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10 Best Predictive Dialer Software Tools of 2024

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Explore the world of predictive dialer software in this in-depth blog post, where we reveal the top 10 tools that can revolutionize your outbound calling strategy. Learn how these solutions can supercharge your sales team's productivity and efficiency.

Key takeaways:

  1. Understanding the benefits of predictive dialer software
  2. Essential features to look for in a predictive dialer tool
  3. How predictive dialers can enhance call center operations
  4. Comparing ease of integration and scalability
  5. Evaluating pricing models and determining the best fit for your business

Table of Contents

  1. Advantages of Predictive Dialer Software
  2. Comparison Table of Predictive Dialer Software
  3. Best Predictive Dialer Software for 2024
  4. How FiveCRM Supports Predictive Dialer Software

A predictive dialer (or predictive dialing software) is a system that automatically contacts leads on your call lists, preventing sales agents from manually dialing phone numbers. This type of software speeds up the time it takes to connect with prospects and customers, allowing agents to focus on their sales techniques rather than worry about tasks like sourcing and dialing contacts. 

Both autodialers, predictive dialers, and progressive dialers range in price, running from $500 to several hundred thousand dollars. However, predictive dialer software manufacturers charge much less for their services, and call center managers can purchase a license for a monthly fee. 

The list below compiles the ten best predictive dialer software tools for 2024 based on features, capabilities, and pricing. 

Advantages of Predictive Dialer Software

Here are some of the benefits of predictive dialer software tools:

1. Faster Outbound Calling

Predictive dialer software removes the need for agents to manually dial contacts on your call lists, reducing idle time and improving productivity. Agents can focus on their selling techniques rather than contacting customers.

2. Queue Prioritization

Predictive dialing software with queue prioritization helps call center agents to focus on high-value customers already interested in your products and services. You can allocate customers who are most likely to convert to the appropriate sales agents at the right time. 

3. More Effective Campaigns

Predictive dialers improve campaign management by improving call ratios, connect rates, and workflows. That results in better customer communication and more lead generation opportunities.

4. Scalability

You can scale predictive dialing tools based on your call center needs. As you add more and more potential leads to call lists, the best software will identify lead generation opportunities, helping you grow your business one contact at a time. 

5. More Sales

By removing all the administration that comes with contacting leads, agents can concentrate on making connections with customers and moving them through their sales funnels. That could result in higher sales and revenue for your call center. 

What Else You Need to Know About Predictive Dialers

Many people assume predictive dialers are the same as auto-dialers, but these two systems are different. While an autodialer places one call after another, a predictive dialer uses advanced algorithms to connect agents with leads interested in your products and services. That reduces wasted time and improves sales agent productivity. Predictive dialers are also different from progressive dialers, which place calls after agents confirm they are available to take another call.

There is another misconception that predictive dialers are illegal, but this isn't the case. However, agents can only call leads who have consented to receive communications from your contact center. 

Comparison Table of Predictive Dialer Software

  Starting price Free trial/demo? Features
FiveCRM $149 per user per month Live demo Syncs with various predictive dialers, up to 999 databases, lead generation tools, account management, customer management, analytics, GDPR compliant 
Phone Burner $149 per user per month Free trial (unspecified) Dashboard, predictive dialing filters, CRM integration, analytics
Five9 Unknown Product demo Script suggestions, additional power dialer
TCN Unknown Product demo Dashboard, metrics, in-built SMS marketing
Avaya IP Office $19.99 per user per month Neither Metric-tracking, call routing
CallHub $0.016 per call 14-day free trial Multiple dialing options, dashboard, data visualizations
Genesys Cloud CX $75 per user per month Virtual tour Call routing, speech analytics
Convoso $149 per user per month Free trial (unspecified length) Enhanced dashboards, GDPR compliance
RingCentral Unknown Product demo 99.9% uptime guarantee, TCPA compliance
8x8 $12 per user per month 1-month free trial Supports DNC, predictive dialing insights

Best Predictive Dialer Software for 2024

An image of a call center agent. Predictive dialer tools make life easier for sales agents by connecting them with prospects.

Here is a list of the ten best predictive dialer software tools for 2024:

1. FiveCRM 

FiveCRM Screenshot

FiveCRM is a CRM built for outbound calling scenarios in contact center environments. As the only CRM designed to support telemarketing and lead generation activities, the platform has features that power sales agents, such as auto-dialing, analytics, email integration, customer management, and account management.

Although FiveCRM doesn't have any in-built predictive dialer tools, you can integrate the platform with various telephone systems that place phone calls before agents become available. For example, you can connect FiveCRM with the cloud-based call center solution TCN, which improves outbound calling with its predictive and manual dialing capabilities. 

FiveCRM Key Features

  • Integrating FiveCRM with predictive dialing tools means you can predict the number of prospects and customers who pick up the phone and talk to agents. A predictive dialer does this via advanced algorithms that ensure outbound calls connect to available agents.  
  • Access scheduled reports, wallboards, dashboards, and insights about call scripts and guides with FiveCRM's reporting tools. 
  • Observe productivity in your call center's sales departments and capture leads with specialized marketing and performance features. 
  • Manage up to 999 separate databases in your call center and get unlimited data storage.
  • View real-time data insights about performance in your department and access up-to-date metrics that improve sales growth. 
  • Nurture high-value leads by incorporating lead scoring into analytical workflows. 

FiveCRM Pricing

FiveCRM's U.S. plan will cost you $149 per concurrent user per month. You receive up to 999 separate databases, unlimited data storage, auto-dial/hangup, call recording, reporting, 7,000 call minutes within North America, and a free Windows softphone for this low monthly price. If you are part of a larger enterprise, you can contact FiveCRM for a quantity discount. Try out FiveCRM's features by requesting a live demo. 

Final Verdict

Though not a predictive dialer software tool, FiveCRM makes it easy to connect agents with customers with its numerous telephone system integrations. Why should you integrate the platform with another solution like TCN? You can receive all the benefits of a predictive dialer on top of a CRM built exclusively for call centers like yours. FiveCRM can also double your call rate compared to traditional CRMs and boost hit rates with its warm-up email marketing feature.  

You can use FiveCRM in both B2B and B2C scenarios and optimize cold calling, warm calling, telemarketing, and telesales operations in a single platform. Other features include the ability to manage callbacks, decrease call transition times, improve sales efficiency, and automate dialing sets. 

Learn more about FiveCRM.

2. PhoneBurner

PhoneBurner Screenshot

PhoneBurner is a predictive dialer software tool built for remote teams, making it a great option if you have agents working from home. Unlike some of the tools on this list of the best predictive dialer software tools, PhoneBurner works on an internet browser, and there's no software to download. You can use it with any VoIP or telephone line and quickly contact leads on your contact lists. 

PhoneBurner Key Features

  • An administrative dashboard helps you track agent performance and reduce the idle time between calls. 
  • You can integrate PhoneBurner with several CRM systems and combine predictive dialing with customer relationship management. 
  • You can also filter leads and identify the highest-value customers in your lists, potentially resulting in more successful lead generation opportunities. 

PhoneBurner Pricing

PhoneBurner costs $149 per user per month. Alternatively, you can pay annually, which works out to $126 per user per month. PhoneBurner offers a trial but doesn't specify how long you can use its features for free. 

Final Verdict

PhoneBurner is an effective way to dial leads and improve agent performance. Although not the cheapest software on this list, the platform comes with an easy-to-use dashboard and integrates with various CRMs. 

Learn more about PhoneBurner. 

3. Five9

Five9 Screenshot

Like PhoneBurner, Five9 integrates with CRMs, including FiveCRM, helping you manage accounts and contacts while automating outbound calling. The platform also analyzes calls in accordance with regulatory standards, allowing you to avoid fines for non-compliance with data protection frameworks like GDPR. 

Five9 Key Features

  • Five9 improves scripts by suggesting the best words and phrases for agents when communicating with leads on your contact lists. 
  • You can set preferences for predictive dialing based on your call center requirements.
  • The platform also offers a power dialer. 

Five9 Pricing

Five9 doesn't list prices on its website. There is no free trial, either, but you can sign up for a product demo. 

Final Verdict

It's difficult to compare Five9 with other predictive dialing tools on this list because the platform doesn't advertise its prices. However, Five9's in-built power dialer can help you improve outbound calling tasks, while its call script features can enhance the quality of calls.

Learn more about Five9.

4. TCN

TCN Screenshot

TCN is another predictive dialer that integrates with CRM systems like FiveCRM. The platform lets agents quickly contact leads without any manual dialing. TCN has a wealth of other features that improve outbound calling. In-built SMS marketing, for example, enables you to text customers and confirm appointments without any human intervention. 

TCN Key Features

  • TCN is a cloud-based solution, allowing remote workers to automate predictive dialing wherever they are worldwide. 
  • Dashboards and metrics help you track agent performance and identify new sales opportunities in your funnels. 
  • You can set preferences for predictive dialing based on your specific needs.

TCN Pricing

TCN offers custom pricing for call centers based on their bespoke requirements. However, the platform's developers say you will only ever pay for the features you need. There is no TCN free trial, but you can sign up for a product demo. 

Final Verdict

TCN takes power dialing to the next level with advanced dashboards and in-built SMS marketing. Syncing the platform with a CRM like FiveCRM can result in even better outbound calling success. You can centralize your predictive dialing and customer relationship management campaigns in one place and automate many manual tasks for agents. 

Learn more about TCN.

5. Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Screenshot

Avaya IP Office, part of Avaya One Cloud, is a software suite that improves various aspects of your outbound calling operations. Its predictive dialing system manages calls to customers by removing the barriers that agents encounter when reaching leads on their contact lists. 

Ayaya IP Office Key Features

  • You can track key metrics and improve predictive dialing and overall agent performance. 
  • Call routing features connect customers with the right agents for improved lead generation. 
  • Avaya IP Office also offers a power dialer and autodialer. 

Avaya IP Office Pricing

Avaya IP Office prices range from $19.99-59.99 per month, depending on the number of agents who use the software and the plan you choose. However, you can only use the platform if you have an Avaya OneCloud license. There is no free trial for Avaya IP Office.

Final Verdict

Avaya IP Office offers predictive dialing, as well as power dialing and auto dialing features, enabling you to reach customers in various ways depending on your campaign's requirements. The platform also syncs with major CRMs like FiveCRM for better customer relationship management. 

Learn more about Avaya IP Office.

6. CallHub

CallHub Screenshot

CallHub is a cloud-based call center solution that includes voice broadcasting, in-built SMS marketing, and predictive dialing. The platform can identify any contacts who have listed themselves on the Do Not Call Registry (DNC) since you added them to your call lists, helping you improve compliance. 

CallHub Key Features

  • CallHub has an autodialer, power dialer, and preview dialer. 
  • Data visualizations help you track call center data and improve operations.
  • Customize predictive dialing features based on agent performance and departmental needs.

CallHub Pricing

CallHub has a complicated pricing structure based on the number and duration of outbound calls you make to prospective customers. Depending on the plan, prices start from 0.016 per call. CallHub offers a free 14-day trial.

Final Verdict

CallHub's pricing structure makes it hard to compare the platform with others on this list of the best predictive dialer software tools. However, the software offers call center managers an abundance of features for predictive dialing and overall outbound calling campaigns. 

Learn more about CallHub.

7. Genesys Cloud CX

Genesys Cloud Screenshot

Genesys Cloud CX is a cloud-based contact center dialing tool with various dialing modes, including predictive dialing. You can use it to reduce the time it takes for agents to contact leads on your ever-growing call lists.

Genesys Cloud CX Key Features

  • As well as predictive dialing, you can route calls through various channels to the right agent. 
  • Speech analytics help you monitor agent performance and improve call center operations. 
  • You can integrate the platform with third-party CRMs. 

Genesys Cloud CX Pricing

Prices start from $75 per user per month. You can take a virtual tour of the platform, but there is no free trial. 

Final Verdict

Genesys Cloud CX is one of the most comprehensive solutions for call center managers because of its various dialing options. It also has affordable pricing and an impressive speech analytics feature. However, the platform's CRM integrations are limited. 

Learn more about Genesys Cloud CX.

8. Convoso

Convoso Screenshot

Convoso is one of the most popular predictive dialer software tools. It reduces wasted time between calls, prevents leads lost to 'spam-likely' Caller ID notifications, and improves compliance.

Convoso Key Features

  • Enhanced dashboards provide insights into every aspect of your predictive dialing campaigns.
  • Convoso compliances with data governance frameworks like GDPR.
  • The platform provides ongoing suggestions that can improve your predictive dialing workflows.

Convoso Pricing

Prices start from $149 per user per month. You can try out Convoso features by signing up for a free trial, which has an unspecified length. 

Final Verdict

Convoso has limited CRM integrations. However, the software offers enhanced dashboards for predictive dialing analytics and complies with GDPR and other data governance frameworks. 

Learn more about Convoso.

9. RingCentral

RingCentral Screenshot

RingCentral offers multiple dialing options for your agents. As well as predictive dialing, you can facilitate progressive dialing and preview dialing. 

RingCentral Key Features

  • RingCentral promises 99.9 percent uptime for its software.
  • You can tailor predictive dialing (and other dialing) features based on your needs. 
  • The platform complies with TCPA.

RingCentral Pricing

RingCentral doesn't publish prices on its website; you need to contact its developers for a custom quote. There is currently no RingCentral trial, but you can access a product demo. 

Final Verdict

This platform offers multiple dialing options, helping your agents improve contact rates and reduce wasted time. RingCentral scores extra points for integrating with major CRMs like FiveCRM.

Learn more about RingCentral.

10. 8x8

8x8 Screenshot

8x8 is a contact center platform with predictive dialing capabilities. It integrates with FiveCRM and other CRMs and can improve agent performance by connecting agents with prospective customers.

8x8 Key Features

  • 8x8 supports DNC.
  • You can manage predictive dialing operations from a single dashboard.
  • 8x8 offers predictive dialing insights that improve day-to-day tasks in your call center. 

8x8 Pricing

8x8 pricing starts from $12 per user per month. However, you will need to subscribe to one of the more expensive plans to access predictive dialing features. You can sign-up for a generous 1-month 8x8 free trial. 

8x8 Final Verdict

8x8 is a predictive dialing tool that offers DNC compliance, advanced analytics, and other features. Use it to maximize the number of connected calls in your contact center and improve contact rates. 

Learn more about 8x8.

How FiveCRM Supports Predictive Dialer Software

Three contact center agents share a desk. Agents like these use predictive dialer software to connect with customers quickly.

You can sync FiveCRM with several of the tools on this list of the best predictive dialer software. That means you can manage predictive dialing and customer relationship management simultaneously and improve sales performance. When choosing a tool above, consider its price, features, and analytical tools. Predictive dialer software should cater to your specific operational goals and provide you with value for money.  

FiveCRM is the call center CRM that integrates with many predictive dialer software tools on the above list. The platform optimizes every component of your outbound calling campaigns with real-time reporting, contact management, agent tracking, workflow automation, and data visualizations. Contact FiveCRM for a free demo now.

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