Call Recording - Many telesales CRM solutions enable you to record calls (or sync its software with third-party tools that record calls), helping you improve quality assurance and compliance in your call center. By recording calls, you can enhance training objectives and ensure reps generate more leads.
  • Omnichannel Communications - Telesales CRM tools improve omnichannel campaigns with features such as in-built email marketing, helping you nurture leads across different channels. SMS marketing can also support telesales and reach more customers.

Comparison Table of Telesales CRM Software

Compare the top five telesales CRM solutions in this table:

Price Free trial/product demo? Best for Features
FiveCRM From $70 per license, with discounts for additional licenses Free live demo Call centers of all sizes 999 separate databases, unlimited storage, analytics, lead scoring, specialized marketing tools, auto-dialing, preview dialing, predictive dialing
Five9 N/A No free trial or product demo Small businesses Various dialing options, simple drag-and-drop interface, speech-to-text conversion
CallPro CRM N/A Live demo Small-to-medium businesses Multiple databases, in-built email marketing, call scripts
8x8 From $12 per user per month 1-month free trial Small-to-medium businesses Professional greetings, music on hold, Real-time analytics, DNC compliance
noCRM.io From $12 per user per month 15-day free trial Small businesses GDPR compliance, email integration, in-built prospecting lists

Best Telesales CRM Software

Here is a list of the top five telesales CRM solutions for 2022:

1. FiveCRM

FiveCRM dashboard

FiveCRM is a CRM system for call centers that comes with a wealth of telesales functionality. As well as all the account and contact management features of a typical CRM, this platform automatically dials contacts via VoIP, reducing any wasted time between calls. By automatically dialing prospects, you can improve call productivity and allow reps to focus on lead generation and other marketing tasks.

FiveCRM takes security and compliance seriously, helping you improve telesales without worrying about cybercrime or data governance. The platform's suite of security features lets you safeguard sensitive data, while in-built GDPR compliance ensures you don't receive expensive penalties when processing and managing customer information.

FiveCRM also comes with analytical tools that generate insights into outbound marketing campaigns. Agents can use these insights to improve communication with prospects and close more deals. For example, reps can discover high-value leads likely to make a purchase and nurture these potential customers with the right marketing messages.

FiveCRM Key Features

  • FiveCRM boosts sales efficiency with workflow automation, call management, and streamlined sales processes. In-built call guides and scripts guide agents during calls and improve engagement.
  • This CRM telesales solution lets you manage up to 999 separate databases. You also get unlimited data storage, helping you scale your business operations.
  • Specialized marketing and performance tools track operational performance and automate lead generation. That helps reps capture high-value leads and improve revenue in your call center.
  • Lead scoring features allow agents to move the highest-value prospects through their sales and marketing funnels without any of the administrative work associated with this process.
  • As well as auto-dialing, FiveCRM comes with progressive, preview, and power dialers.
  • FiveCRM is an easy-to-use platform that centralizes customer relationship management and telesales.

FiveCRM Pricing

FiveCRM's plan for U.S. customers starts from $70 per license, with discounts available for additional licenses. Unlike other CRMs, there are no add-ons required. You will receive features such as consolidated reporting, auto-dialing/hang-up, power dialing, preview dialing, unlimited data storage, call recording, 7,000 call minutes within North America, up to 999 separate databases, and a free Windows smartphone. You can sample FiveCRM's features with a live demo.


Five CRM could double your call rate compared to traditional CRMs, making it one of the best telesales solutions on the market. The platform helps call centers with 5-250+ seats and boosts organizational efficiency with reporting, dialing, security, and account management features. Perfect for both B2B and B2C environments, FiveCRM makes telesales less of a chore.

Get FiveCRM now to learn more.

2. Five9

Five9 dashboard

Unlike FiveCRM, Five9 is not a CRM system but a cloud telemarketing tool that helps agents deliver better-quality experiences to prospects over the phone. You can sync the platform with various CRMs and combine telesales with customer relationship management.

One of the best features of Five9 is its advanced analytical tools that generate real-time intelligence into your call center operations. You can view data about customers and marketing processes via reports, heatmaps, and charts and share these insights with reps. The platform also offers call routing, allowing the best-qualified agents to connect with customers.

Five9 Key Features

  • Five9 comes with various dialing options, helping agents communicate with prospects without any manual work. These options include progressive dialing, power dialing, and preview dialing.
  • The platform can convert text to speech, allowing you to compile transcripts of outbound calls. You can use these transcripts for quality assurance and better training outcomes.
  • Five9 has a simple drag-and-drop interface, allowing agents to execute day-to-day telemarketing tasks in your call center.

Five9 Pricing

Unfortunately, Five9 doesn't publish any prices on its website, making it difficult to compare the tool with other products on this list. You will need to contact Five9's developers for a personalized pricing quote. There is currently no Five9 free trial or product demo.


While Five9 offers various dialing options and advanced analytics, you need to sync the platform with your existing CRM for more effective telesales. However, this tool is easy to use and can even convert text to speech, helping you improve compliance in your organization.

Learn more about Five9.

3. CallPro CRM

CallPro CRM dashboard

CallPro CRM is a software system that facilitates telesales operations. It has a progressive dialer that reduces the time spent manually dialing contacts and social media tools that allow agents to look up prospects before engaging with them over the phone.

Another great feature of CallPro CRM is its ability to create outbound campaigns based on specific customer parameters and behaviors. For example, you can target a particular demographic during a telesales campaign and source high-value leads interested in your products and services. CallPro CRM also has in-built SMS functionality, helping you communicate with prospects via text message.

CallPro CRM Features

  • CallPro offers multiple databases and lots of data storage, helping your call center scale its operations.
  • In-built email marketing allows agents to communicate with prospects via email before calling them.
  • Call scripts guide agents during phone communications and ensure prospects receive the correct information about products and services.

CallPro CRM Pricing

Like Five9, CallPro CRM doesn't publish prices on its website. You will need to contact the platform's developers for a custom quote. CallPro CRM currently offers a live demo.


CallPro CRM is a fully-functional CRM with additional features for telesales. Although it's difficult to compare this platform with others on the market because of a lack of pricing information, CallPro CRM can execute telesales operations with features such as progressive dialing, in-built email and SMS marketing, and call scripts.

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4. 8x8

8x8 dashboard

8x8 is a call management solution and telephony system that telesales teams can use to improve outbound campaigns. You can sync the tool with CRMs like FiveCRM and successfully manage customer relationships.

This platform provides you with multiple functions for better telesales. With unlimited calls in the U.S. and Canada, you can target North American prospects with specific marketing messages and generate more revenue. 8x8's software is straightforward to use, allowing you to manage calls in your organization with a few clicks of a mouse.

8x8 Key Features

  • Create professional greetings and customized music on hold for prospects.
  • 8x8 supports the Do Not Call Registry (DNC), allowing you to contact more prospects without ending up on spam lists.
  • Generate insights about telesales with real-time analytical tools.

8x8 Pricing

8x8 costs from $12 per user per month. Premium plans offer additional features such as predictive dialing. You can sign up for a 1-month 8x8 trial.


8x8 improves call management and telesales in your organization with its in-built telephony system. However, you need to sync the platform with a CRM like FiveCRM for improved account management. 8X8 complies with DNC and allows you to create custom greetings, giving your call center a more professional feel.

Learn more about 8x8.

5. noCRM.io

noCRM.io dashboard

noCRM.io is a lead management tool that can help telesales teams improve the quality of their calls. Features such as custom sales scripts support reps during calls, while personalized visual sales pipelines provide a 360-degree overview of telesales processes in your contact center.

noCRM.io Key Features

  • noCRM.io complies with GDPR requirements, helping you manage customer data and avoid expensive penalties.
  • Built-in prospecting lists allow agents to find high-value customers to nurture and move through their sales pipelines.
  • Email integration lets you improve omnichannel marketing and reach more customers.
  • Real-time analytics generate intelligence about telesales tasks, allowing agents to focus on prospects that will generate the most revenue.

noCRM.io Pricing

noCRM.io offers three plans, billed annually, with prices starting from $12 per user per month. There is also a month-to-month option without a contract. You can sign up for a 15-day noCRM.io trial and sample the platform's features.


noCRM.io helps you centralize your telesales efforts with built-in prospecting lists, email marketing, and real-time analytics. You can also comply with GDPR requirements when handling large amounts of customer data. Like nearly every telesales software tool on the market, you will need to sync this platform with your current CRM for the best results.

Learn more about noCRM.io.

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A CRM for telesales system streamlines outbound marketing tasks in your call center, helping agents to close more deals and increase revenue opportunities. When deciding between platforms, consider features, pricing, capabilities, and free trial and demo options. Your chosen software should suit the needs of your telesales team and provide ongoing value.

FiveCRM combines customer relationship and telesales tasks with features such as account management, auto-dialing, database storage, and in-built marketing. Discover FiveCRM now.

FAQ Section

Q: What is telesales CRM software?

 A: Telesales CRM software is a specialized customer relationship management system designed specifically for telesales teams. It helps streamline and optimize the telesales process by providing tools for lead management, call tracking, sales automation, and performance analytics.

Q: How does telesales CRM software benefit businesses?

A: Telesales CRM software offers several benefits to businesses, including improved sales efficiency, enhanced lead management, streamlined communication, better customer insights, and increased productivity. It helps telesales teams effectively manage their leads, track call activities, and close deals more efficiently.

Q: What features should I look for in telesales CRM software?

A: When choosing telesales CRM software, look for features such as contact management, lead tracking, call logging, sales pipeline management, integration with phone systems, automated dialing, performance analytics, and reporting. These features are essential for optimizing telesales operations.

Q: Can telesales CRM software integrate with other business systems?

A: Yes, many telesales CRM software solutions offer integration capabilities with other business systems such as customer support software, marketing automation platforms, and email marketing tools. This enables seamless data flow and enhances overall sales and marketing effectiveness.

Q: Is training and support provided for telesales CRM software?

A: Most telesales CRM software providers offer training and support to help businesses get started and make the most of the software. They provide resources like documentation, video tutorials, and customer support channels to address any questions or issues that may arise.

Q: How scalable is telesales CRM software?

A: Telesales CRM software is designed to be scalable, accommodating the growth and changing needs of businesses. It can handle increasing call volumes, expanding sales teams, and growing customer databases. Make sure to choose a software solution that offers the scalability required for your business.

Q: Can I customize telesales CRM software to match my business processes?

A: Many telesales CRM software solutions offer customization options to align with your specific business processes. This allows you to tailor the software to match your workflow, terminology, and unique requirements, enhancing its effectiveness for your telesales operations.

Q: How can I choose the right telesales CRM software for my business?

A: To choose the right telesales CRM software, consider factors such as your business requirements, budget, scalability needs, integration capabilities, ease of use, customer support, and user reviews. Requesting demos and trials can help you evaluate the software's suitability for your specific needs.

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