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10 Tips To Use CRM Telephony For Driving Sales

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In today's digital age, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services have not just become more popular, but they are also more affordable and effective. VoIP is at such a rapid rise that it is expected to grow more than 17% by 2025! The use of Sales Telephony in conjunction with a Customer Relationship Management software is a great way to significantly increase calling efficiency, convert more leads, and drive more sales.

CRM Telephony is also considered the future of sales and makes a cost-effective solution. There are various reasons for sales teams to use VoIP services for their sales processes, but how is it done?

Here are 10 tips for using CRM Telephony to drive sales.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Seamless integration: CRM telephony brings telephone communication directly into your CRM system, allowing for efficient and streamlined sales activities.
  2. Enhanced productivity: Click-to-call functionality and automatic call logging save time and effort, enabling sales reps to focus on engaging with prospects and customers.
  3. Personalized interactions: Access to customer information during calls empowers sales reps to have more personalized conversations, leading to better relationship building and improved customer engagement.
  4. Call efficiency and analytics: CRM telephony automates call logging, recording, and analytics, providing valuable insights for performance evaluation, training, and quality assurance.
  5. Remote sales enablement: CRM telephony supports remote sales teams, enabling them to make and receive calls from anywhere with internet access, ensuring seamless communication.
  6. Integration with other channels: CRM telephony can integrate with other communication channels, enabling a comprehensive view of customer interactions and facilitating better coordination and follow-ups.
  7. Scalability: CRM telephony solutions are designed to scale with growing businesses, accommodating increasing call volumes, user accounts, and integration needs.
  8. Improved collaboration: CRM telephony enhances sales team collaboration by providing visibility into call activities, facilitating real-time coaching, and enabling the sharing of call recordings and notes.
  9. Compliance considerations: Ensure compliance with call recording and data privacy regulations by choosing a CRM telephony solution that includes necessary features like consent management and call recording controls.
  10. FiveCRM's transformative solution: Experience the power of FiveCRM's CRM telephony solution to revolutionize your sales process, drive efficiency, personalize interactions, and boost revenue growth.

Table of Contents

Finding the right CRM for your business

Making sure that you are using the correct Customer Relationship Management software for your business can help your sales team get exactly the data they require to drive more sales. This data offers a significant amount of insight into leads and prospects, allowing reps to easily engage with them and have every required detail at hand. Getting a 360-degree contact view helps with better communication and increasing sales.

Collection of the correct data

Every business has its requirements for the kind of data they want to collect, analyze, and store. Your chosen CRM must have the ability to provide these functionalities of collecting and collating the right data about your contacts. This is also important because having the right information gives your sales reps the opportunity to customize the conversation before the call and engage them better.

There are various types of customer information that you can collect and use such as industry segment, past purchase behavior's, contact details, job title, number of employees, annual revenue, location, interests, social media engagement, the content they have consumed, and much more.

Auto-dialing functionality

Auto-dialing functionality is a big factor that promotes productivity and cuts down the time spent on repetitive tasks. When using such an automation tool, you have the option to filter out a list of qualified leads and then use this auto-dialling feature that will place a call to each person on that list without the rep having to dial each one individually. This becomes a significant time-saver when you're making several calls each day and trying to target a high number of leads.

Call recording and reviewing

Having the option to record the calls is a great way for sales reps to go back and review them. This functionality helps in training of reps as reviewing calls can shed light on what they are doing right or wrong in driving sales. It also allows the team leads to keep an eye on the overall activity of everyone on the sales team.

Prerecording and sending voicemails

The ability to prerecord voicemail for different situations is another big way to save time and be more efficient for sales reps. Record various voicemails for calls such as follow-ups, new leads, or check-ins and then simply leave the required one incase the lead does not answer the call, without having to record a new one each time.

Integration with third-party applications

Ensure that the Telephony CRM has the ability to integrate with third-party applications. This is required so your reps get seamless access to the contact data and can make calls from the same integrated platform.

Using call scripts

Whether you are a new sales rep or an experienced one, having a calling script at hand can be very useful. Not only are they great for using as a format or framework for the conversation, but they also help reps remember talking points especially needed for certain marketing campaigns. You can always have one readily available when using CRM Telephony and can pull it up on the screen as needed.

Send out automated emails as follow-ups

An advanced CRM platform is capable of having many post-call automation features such as sending pre-drafted follow-up emails. Following up with leads is a necessity for nurturing and plays a part in driving sales. With automated features, sales reps can quickly send the required emails which have already been written for different scenarios at the click of a button.

Taking notes

The ability to take notes while on the call can help reps quickly jot down important points. CRMs with such a feature then add these notes to the call log for that contact, allow reps to easily go back to them when needed.

Managing Call-backs

Managing call-backs is vital for an efficient way of scheduling your time and being pro-active. If you tell a prospect you will call them at 10am next Wednesday, you need to make sure you're there ready to call them. FIVE CRM enables you to schedule a call back or a meeting, by prompting your 'next date' in the account. Once that's done, it will automatically be presented to you at that time as the next record to call. Alternatively you may prefer a popup alarm? Done. Tick the option, and we can alert you when it's time to call your prospect.


By using CRM Telephony, your sales reps will have more time to make calls and reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. With more data and insight, there is better productivity, making engaging conversations is easier, and this can also dramatically increase sales.

Take customer interaction to the next level with CRM Telephony. FiveCRM's scalable software offers industry-leading capabilities, advanced features, as well as third-party integration.

Contact us now to know more about how our all-in-one CRM solution can help you.


1. What is CRM telephony? CRM telephony refers to the integration of telephone communication within a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It enables businesses to make, receive, and manage calls directly from the CRM platform, streamlining sales activities and enhancing customer interactions.

2. How can CRM telephony benefit my sales team? CRM telephony empowers sales teams by providing seamless access to call functionalities within the CRM system. It enables click-to-call capabilities, automatic call logging, call recording, and real-time call analytics. These features enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and improve overall sales performance.

3. Can CRM telephony help improve customer engagement? Absolutely. With CRM telephony, sales reps can easily access customer information during calls, enabling personalized conversations and better relationship building. Integration with CRM data provides insights into customer history, preferences, and previous interactions, allowing for more targeted and meaningful conversations.

4. How does CRM telephony enhance call efficiency? CRM telephony eliminates the need for manual dialing by enabling click-to-call functionality directly from customer records. It automates call logging, saving valuable time for sales reps. Additionally, call recording and analytics provide valuable insights for training, quality assurance, and performance optimization.

5. Is CRM telephony suitable for remote sales teams? Yes, CRM telephony is highly beneficial for remote sales teams. It enables them to make and receive calls from anywhere with internet access, maintaining seamless communication with prospects and customers. The integration with CRM data ensures consistency and access to crucial information, regardless of the sales team's location.

6. Can CRM telephony integrate with other communication channels? Yes, CRM telephony can integrate with other communication channels, such as email, chat, and social media. This integration allows for a holistic view of customer interactions across different touchpoints, enabling better coordination, follow-ups, and a comprehensive understanding of customer engagement.

7. Is CRM telephony scalable for growing businesses? Absolutely. CRM telephony solutions are designed to scale with businesses as they grow. Whether you have a small team or a large sales force, CRM telephony can accommodate increasing call volumes, user accounts, and integration needs, ensuring continued support for your expanding operations.

8. How can CRM telephony improve sales team collaboration? CRM telephony enhances sales team collaboration by providing visibility into call activities and outcomes. Managers can monitor call performance, provide real-time coaching, and share best practices. Additionally, features like call transfers, call notes, and shared call recordings facilitate seamless collaboration among team members.

9. Are there any compliance considerations with CRM telephony? Yes, compliance with relevant regulations, such as call recording and data privacy laws, is crucial when implementing CRM telephony. It's essential to ensure that your CRM telephony solution adheres to legal requirements and provides the necessary features for compliance, such as consent management and call recording controls.

10. How can FiveCRM's CRM telephony solution revolutionize my sales process? FiveCRM offers a powerful CRM telephony solution that seamlessly integrates with your CRM system. With our solution, you can enhance sales team efficiency, personalize customer interactions, gain valuable call insights, and foster collaboration. Experience the transformative impact of CRM telephony on your sales process and drive revenue growth.

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