Optimize CRM Calling Strategies: Boost Conversion Rates

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Phone calls are an important part of finding and communicating with leads and customers - an integral task for all sales departments. Without this ability to easily place and receive calls, sales reps can lose out on leads and eventual conversions. When using Customer Relationship Management software, there are many benefits for telephony, including call recording, quick calling, as well as completing other follow-up tasks. Such software allows reps to keep track of their contacts and leads and ensures they are taking advantage of every opportunity.

Many businesses are now using a CRM to help them, but just having such software and not knowing how to optimally use it can be a barrier towards growth. If you have employed a telephony integration with your CRM, make sure your calling strategy stays efficient by knowing how you can use it best.

Customise your call strategy based on the type of calls

Sales reps go through numerous phone calls every day, where some may be expected and others unexpected. Expected calls are ones that are made regarding appointments, reminders, follow-ups, and such. On the other hand, unexpected calls are cold calls that are made for promotional and marketing purposes. When prospecting, you could either be calling a complete stranger to inform them about your brand or a contact that knows you but wasn't expecting a call.

Your calling strategy should depend on the kind of leads and contacts you are calling and thus should cater to different groups of people.

Click-to-call feature for contacts

When making expected calls, using a click-to-call feature will allow your sales reps to make calls with just one click. There's no need to look up and dial a number, instead, they can click the phone icon next to the contact and call them within a second. Most expected calls will require some amount of preparation, meaning the rep may need to review previous conversations or notes to continue the conversation without wasting time.

Your CRM platform should be able to show all these details about your contact at the click of a button. Such details and conversations can be reviewed instantly without having to switch between multiple tabs or making your contact wait on the line while you look for it. This way your customer is attended to in a timely manner and your reps can get through more high-value calls per day.

Power dialling for cold calling

Power dialling is a very beneficial feature for making unexpected calls that are mostly regarding special events, discounts, new product announcements, and other such promotions. This allows you to place calls to a list of pre-selected contacts at a speed of 60 to 80 calls per hour, which helps immensely with cold calling. Not only do you waste lesser time on the wrong people, but you can also reach a higher number of leads quickly.

With either expected or unexpected calls, you need to make the most out of your lead pool and make sure each lead converts in the easiest way possible. Using a calling strategy in tandem with effective telephony features in your CRM can help you leap forward and get more sales.

FIVE CRM is a scalable platform that comes with powerful telephony features to help your business. Get in touch with us to know more.

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