Social Media KPIs You Should Monitor

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Being on social media platforms has now become a must for companies that want to engage and connect with their customers and target audience, but for a lot of companies it turns out to be a make or break situation. Whereas other companies often wonder whether it's a wasted effort and question whether they should invest their time and effort into something else.

When you are on social media it can be challenge to monitor how well you are performing. Within this blog, we highlight statistics you can monitor to help you understand how much of an impact social media is making on your bottom line, as well as how to monitor these statistics to assess the performance of your social media.


Number of followers

Companies must ensure that they publish engaging and informative content on their social media accounts to increase the number of followers they have - the more followers you have the better as it provides you with more reach.

Monitor how and when your followers fluctuate and their levels of engagement on your page. Notice when they decline or increase in number and try to figure out what the cause could be. If they do decline it could be because of the type of content you are sending out, or maybe you're not posting enough content. Try and send out unique content to engage effectively with your followers and attract new ones.

When you're running a marketing campaign try to track your performance on social media, for example, the number of Twitter followers might increase due to the exposure from that campaign - this can show how effective that marketing campaign was.


Engagement Rates

Tracking the rate of engagements on your social media accounts is so important as it helps create a clearer picture of how you are performing. Take notice of the number of likes and shares your posts get to see what interest your followers. From this cater your content around what is getting engaged with the most, for example it could be that your followers like it when you share your blogs, so sharing more blog posts will boost engagements.

Another important area to monitor is the number of comments and mentions you are getting. These are what will create a conversation between you and your target audience and it's vital to keep the conversation going to maintain engagement.

Website Traffic

Monitoring how your website visitors get to your website is an important KPI to measure, looking into how much of an impact your social media account acts as a referral site is a must for any company, as you can see where your visitors have come from and which content they clicked on.

You can use trackable URL links to see which post your website visitor clicked on to help monitor the success of that campaign. Creating a landing page is also a good idea, you can tailor that landing age around the social media post that a user clicked on, for example, your post is about a certain feature of your product/ service and the landing page can have more in-depth information about it.

By monitoring your website traffic you are able to understand what type of content is encouraging users to click on your content and visit your site. Is it a free trial link? A certain feature that is getting a lot of attention? One of your blog posts? These are just a few examples of what could be interesting users to click on your link and visit your site, so understanding this will help you to plan out what content to send out.


Monitoring mentions

It's important to monitor the mentions that your company receives on social media as it could be by previous clients, current ones or potential ones who are mentioning your company. Monitoring comments made about your company can help give you an insight - good or bad. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a good following on social media and if you have any comments said about your company it could spread like wildfire.


Social Media Impressions

Most social media websites allow you to view impressions analytic, which is the number of times a post has been seen. You should monitor it to see if your content is being read by your prospects and your current followers. When posting on social media you need to use key words to reach your target audience so think carefully about what you post.

Some social media sites allow you to hashtag words, for example, on Twitter you can hashtag a relevant word to help categorize your tweet and if used correctly it helps to find your tweet more easily for when people search it. Be careful with which word or phrase you hashtag as other accounts might be using the same one and could be linking to something off topic to yours.


In the end, being on social media is not the only thing you should be doing, along with having an active social media presence you should be monitoring these KPI's to ensure that you're performing well. Monitoring and tracking actions on each account is important, as it helps you to create a clear picture of whether you are getting the most out of social media.

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