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10 Best Custom CRM Development Software in 2024

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Custom CRM development software provides call centers like yours with a tailor-made solution for contact center management. Making your own CRM is difficult because it requires advanced data engineering and coding skills like Java. That's why many call center managers hire a software developer to do it for them. Working with a developer can help you build a brand new CRM from scratch or add additional functionality to your existing CRM. 
In this blog post, learn the ten best custom CRM development services on the market and decide whether an off-the-shelf solution like FiveCRM is a better fit for your call center.  
Key Takeaways:
  1. Most CRMs are available 'off-the-shelf,' meaning their developers have created these systems for the mass market. Custom CRM software services let you create a CRM from scratch based on your business requirements or add functionality to an existing system like Salesforce. 
  2. Custom CRM solutions match your business objectives. You can create a CRM with unique elements for your niche or business model or add additional features to existing software. 
  3. Software developers can create custom CRMs from scratch. However, this process can take many months and cost thousands of dollars. 
  4. Some of the most popular custom CRM solutions include ScienceSoft, Quickbase, Codeless Platforms, and Team In India.
  5. FiveCRM provides an alternative to custom CRM platforms. It comes with all the features you need for customer relationship management out-of-the-box, saving you time and money. 

Advantages of Custom CRM Software Development

Here are some of the benefits of investing in custom CRM software tools:

  • Better Metrics - Many 'regular' CRMs won't provide you with the metrics you need for tracking call center operations. Investing in custom CRM development, however, lets you pick and choose the analytical tools required for deep insights into day-to-day processes such as sales, marketing, and customer service. 
  • Enhanced Security - Some CRMs have weak security features that could put sensitive data at risk of breaches or other cybercrime events. A software developer can add new security features to your current CRM or build a more secure CRM from scratch. 
  • Improved Compliance - If you need to comply with data governance legislation like GDPR or HIPAA in your contact center, investing in a custom CRM might be a good idea. That's because software developers can create frameworks that improve compliance and reduce the likelihood of penalties for breaking data protection laws. 
  • No Licensing Fees - Custom CRMs are expensive. You typically need to pay a software developer for their services, costing thousands of dollars. However, once you have your finished product, it's all yours, and you won't have to pay vendors licensing fees every year. (You will still need to account for maintenance costs and all the infrastructure required for your CRM to run, such as servers and cloud services.)  
  • Scalability - When you create a CRM from scratch, it's easier to scale that software based on your business needs. As your call center grows, you can expand your CRM and add additional features. 
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Comparison Table of Custom CRM Development Companies

  Key features Price Trial/live demo? Best for?
FiveCRM 999 databases, improved sales efficiency, workflow automation, data analytics, reduced call transition time $70 per license, with discounts available for additional licenses Live demo Call centers of all sizes in any niche
ScienceSoft Automated workflows, improved lead and account management Contact for a quote No Medium-to-large businesses
Quickbase Real-time visibility data, automated data governance Contact for a quote 30-day free trial Small-to-medium businesses
Chetu Enhanced reporting, custom mobile applications Contact for a quote No Large businesses
Ergonized Integrations for existing CRM systems, ongoing training and support From around $25,000 No Large businesses
Taction Improved security, consultancy services available Contact for a quote No Medium-to-large businesses
Codeless Platforms View customer information on screen, B2B/B2C functionality Contact for a quote Product demo Small-to-medium businesses
Team In India Ongoing support, change CRM UI Contact for a quote No Large businesses
Avenga CRM development strategy, ongoing training and support Contact for a quote Nio Large businesses
Webisoft  Platform-independent CRMs, enhanced security Contact for a quote No Medium-to-large businesses
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Best Custom CRM Development Software

1. FiveCRM

FiveCRM screenshot

FiveCRM doesn't let you create a custom CRM from scratch or add functionality to an existing CRM. It's an off-the-shelf solution built exclusively for call centers that comes with all the CRM functionality you need out-of-the-box, providing an alternative to the other platforms listed below. As an off-the-shelf product, FiveCRM offers the following benefits over a custom CRM platform:

  • It can take software developers months to build your custom CRM from scratch or add features to an existing CRM like Salesforce. FiveCRM comes with all the features you need without consulting with developers.
  • Although many software development companies don't publish their prices online, a custom CRM can cost thousands of dollars to create, especially if you need bespoke features. FiveCRM is a cost-effective CRM solution with a low monthly cost.
  • Just because FiveCRM isn't a custom CRM solution, it doesn't mean that this platform isn't customizable. You can still personalize features based on your business requirements and integrate the tool with third-party telephony services.
  • No CRM software development company exclusively caters to call centers. Instead, developers build CRMs for companies in various niches. FiveCRM, on the other hand, provides software specifically for call center environments like yours, helping you manage daily tasks and improve operations. 

FiveCRM specializes in telesales, telemarketing, and lead generation. You can use it to optimize sales and management processes with customizable workspaces and analytical tools, making it a great fit for call centers in various industries. The platform can power automated email campaigns, B2B/B2C lead generation, cold calling, warm calling, and other outbound marketing tasks. Plus, you can scale the platform based on your specific needs. 

FiveCRM Key Features

  • Improve sales efficiency for outbound marketing with callback management, workflow automation, and automated dialing sets that reduce call transition times.
  • You can manage up to 999 separate databases and benefit from unlimited data storage, helping you grow and scale your call center operations.
  • Specialized performance and marketing tools automate lead generation and monitor operational performance in your organization. That can help agents capture more sales leads. 
  • Lead scoring features let agents focus on the most valuable leads in their sales cycles. 
  • Generate and track real-time data about departmental performance and use key metrics to boost sales growth. 

FiveCRM Pricing

FiveCRM's U.S. plan costs start at $70 per license, and there are discounts for additional licenses. (Unlike other CRMs, there are no add-ons required.) You receive up to 999 separate databases, unlimited data storage, auto-dial/hang-up, consolidated reporting, call recording, 7,000 call minutes within North America, and a free Windows softphone for this low monthly price. You can try out FiveCRM's features by requesting a FREE live demo


While FiveCRM isn't a custom CRM that you can build from scratch, the platform comes with all the features you need for customer relationship management, making it a worthwhile alternative to the other tools on this list. Instead of consulting with a software development company and paying thousands of dollars for a bespoke system, you can automate tasks in your call center out-of-the-box and customize features based on your needs. 

FiveCRM can double your call rate compared to traditional CRMs and boost hit rates via warm-up email marketing. Designed for 5-250+ seats, the platform improves organizational efficiency with an incredible range of security, reporting, and account management features. 

Get FiveCRM now.

2. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft screenshot

ScienceSoft is a software development company that creates custom CRMs, helping organizations manage customer interactions across multiple channels. With 14 years of CRM software development experience, ScienceSoft caters to the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, professional services, financial services, and telecommunications industries. That makes it a good choice for call centers that require custom CRM functionality to improve the customer experience, enhance lead generation, and generate analytics about day-to-day workflows. ScienceSoft has partnerships with CRM vendors such as Microsoft and Salesforce and has received recognition from Forrester, CIO Applications, and the BBB.

With ScienceSoft, you can either add enhanced CRM features to an existing CRM like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365 or create a customized CRM platform from scratch. The company can create a personalized CRM solution in as little as two months. 

If you are new to custom CRM implementations, Science Soft provides ongoing training for all the employees in your organization. It can also help you grow your business with CRM features that improve sales, marketing, and customer service. One of the best features of ScienceSoft is the ability to migrate all your data from a legacy CRM to a new solution without data loss or corruption. That can help reduce downtime as you transition between systems and continue to provide customers with high-quality service. 

ScienceSoft Key Features

  • You can help sales teams organize daily schedules by centralizing sales data, automating workflows, and improving lead and account management.
  • ScienceSoft lets you customize marketing and customer engagement features such as email marketing, social media marketing, digital advertising, mobile communications, and customer segmentation.
  • You can improve customer service tasks in your call center with multi-channel case management, case escalation, field service management, and intelligence case routing from various communication channels.

ScienceSoft Pricing

Like most custom CRM solutions on this list, ScienceSoft doesn't publish its prices online. Instead, you need to contact the company and ask for a personalized quote based on your budget and business requirements. However, ScienceSoft says it only charges users for the features they need, and there is no subscription fee if you build a new CRM from scratch. ScienceSoft doesn't currently offer a free trial or product demo.  


If you're looking for an alternative to an off-the-shelf CRM platform like FiveCRM, ScienceSoft can help. This software development company can create a new CRM for your enterprise or build new features for your existing system. ScienceSoft takes security seriously by adhering to the ISO 27001 certification and signs an NDA with its customers to eliminate the disclosure of sensitive business information. 

Learn more about ScienceSoft

3. Quickbase

Quickbase screenshot

Unlike ScienceSoft, where software developments create custom CRM solutions for you, Quickbase is a low-code platform that lets you build a CRM from scratch yourself. This is easier than it sounds. Quickbase comes with ready-made applications and templates, helping you create a system that matches your specific business needs, even if you lack coding and data engineering experience. 

Quickbase's tutorials and support made CRM customization and implementation simple. You can create solutions that automate workflows for sales, marketing, and customer service staff in your call center and make it easier to generate leads and improve sales outcomes. The platform exists in the cloud, allowing you to access data wherever you are in the world. 

One of the best features of Quickbase is the ability to eliminate the merging of spreadsheets from reps in your organization; the platform lets you track and update customer statuses in one central CRM database. You can also evaluate business processes in real-time with advanced CRM analytics, automated alerts, and notifications. 

Quickbase Key Features

  • Get better insights into employee performance with real-time visibility data. You can find out which agents convert the most prospects into customers, for example. 
  • Automate data governance and avoid penalties when transferring data to your new CRM solution. Quickbase helps you comply with legislation like GDPR and CCPA. 
  • Increase workplace productivity with multiple out-of-the-box applications that require no coding. 

Quickbase Pricing

You will need to contact Quickbase for a custom quote. However, you can sample the platform's features with a 30-day free trial. 


Quickbase is more of a one-size-fits-all solution to CRM customization. The platform lets you create a CRM system from scratch based on your specific business requirements, but its ready-made templates and applications might limit you if you want a truly bespoke solution. That said, Quickbase is easy to use and doesn't require a steep learning curve. Its no-code and drag-and-drop interface makes it a great platform for smaller businesses that lack data engineering and programming experience. Plus, you can try Quickbase for 30 days and see if it's a good fit for your enterprise. 

Learn more about Quickbase.

4. Chetu

Chetu screenshot

Chetu is a software development company that offers custom CRM development for enterprises like yours. Developers can help you improve digital transformation by adding bespoke features to your existing CRM system. However, you can't build a CRM from scratch with Chetu.

Chetu offers customization for most industry-leading CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, OrangeCRM, SAP, and Zoho. You can add customizations to all of these platforms and expand your current CRM functionality. For example, you can add sales forecasting features to Salesforce and predict future sales outcomes in your business based on real-time data insights. 

Chetu's developers can also enhance your omnichannel sales and marketing strategies by syncing your existing CRM with email platforms such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. By integrating these tools, you can improve visibility into contacts, calendars, and emails on desktop and mobile devices. Another feature is the ability to add a point-and-click interface to your existing CRM, making it easier to assign tasks, create alerts, fill out orders, and generate sales proposals. 

Chetu Key Features

  • Chetu's developers can add new reporting features to your CRM system, providing deeper business intelligence for your call center operations. Enhanced reports help you forecast market changes and identify patterns and trends in the data that flows in and out of your organization. 
  • Developers can create custom mobile applications for your CRM system, helping you manage account and customer information when you're away from the office. This feature can also support remote agents who want to upsell and cross-sell products to customers and move prospects through their sales funnels. 
  • Chetu can also migrate an on-premise CRM system to the cloud, allowing agents to access information from remote locations. By making your CRM cloud-friendly, you can stay connected with prospects and customers 24 hours a day. 

Chetu Pricing

Chetu doesn't publish prices for its custom CRM solutions on its website, making it difficult to compare the platform with other tools. There is no free trial or demo currently available.


While you can't use Chetu to build a new CRM from scratch, the platform can enhance your existing CRM capabilities and help you get more value from the software you already use in your organization. By optimizing your current system, you can improve sales data management, lead management, lead generation, and other day-to-day call center tasks. 

Learn more about Chetu

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5. Ergonized

Ergonized screenshot

Ergonized is a custom CRM software development company that can customize an existing CRM like Salesforce or build a bespoke CRM system for your business. That can help you better organize workflows, improve customer retention, forecast data trends, and get more value from customer interactions over the phone. 

Ergonized can create a custom CRM for your call center by analyzing your niche and specific business needs. The company will investigate your business workflows and suggest CRM features that automate tasks and make life easier for sales and marketing reps. Those features include analytical tools that generate valuable insights about call center operations, helping you make sense of all the data in your enterprise. 

The company also offers data migration services, where you can move data from your current CRM to a new system without experiencing data loss or corruption. Ergonized will collect your data and transport it to your new CRM with limited downtime. 

Ergonized Key Features

  • Ergonized offers a wide range of integrations for your existing CRM solution, enabling you to sync data with third-party tools for greater functionality. For example, you can integrate your CRM platform with an inventory management tool. 
  • Whether you create a new CRM from scratch or add features to your existing system, Ergonized can provide ongoing employee training and support. 
  • Ergonized can reduce CRM costs by only adding the features you need to your current system. 

Ergonized Pricing

The cost for developing a customized CRM solution starts from around $25,000. This price will increase depending on the number of features you want to implement into your new system. There is no trial or product demo.  


Ergonized has years of experience in CRM software development and has worked with multiple companies in various niches, including call centers. Its platform lets you create a new CRM system or add features to your existing platform, allowing you to automate many customer and account management tasks. 

Learn more about Ergonized

6. Taction

Taction is a custom CRM development company that can design a fully-functional CRM platform based on your needs. The company has extensive expertise in software development and specializes in CRM applications. Some of Taction's clients include companies in the insurance, retail, travel, and financial services sectors. 

By creating a new CRM with Taction, you can improve productivity in your call center. Your bespoke system can help you generate business insights, customize sales campaigns, automate workflows, and enhance customer relations. Taction will upgrade your CRM as you grow your business and scale the system according to your business requirements. 

Taction Key Features

  • By adding analytical features to your new CRM, you can manage customer relations and generate data insights simultaneously. That can help you learn more about customers who purchase products and services from your organization.
  • With a custom CRM from Taction, you can improve security with access controls, ensuring only authorized employees access sensitive customer data. Improving CRM security will help you enhance internal compliance and adhere to data governance principles like GDPR. 
  • Taction also offers CRM consultancy services, allowing you to scale your software as your business needs change. A qualified consultant will suggest the best CRM features for your new system, enabling you to get more value from your software.  

Taction Pricing

Taction says it only charges you for the CRM features you need and use. However, you will need to contact the company for a personalized quote. Taction doesn't currently offer a product demo or free trial. 


Taction consists of a team of software development professionals who can create a unique CRM for your business needs. Whether you are looking for a basic solution or a complex CRM application, the company takes care of the coding, execution, and data engineering of your CRM build, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business. Your finished product can help you automate tasks in your call center and improve organizational productivity. 

Learn more about Taction

7. Codeless Platforms

Codeless platform screenshot

Codeless Platforms is a U.K.-based company that believes businesses like yours benefit from a custom CRM solution. It offers a CRM system that you can customize yourself using a simple drag-and-drop point-and-click interface. You can add as many features as you like to your new system and integrate third-party plugins to further improve functionality. 

One of the benefits of building your CRM with Codeless Platforms is that your new system will be entirely web-based, meaning agents don't need to download any software. Your platform will store all data in the cloud, making it a good choice for remote teams who need to access contact and account information. 

Codeless Platforms Key Features

  • You can see all customer-related information such as meetings, tasks, and account histories on one screen, making it easier for agents to connect with prospects. 
  • Codeless Platforms lets you manage B2B and B2C accounts in the same system, benefiting call centers targeting both consumers and other businesses. 
  • You can sync your new CRM with Microsoft Outlook and improve omnichannel marketing. By syncing email and CRM data, agents can reach more customers and identify new lead generation opportunities. 

Codeless Platforms Pricing

Like other CRM development companies on this list, Codeless Platforms doesn't publish any prices online, and you will need to contact a rep for a personalized quote. There is no free trial, but you can view a product demo on the Codeless Platforms website. 


Codeless Platforms lets you create a brand new CRM from scratch rather than add functionality to your existing system. You can build a new web-based system that incorporates B2B and B2C functions and integrates with Microsoft Outlook for in-built email marketing opportunities. Even if you lack programming experience, Codeless Platforms' drag-and-drop interface simplifies custom CRM development.

Learn more about Codeless Platforms.

8. Team In India

Team in India screenshot

Team In India has built over 500 CRM solutions for hundreds of clients over the last 20 years, making it one of the most reputable CRM development companies out there. Its services include CRM integration, migration, implementation, and, of course, customization. The company has worked with clients in the legal, travel, and telecommunications industries. 

Team In India can't create custom CRM platforms from scratch but will develop CRM solutions for Salesforce, Sugar CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics. Working with the company can help you optimize your current system and benefit from custom workflows that power teams. For example, you can add enhanced data reporting to Salesforce and generate deeper insights into customer service, sales, and marketing pipelines. Alternatively, add new access controls to Microsoft Dynamics and ensure only authorized employees view sensitive data. 

Team In India compromises over 900 designers, developers, and project managers who can customize almost every aspect of your existing CRM. Previous clients include Airbnb, Time Warner, and Virgin. 

Team In India Key Features

  • Change the UI of your existing CRM to make it easier for agents to use. 
  • Team In India will test any new features added to your CRM and ensure all work remains bug-free and compliant with industry guidelines. 
  • The company provides ongoing 24/7 support, enabling you to troubleshoot any problems with your CRM project. 

Team In India Pricing

Team In India doesn't have any pricing information on its website; you will need to contact the company for a quote. There is currently no free trial or product demo. 


If you are looking for custom CRM development, Team In India can help. With over 20 years of experience, this software development company will build custom CRM functionality based on your budget and objectives, helping you improve workflows in your call center. 

Learn more about Team In India.

9. Avenga

Avenga is a custom CRM development company that has provided solutions for pharma, healthcare, finance, and other industries. The company can help you create a unique CRM based on your business operations, making it easier to organize customer data generated by your organization. Avenga will connect various data sources and provide you with a single source of truth (SSOT) for customer data, helping you manage customer relations and improve call center tasks such as telemarketing and telesales. 

Avenga can build a custom CRM that scales as your business does. Developers can also create workflow automations that speed up everyday tasks and allow agents to focus on sales and marketing. The company says it can design a CRM with rich functionality, robust performance, enhanced security, multiple integrations, and better usability than existing systems on the market. 

Avenga Key Features

  • Avenga will implement a CRM development strategy that helps you achieve your goals. You will work closely with a consultant to ensure your CRM provides you with the features you require. 
  • The company provides ongoing training and support for users after launching your new system. 
  • Avenga can add analytical tools to your CRM, allowing you to track customer and agent data and make smarter decisions. 

Avenga Pricing

Avenga doesn't publish its pricing on its website. However, it says the cost of a custom CRM will depend on its purpose, capacity, security, maintainability, user experience, and delivery time. The company doesn't offer a free trial or product demo. 


Avenga can support your digital transformation goals with custom CRM software tailored to your exact needs. The company can integrate features into your CRM, such as real-time analytics and mobile capabilities, and provide users with ongoing support and training. However, if you want to customize your existing CRM, you might want to consider an alternative platform. 

Learn more about Avenga.

10. Webisoft

Webisoft screenshot

"Tell us what exactly you want to achieve with your custom CRM, and let us do all the heavy lifting," says Webisoft on its website. The company specializes in custom CRM development and can create a solution that prioritizes automation and workflow management, freeing up agents' time.

Webisoft will build you a custom CRM that includes features such as customer sorting, follow-up notifications, and data insights. While many industry-leading CRMs already have these features, the company lets you customize these capabilities based on your workflows. You can also create a highly scalable CRM that grows with your business and benefit from a personalized user interface.

Webisoft Key Features

  • Webisoft creates platform-independent CRMs that you can access from any device at any time. 
  • You can create a highly secure environment for your CRM with no outside intrusion from APIs. 
  • Webisoft lets you define your goals at the beginning of your CRM project and provides ongoing support and training, even after launching your new system.

Webisoft Pricing

You will need to contact Webisoft to discuss the price of your bespoke project. There is currently no free trial or product demo available.


Webisoft's tech consultants can help you develop a truly customized CRM solution for your call center. You can add as many features as you like and optimize security and data analysis. This Canada-based business has developed CRM solutions for companies in multiple niches. 

Learn more about Webisoft.

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Conclusion: How FiveCRM Provides an Alternative to Custom CRM Development 

The custom CRM software development tools listed above can help you create bespoke solutions for customer relationship management. However, software developers can take months to make your CRM build, and your finished product might cost you thousands of dollars in fees. 

Investing in an off-the-shelf CRM solution can be as effective as creating a CRM from scratch or adding features to an existing system like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. FiveCRM is a CRM built for call centers with all the components you need for customer relationship management out-of-the-box. There's no need to hire a software developer or pay for additional features. With FiveCRM, you get up to 999 separate databases, analytical features, world-class security, data compliance, telephony integration, lead scoring, lead generation tools, and more. Use this software to improve outbound marketing methods such as cold calling, warm calling, telemarketing, and telesales. 

FiveCRM removes the need for custom CRM development by providing you with all the customer relationship management tools you need. Get FiveCRM today

FAQ Section 

What is Custom CRM Development Software? 

Custom CRM development software is tailor-made for your organization. It differs from off-the-shelf software created for the mass market. Custom CRM development lets you create a new CRM from scratch or add additional functionality and features to your existing system. 

FiveCRM provides an alternative to custom CRM development software with its off-the-shelf software for customer relationship management in your call center. Learn more about FiveCRM. 

What are the Features to Consider When Choosing Custom CRM Development Software? 

You should consider these features when choosing custom CRM development software:

#1. Supported CRM integrations

Find out whether your existing customer relationship management system can integrate with custom CRM tools. Some software developers, for example, integrate Salesforce with third-party tools for additional functionality. 

#2. Analytics tracking & reporting 

Most regular CRMs don't include reporting or analytics tracking. However, the best custom CRM solutions can turn your existing system into a powerful tool for data analysis. Alternatively, software developers can create a CRM from scratch that includes reporting and analytical tools.

#3. Ease of use

Agents might find a custom CRM difficult to use at first, especially if it includes many new features. The best CRM development companies provide ongoing support and training for your employees. 

#4. Omnichannel support & integrations 

Look for custom CRM solutions that can integrate with channels such as email. In-built email marketing features and integrations allow agents to improve their omnichannel strategies. 

Michael King says...

"I can’t think of a time where a client has requested something that we weren’t able to do with FiveCRM. Unlike most systems, it has a lot of flexibility."

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Managing Director, Senior Response


“Each client, and each of their campaigns, has its own unique specifications. We essentially needed to set up mini CRMs on one platform to meet those requirements.”

Improve your outbound efficiency now

Operations Director, Team Telemarketing

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Start improving your outbound efficiency now, with the most customizable Telesales solution on the market.

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