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10 Best Sales Cadence Tools for 2024

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Sales cadence is a systematic approach to engaging prospects through various communication channels in a predefined sequence and time frame, such as emails, calls, and social media. 

In the competitive landscape of sales, relying solely on spreadsheets or written notes is no longer sufficient for success. To effectively manage your sales cadence sequence, leveraging a capable tool is essential.

In this article, we delve into the top sales cadence tools for 2024, aimed at elevating your sales process and enhancing productivity. These tools are tailored to streamline outreach efforts, enhance follow-up strategies, and ultimately drive more successful deal closures.

Key Takeaways

  • Sales cadence tools streamline communication with prospects through predefined sequences and time frames, ensuring consistent and effective outreach.
  • These tools are designed for sales teams, helping them stay organized, increase productivity, and enhance lead generation and conversion rates.
  • A good sales cadence tool can help automate repetitive tasks, allowing sales reps to focus on building relationships and closing deals.
  • Sales cadence tools often integrate with CRM systems, providing seamless data synchronization and reducing manual data entry.
  • When choosing a sales cadence tool, consider its features, ease of use, customization options, and compatibility with your existing systems.

Table of Contents

Best Sales Cadence Tools for 2024

Choose the Right Sales Cadence Tool for your Team


Best Sales Cadence Tools for 2024

Here are the top sales cadence tools for 2024 that can revolutionize your sales process and boost your team's performance.


FIVE Pricing, Alternatives & More 2023 - Capterra

FiveCRM is a customizable telemarketing CRM platform designed to cater to the specific needs of businesses. With its ability to support up to 999 fully customizable workspaces, FiveCRM provides unparalleled flexibility in managing customer relationships, workflows, and processes. 

Its powered analytics feature offers valuable insights through dashboard key metrics, while enhanced reports provide performance and KPI data you can rely on. Data management is simplified with automated duplicate removal, filtration, and segmentation. 

FiveCRM’s unparalleled level of customization allows you to tailor the platform to your unique business needs, ensuring it works seamlessly with your existing workflows and processes.


  • Unmatched customization options: FiveCRM provides up to 999 customizable workspaces and data fields to suit any business's needs.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting: FiveCRM’s dashboard metrics and enhanced reports allow for better decision-making based on actionable data.
  • Rich feature set: FiveCRM packs a complete set of features such as AI integration, real-time coaching, automatic dialing, and advanced email campaigns, all included in the standard plan.


  • Potential complexity: So many customization options might be overwhelming for some users.
  • Steeper learning curve: Due to the numerous features, it may take time to master the platform.
  • Limited integration options: FiveCRM may not be compatible with some third-party tools or software.


Outreach Reviews and Pricing 2023

Outreach is a sales engagement platform designed to help businesses accelerate their sales process, improve win rates, and increase revenue. It is powered by industry-leading machine learning algorithms and offers features such as deal health scores, sentiment analysis, A/B testing, and forecast simulation.

The platform's key feature is its ability to seamlessly connect with over 90 applications, helping you unify and consolidate your leads data in a single dashboard.


  • Advanced machine learning capabilities;
  • Extensive integration options;
  • Strong security and governance.


  • Steep learning curve;
  • Prohibitive pricing for smaller businesses or startups;
  • Limited customization compared to some competitors.


Groove Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2023

Groove is a Salesforce-native platform designed to streamline sales processes and improve predictability and consistency for revenue teams. Its features include automated activity capture, multi-step Flows for prospecting, and follow-ups across various channels such as email, SMS, LinkedIn messages, and calls. 

The platform also offers advanced call analytics to identify effective strategies and enhance coaching, as well as AI-driven insights, allowing for better decision-making based on real-time sales activity 


  • Groove seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, providing a unified, easy-to-use platform for sales reps.
  • It supports personalized outreach and follow-ups.
  • The platform provides insights to improve sales call performance and coaching.


  • Groove is designed for Salesforce users only.
  • Users have reported frequent bugs in the UI and when sending email flows.
  • The basic email text editor struggles with tables, bullet lists, and attachments. 

HubSpot Sales

Sales Software for Small to Enterprise Companies | Start for Free

HubSpot Sales is an all-encompassing sales platform and part of the Hubspot ecosystem. It offers meeting schedulers, payment processing, live chat, sales management playbooks, and quotes to help you deepen relationships with prospects and customers. 

The platform also includes sales analytics, reporting, a mobile CRM app, pipeline management, and account-based marketing to ensure a seamless, organized, and data-driven sales experience.


  • Part of the Hubspot ecosystem.
  • Strong analytics and reporting capabilities.
  • Its flexibility makes it a great choice for any type of business.


  • You must purchase the Enterprise plan starting at $1,200/month to access all features.
  • Even though it can connect with all other HubSpot products, you must purchase them separately.
  • Implementing HubSpot Sales into your workflow can take weeks or even longer.


Yesware pricing and options

Yesware is a user-friendly sales platform designed to simplify and optimize the sales process for Gmail and Outlook users. It allows sales teams to track email opens, link clicks, and attachment views, helping them understand prospect engagement. 

The platform simplifies meeting scheduling via Zoom or Microsoft Teams integrations and can even automatically populate your calendar. Moreover, you can use Yesware to easily create multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns and customize them with different touch types, cadence, and recipient options for tailored outreach.


  • Simple to use and seamless integration with Gmail and Outlook.
  • Real-time tracking of opens, clicks, and attachment views.
  • Access a library of proven templates for various stages of the sales cycle.


  • Yesware was built for Gmail and Outlook, which means you should look for an alternative if you do not use these services.
  • The platform primarily focuses on email and calendar apps, with few integrations for other sales tools.
  • The most affordable plan adds Yesware branding to your emails.


VanillaSoft Reviews & Ratings 2023

VanillaSoft is a queue-based sales engagement platform that improves sales efficiency and productivity. With a focus on top-down control of the sales process and cadence control, VanillaSoft streamlines inside sales teams' activities. 

Some of its key features include lead routing, auto-dialing, logical-branch scripting, appointment setting, and lead and sales tracking. You can also use VanillaSoft to populate your sales cadence with fresh prospects directly from its database of over 40 million B2B contacts.


  • VanillaSoft’s queue-based lead routing ensures efficient and effective management of leads.
  • The platform comes with comprehensive communication tools.
  • Provides access to a vast database of B2B contacts for targeted prospecting.


  • No standalone apps for Android or iOS.
  • Reporting is difficult to customize.
  • Customer support is sometimes lacking.


SalesHive Pricing and Reviews

SalesHive is a sales development rep outsourcing agency that also provides a built-in CRM platform. It ensures seamless syncing with internal CRMs using its comprehensive Zapier connector and has some advanced features that can help you optimize your sales cadence process.


  • SalesHive’s emails improve sales cadence effectiveness.
  • Use Zapier to connect SalesHive with any other platform you may use in your organization.
  • Optimize email copy and deliverability through A/B testing and discover what works and what doesn’t.


  • Relies on Zapier for connecting with other CRMs.
  • The core offering is sales development rep outsourcing, which means their focus is not on the CRM platform.
  • If you already have a sales department, there is no reason to pick SalesHive as your CRM due to its expensive plans.


Saleshandy login

SalesHandy is a comprehensive sales engagement and email outreach platform that offers a range of tools to help sales teams scale their efforts and improve deliverability. It allows users to set up personalized follow-ups, create and test multiple email variants, verify prospect lists, and utilize custom merge tags for enhanced personalization. 

The platform helps you efficiently manage and categorize leads and even reply to messages, all from a single interface.


  • SalesHandy provides numerous email personalization options.
  • You can use it to manage everything related to email outreach.
  • Run A/B tests to improve your conversion rates.


  • You can not send follow-ups based on previous leads' actions.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • The user interface is hard to navigate.


Autoklose Pricing, Cost & Reviews - Capterra Singapore 2023

Autoklose is an all-in-one sales engagement platform and B2B data solution designed to help sales teams generate more revenue. It provides access to a large database of verified B2B contacts, smart lead scoring, and data cleansing tools allowing you to quickly populate your sales pipeline.

The platform's powerful campaign editor allows for A/B testing, collaboration, and detailed personalization, ensuring your email outreach is engaging and effective.


  • Easy to get started with.
  • Comprehensive email personalization options.
  • Its advanced reporting capabilities show you open rates, click rates, and more.


  • Hard to master due to its learning curve.
  • Limited integration options with other popular tools.
  • The platform’s user management capabilities are limited.


Close Software Reviews, Demo & Pricing - 2023

Close.io is a sales engagement CRM designed specifically for SMBs and remote teams to help them convert more leads into revenue. It allows users to directly email, call, and text leads without any add-ons, streamlining communication efforts.

The platform offers a range of productivity tools, including task reminders, lead scoring, call coaching, and pipeline management, all of which help teams reach more leads, follow up more frequently, and close more deals. 


  • Can create advanced automation workflows.
  • A vast number of connectors for the most popular tools.
  • Allows you to email, call, and text leads without any add-ons.


  • Limited control and customization options on sales reporting.
  • Users reported that Close.io does not provide training sessions.
  • No support for SMS templates.

Choose the Right Sales Cadence Tool for Your Team

Sales cadence tools play a crucial role in streamlining and optimizing the sales process. Selecting the right tool for your business can increase efficiency, improve win rates, and drive revenue growth.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and fully customizable sales cadence tool, then you should try FiveCRM. Sign up for a 14-day free trial, or schedule a demo and see how FiveCRM can help you improve your close rates and boost your revenue.


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